Beginner's Tips for Rainbowtail

What do you get if you cross Candy Crush with Pokemon? Rainbowtail, that's what! Here are some helpful game tips for you to remember as you play.

While the premise of Rainbowtail may seem familiar, there are a few mechanics in the game that set it apart from other matching mobile games. Aside from the common element of matching colored gems in lines of three or more, this game uses various creatures to give you bonus effects. To sum it up: the more games you play, the higher the chances of leveling up your Gemling creatures -- which means higher scores and more rewards.

If you want to know more about the gemlings, then look out for our handy guide to the Rainbowtail gemlings coming up soon! In the meantime, here are our best tips for progressing through the game and getting those coveted high scores.

Know Your Collectibles

In addition to finding gemlings, there are a number of other things you will be collecting while playing Rainbowtail. Here's the full rundown of all the collectibles in the game and how they're meant to be used:

  • Gembeans: These multicolored bean pods can be exchanged for attempts to win rare gemlings, and can be used to buy gemlings directly from a selection that are offered daily.
  • Rainbow Gems: These gems are dropped from boss fights and are used to get rare gemlings.
  • Eggs: Eggs drop during nearly every match you play and can contain any gemling, no matter how rare it is.

Replay Levels

Even though stars don't actually convey any bonuses, you'll probably want to get three stars on each level if you're a completionist. Of course, doing so will net you more chances of rare eggs dropping, as well as getting more gembeans. Even if you get gemlings you've already hatched and upgraded, you can release them for more gembeans.

Get Your Daily Stamp

As with most mobile games, you get a daily bonus in Rainbowtail, but it isn't just a "five days in a row" kind of bonus. In this game, you get a bonus for every day you log in. Each week accumulates in a rare gemling, but only if you have stamped every day that week. Other bonuses include beans, rainbow crystals, and level one gemlings.

Upgrade When You Can

Whenever you get a gemling from an egg and you already have it, you can use it to upgrade. But when I say upgrade, I don't just mean the creatures. As you go through matches and find more gemlings, you are going to run out of room in your Gemling Box. This is where all your gemlings go. To upgrade this, you will need to spend a rainbow gem or watch an ad to unlock five spaces at a time.

While Rainbowtail isn't a hard or taxing game to play, the above points are things you really need to remember when playing. If you enjoy this game then make sure you check out or other Rainbowtail guides and check back with us for any more game related news!


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Published Oct. 10th 2017

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