Atomic Heart: How to Reach the Theater

How to get to the theater in Atomic Heart with as little trouble as possible.

The main mission line for Atomic Heart might be linear, but it will remind you of the open world it takes place in as you travel from location to location. Nowhere is this more evident than after clearing through the Computational Center and needing to travel to the Theater. The good news is that it sounds more intimidating than it is. This is how to reach the theater in Atomic Heart.

Where is the Theater in Atomic Heart?

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When you're running around you’ll have an objective marker with its distance displayed, but no such marker shows up when looking at the map. If you want to know where the end destination is: open the map after leaving the Computational Center and move it a bit Northeast. The theater is at the round structure connected by a single bridge. It can be seen in the image above with the cursor hovering over it.

How to Get to the Theater Fast

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Since fast travel isn’t an option, your best bet is the same as it always is – grab a car. The only ones you can drive are red sedans and they’re relatively common to find along the roads.

You’ll need to sneak past or fight your way through a lot of robots first before you can find a car to drive. The first place to head to is where the main road from the Computational Center connects to another main road via a small dirt path. A car can spawn near here, although the small path we’re taking is unfortunately behind a rail.

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Jump over the rail and run down the path towards the other road. This will put you nearby Testing Ground 10. More importantly, it will also lead you right to a car. Get in and drive towards the marker.

Periodically you’ll come across groups of enemies, broken-down vehicles, and even some large cows. Do your best to not hit them. At the same time, try to keep to the road. Running over some robots isn’t nearly as bad as going off-road for a moment and hitting a tree. If the car starts to smoke, drive it until you find another one you can swap over to.

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Keep going until you’re around 400 meters away. The road you’re on will veer away from the direction of the theater. Even worse, it’ll head into a bunch of wreckage and a lot of things that will try to attack you.

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The quicker route will be to take another dirt path. This one isn’t being blocked by a rail thankfully and it’s possible to take the car with you. It’s possible to miss it if you’re being shot at, so take note of the above two images.

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Drive down the path and past the train tracks until you come across another road. Don’t continue forward as that will take you to the water and the underside of the bridge. Take a left instead and drive just a tiny bit until you’ve reached the front of the bridge.

While you could leave the car and run towards the bridge, there are enemies nearby. You might as well stay safe in the car and drive it until you don’t need it.

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From here you need to cross the bridge on foot. Any hostile robots will let their pursuit end at the bridge and you should be able to cross safely. At the end of it is a NORA machine and a large open area.

How to Beat Belyash in Atomic Heart

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You’re practically there, but the final obstacle is a boss fight against a Belyash robot. It’s resistant to both fire, ice, energy weapons, and weapons with physical ammo. The only vulnerability it has is to explosive weapons so it’s time to break out the Fat Boy rocket launcher if you have it. Otherwise, make use of your Shock and Polymeric Jet abilities to whittle the health down.

For the first half of its life, it will use a lot of jumping attacks. Take it down to 50% health and you’ll have to deal with its flamethrower. All in all, it’s a simple boss that will only take a while if you’re not prepared. Every attack is easily telegraphed and you should be fine as long as you remember to dodge. Finishing it with a melee weapon will also net you the secret “Chop Chop Chop” achievement.

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After it’s finished, head left to find a door at the bottom of a stairwell. On the other side are a couple of rooms you can loot and an elevator that will descend into the theater.

That’s all you need to know about how to reach the theater in Atomic Heart. Feel free to check out our Atomic Heart guides page for more tips. Whether you need a reminder of how to upgrade your polymers or want to know the answer to a particularly difficult door code you’ll be coming across soon, we can help.

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Published Mar. 6th 2023

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