Hay Day Cheats & Tips (That Don't Require Additional Downloads)

Use these Hay Day video game cheats and tips to increase farm production and have fun playing your favourite free online video game.

One of the free online video games, Hay Day is simple to play, and keeps millions of aspiring farmers coming back daily to tend their crops. Want a little downtime or love virtual farming? Pick up a shovel and play this free game online here.

For gamers already playing Hay Day, I've compiled a list of cheats and tips below to help you increase production and have more fun. The ideas I pass on here help thousands of aspiring farmers play more effectively.


The developers of Hay Day go great lengths to constantly update the game to keep it free of video game cheats. Most of the ideas listed below are tips or hints on getting more gold, diamonds and other resources.

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Getting more diamonds

Diamonds are the most valuable currency in Hay Day. There are ways to get more diamonds and even free diamonds.

  • If you synchronize Facebook with the game, you'll get diamonds everytime you go up a level. Players also get five diamonds for logging in using Hay Day, discovering a movie ticket and watching a trailer for another video game.

  • Once you reach level 24, start mining for diamonds. If you open the mine and blast using TNT, you’ll get diamonds every few explosions.

  • Watch for purple tickets that appear near the newspapers they deliver to the farm. By clicking these tickets, gamers can claim diamonds.

  • Players collecting all 78 achievements through the three levels are given a ribbon and diamonds upon completion of each level.

  • Players reaching level 27 should go fishing for diamonds. Look for the boat that needs repairing and fix it. Head out on the water and get 1-3 diamonds, depending on the size of fish you catch. Bronze fish get one diamond, silver get two, and gold get three diamonds.

Collect Gold

  • Farmers needing a little gold use this Hay Day video game tip, but beware - this trick will only work once. Head to the Road Shop; once there, buy a new slot and sell 5 pieces of wood. Once another farmer buys the wood, you’ll receive 500,000 gold.

  • Go through newspapers looking for items selling in bulk or bunches. Purchase items and then sell individually for a profit.

Gain Experience Points Fast

  • Once gamers reach level 15, picking apples from trees on the farm will give 7 experience points.

  • Look for advertisements in the paper about apple trees and visit the farms in question. Find shaking apple trees on these farms, click on the sign, and gain experience points.

Obtaining Items for Less

  • Aspiring farmers needing to save money on tools and equipment use this: Have a friend sell items for less in advertisements and then buy the goods. Resell the items for a profit. Just make sure you buy the items before someone else.

If you plan on starting a farm playing Hay Day, or already play this free online video game, using the Hay Day video game cheats and tips above will increase the resources available for play and the fun. It’s a great day to do a little farming.


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Published Jun. 29th 2017
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    It's a really good game
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    That 500 000 coin trick is BULLSHIT. Wish I'd read this comment thread before falling for it. Stupid me for believing it. Fucking shitheads.
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    Nace game
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    People should understand that you have to pay for these diamonds by signing in to a paid advertising web vendor in order to finally get them. They are NOT really for FREE. Only when you sign up they are yours (sometimes).
  • WARNING!!!
    IT'S A LIE!
    Don't fall for the 500, 000 coin trick! It didn't work for others, it didn't work for me, & it won't work for you.
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    Unfortunately, the developers are aware of the things we do, and are constantly making changes.
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    I went through the instructions for the 500, 000 but it didn't work. I paied for the new box, sold 5 planks (not "pieces of wood"). When they sold I didn't receive the 500, 000in gold. Willing to try once again wen l have better instructions. I know the game may have blocked this ef so can you let me know.
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