I Am Setsuna shining spots locations: Flonien Territories

We show you how to hunt down every last one of those pesky shining spots that are so easy to miss in all the snow!

Much like with Chrono Trigger, the classic-style JRPG I Am Setsuna has its fair share of hidden objects to find.

Each section of the world map has a selection of shining points that reveal Materials such as food recipe items or other odds and ends. They are semi-secret however, requiring a keen eye and ear to find. 

Below we cover all the shining spots found in the Flonien Territories (the segment of the game after leaving Nive but before reaching the Northern Frontier).

Each spot is presented in the order you should find them, rather than the order they are listed in the Snow Chronicles menu. For instance, the Snow Chronicles lists the Purikka Cobbler as the first shining spot, but you'll actually come across four others first, while the Antique Bronze Timepiece (the second one you will see) is at the end of the list for no apparent reason.

Most of these can be spotted if you get near them in a town or dungeon, but the shining spots on the world map are nearly impossible to see against the snowy background. You'll only notice the world map spots when you walk directly over them and hear the piano note change.

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Forgotten Shore

Shining Spot 1: Avalanche Kelp

Immediately after waking up on the shore, just head slightly north to find this spot in the middle of the path before the snow starts.

Avalanche Kelp

Shining Spot 2: Antique Bronze Timepiece

To the northwest of the last shining spot, this one is below the large area with monsters and two chests but before you reach Aeterna.

Antique Bronze Timepiece

Shining Spot 3: More Avalanche Kelp

Continue walking southeast from where you run into Aeterna to grab this last shining spot in the Forgotten Shore.

Avalanche Kelp Part 2

World Map Part 1

Shining Spot 4: Square Onion

After leaving the Forgotten Shore, this one is sitting in the snow halfway to Serendale.

Square Onion

Serendale Part 1

Shining Spot 5: Amber Rock Salt

After saving Nidr from the not-at-all dangerous penguin, head to the far right of this empty town and then go south to the docks.

Amber Rock Salt

Shining Spot 6: Purikka Cobbler

This one is found immediately to the left and slightly north of where you meet Nidr.

Purikka Cobbler

World Map Part 2

Shining Spot 7: January Cabbage

On the far eastern edge of the map (even further east than Purikka) just below the line of trees you can find a hidden shining spot.

January Cabbage

Shining Spot 8: Blue Rock Salt

Good luck finding this one without the image below! It's completely invisible against the snow. To nab this one, walk straight north from the Serendale exit and then slightly to the east until you hear the piano note.

Blue Rock Salt


Shining Spot 9: Hailbean

Head up through the wood gates and then hang a right to find this spot sitting next to a well.


Shining Spot 10: Water Broccoli

Go all the way north past the wooden bridge to find another shining spot inside the guard tower.

Water Broccoli

Serendale Part 2

Shining Spot 11: Snow Crown Turnip

After returning to Serendale, you can lower the drawbridge at the southeast side. Head above the section with four pillars for this spot.

Snow Crown Turnip

Shining Spot 12: Golden Peppercorn

The golden peppercorn is located just before the save point in Serendale.

Golden Peppercorn

Frost Caves

Shining Spot 13: Fluffshroom

After the first intersection, the Fluffshroom can be nabbed in the lower right corner near some stalagmites.


Shining Spot 14: Stove Asparagus

To the north east of the save point you will find this one near a cropping of stalgmites.

Stove Asparagus

Shining Spot 15: Blue Rock Salt

To the northwest of the room where the squid-mouthed boss is located, this shining spot is near a wood gate.

Blue Rock Salt

World Map Part 3

Shining Spot 16: King Onion

After exiting the frost caves, this one is found to the west of the small lake and southeast of a small copse of trees.

King Onion

Shining Spot 17: Black Sweet Potato

While continuing east, this spot is found to the northeast of the wood bridge.

Black Sweet Potato

Floneia Citadel

Shining Spot 18: Black Soybean

This one is located at the north east section just before a wall and to the west of some large trees.

Black Soybean

Shining Spot 19: Winterwhistle Mushroom

In the south west section, you can find the mushroom nestled near a diagonal section of wall and between two houses.

Winterwhistle Mushroom

Shining Spot 20: Speckled Sesame Pod

This one is actually in the castle, not in the town, and is found at the far west end of the hallway after entering.

Speckled Sesame Pod

Mysleigh Woods

Shining Spot 21: Icicle Cucumber

You can't miss this one that's precisely at the entrance to the area.

Icicle Cucumber

Shining Spot 22: Frost Rock Salt

In the wide open circular area with two rabbit enemies, you will see this one on the right-hand side.

Frost Rock Salt

Shining Spot 23: Crunchy Coriander

Slightly to the west of the wood bridge segment, you can see this spot to the northwest of the tree and next to some rocks.

Crunchy Coriander

Shining Spot 24: Polestar Onion

On the far east side of the next clear area is a Polestar Onion just below some snow-covered trees.

Polestar Onion

Shining Spot 25: Yellowtop Carrot

On the west end of the clearing at the south branching path (after the next wooden bridge) you can find this shining spot.

Yellowtop Carrot

World Map Part 4

Shining Spot 26: Lonely Mushroom

At the far north west; this one is positioned between Tenderville and the ocean.

Lonely Mushroom

Shining Spot 27: Snowflake Peppercorn

To the east of Tenderville; this shining spot is between the lake and the ocean shore.

Snowflake Peppercorn


Shining Spot 28: Another Snowflake Peppercorn

To the east of the gate and just south of a wagon, you will see this spot twinkling in the snow.

Snowflake Peppercorn, Again!

Shining Spot 29: Nomad's Ear Mushroom

This one is found in the southwest section of Tenderville, below a house and to the west of another cart.

 Nomad's Ear Mushroom


Shining Spot 30: Prickly Snowberry

This one is located on the east side of the boss room near some crates.

Prickly Snowberry

Mysleigh Part 2

Shining Spot 31: Ancient Indigo Box

In the hidden path towards the next mountain area show by your new companion, this spot is located right near the entrance.

Ancient Indigo Box

When you grab the last Shining Spot in Mysleigh's secret path you will earn an additional 500 experience for grabbing all of them in this part of the world map!

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