How to Unlock the Forest Edge Door in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Stuck at Forest Edge in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet? The solution will assure you that your game isn't bugged after all.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet introduces players, both new and familiar with the popular anime series, to the world of Gun Gale with a variety of weapons, fun characters, and multiplayer action galore. But when attempting to find the last needed key cards, some have ended up stuck at Forest Edge, unable to progress.

A glaring red light signifies that you'll need a key card to get past this door in Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

Though it is simple enough to get around, the developers have outdone themselves with what feels like a cheap gimmick only psychic and incredibly lucky players have been able to get past. To reach the next area, you'll need to trigger a warp trap in the room just north of the boss.

A community-made Steam map to players find the forest edge door in SAO:FB

It may look like a landmine, but don't worry -- its poor design simply hides its true purpose.

You can only reach the platform where the teleporter is located by using your Ultimate Fiber Gun (UFG), and it will be near the lone treasure chest sitting there. You'll be teleported to the room with the other switch, and should be able to progress from there.

Some of the dungeons in SAO: Fatal Bullet are inaccessible until later updates come out, as this installment is still fairly new, so if you come across a similar problem, you may need to bypass these and return when more of the game is made available.


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Published Mar. 2nd 2018

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