Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Where to Buy Berries

If you want to know where to buy berries for Pokedollars in Pokemon BDSP, then follow this guide!

There are dozens of berries in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Some can help you heal, others will remove negative status effects, and some can be used to cook poffins. But there is so much more to berries in BDSP than that.

Although you can find berries in the wild or even grow them, the most consistent way of getting berries is simply buying them. This guide will show you where to buy berries in Pokemon BDSP. Keep in mind that berries will cost you 80 Pokedollars regardless of their types.

Where to Buy Berries in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

There is only one place in the whole game where you can buy berries in Pokemon BDSP.

You can find the seller at the Berry Master's House, which is located on Route 208 to the west of Hearthome City (indicated by the marker on the map above). 

You will notice a girl in a pink sweater standing right next to the Berry Master (who can give you some berries for free), but the girl standing next to him can sell you berries for Pokedollars.

Some of the best berries you can buy in Pokemon BDSP are:

  • Sitrus Berry (restores HP)
  • Lansat Berry (increases critical hit chance)
  • Occa Berry (protects from fire attacks)
  • Leppa Berry (restores PP)
  • Tamato Berry (turns hostile Pokemon into friendly Pokemon)
  • Micle Berry (increases accuracy)
  • Custap Berry (gives your Pokemon the right of the first move)
  • Lum Berry (removes any negative status effects)

But these are only a handful of berries that you can get, and there are so many others that can really make taking on gym leaders or the battle tower more manageable.

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Published Dec. 2nd 2021

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