Blackbox Guide: 10 More Challenging Puzzle Solutions

Check this guide for 10 more challenging Blackbox puzzle solutions!

Blackbox is a unique puzzle app that requires you to "think outside the box" to turn on all the lights in a puzzle. This is literal, as you often have to do things that don't require touching the puzzles in the screen -- such as rotating your phone and changing settings.

If you haven't already, check out my Blackbox Guide: 10 Beginner Puzzle Solutions. Some of the following puzzles are slightly more challenging.

They won't be numbered, but listed by their color, number of boxes, and location.

How to Solve Puzzles in Blackbox

Single Light Orange Box - Left of the 2 yellow boxes

blackbox solutions

This one involves your phone's camera.

  • Cover your phone's camera until the screen goes black.
  • Wait about 10 seconds, then uncover it. You will see an orange color fill up the screen and turn on the light.

If you only see it cover up some of the screen, then have the camera covered for a longer time.

Single Teal Box - Above the light orange box

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You will notice a Wi-Fi symbol. If you do not have Wi-Fi on, the symbol will still be there, but will be missing the top bar.

All you have to do is turn off Wi-Fi and put the phone in airplane mode to turn on the light.

Single Red Box - Left of the light orange box

blackbox game answers

This one involves the location of your phone. 

  • Lay the phone flat so everything is within the circle.
  • Spin the phone around to begin filling up the screen until the light comes on. Make sure the phone stays flat the entire time.

Single Pink Box

blackbox solutions

This is a touch ID challenge. When you start the puzzle, it says this will be hard for you and shows the touch id.

If you have touch ID setup, you cannot use the fingers that are registered to unlock touch ID. If you use the wrong fingers 3 times in a row, the light will turn on.

Light Green Box - Settings Meta Challenge

blackbox settings meta challenge answer

You can unlock this by going to Settings on your phone, then switching the "Blackbox Settings" to the right. This will open up the meta challenge.

  • Open the challenge to see the same settings icon.
  • Go back to settings and switch it back to the left.
  • Now, open up the challenge again to have the light turn on.

Pale Blue Box - Time Meta Challenge

blackbox time meta challenge solution

You can unlock this by completing the previous settings meta challenge.

When you open the challenge, you will notice the light starts on, then turns off.

  • Go to "Settings", then "General", and scroll down to "Date and Time".
  • Turn off "Set automatically so you can manually change the time".
  • Switch the time to 1 minute ago, then go back into the app and select the challenge. Now the light will turn on to complete the challenge.

4 Vertical Blue Boxes

blackbox solutions

This one involves travelling. 

  • You will need to walk, drive, bike, or whatever type of transportation you want a certain distance.
  • Keep going until each light fills up.

Single Red Box - To the right of the 4 vertical blue boxes

blackbox puzzle answers

This is a motion challenge. You will need to move the phone until the ball hits the center, then keep it very still until the whole screen fills up with red.

2 Orange Boxes - To the right of the 4 vertical blue boxes

blackbox game answers

This is a sunlight challenge. You will need to hold the phone up to sunlight until the orange lines reach the center.

  • You must do this 2 times, and the second time requires more light than the first.

3 Pink-Red Boxes - To the left of the 4 vertical blue boxes

blackbox solutions

This challenge deals with time of day.

You will notice 3 boxes, a shiny white dot, and a hill. The boxes indicate sunrise, midday, and sunset.

  • You must open the challenge when the white dot is at each box. This time will differ depending on where you are, so it is best to google these times for your location.

Those are all the Blackbox game answers for this guide. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Apr. 24th 2017

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