A safe place to farm Souls in Dark Souls 3

The Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire may not have much around it, but it provides the best opportunity for farming in Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III has been out for little more than a week now, and all of its little secrets and discoveries are flooding the Internet. From disappearing walls to Mimic Chests, every secret will eventually be discovered with not one stone left unturned.

Doubtlessly, farming locations will be part of this discovery. Farming souls may be frowned upon in some gaming circles, but let’s be honest -- you absolutely need to farm sometimes in order to make it past certain areas and bosses.

The first true farming location in Dark Souls III can be found near the Farron Keep area. Look for the bonfire near Farron Keep Perimeter. It can be quite a pain getting there, so allow me to walk you through the dreaded poison swamp that surrounds it.


Poison Swamp/Farron Keep

This area can be quite nasty, and the swamp is poisonous, so be sure to have some purple moss clump consumables at the ready. The objective in the swamp is to put out three flames that are located in these chimneys. Once that has been done, these large stone doors will open up and this path will lead you to the Abyss Watchers boss area if you keep following along. There will be some enemies ahead that aren’t too dangerous, so take care of them and come to the long narrow path with more enemies ahead. If you look to your right, there should be a stone structure with a passage leading to a bonfire. Welcome to the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire. It is here where you will farm for Souls.


Farron Keep Perimeter/How to farm for Souls


Go ahead and light the bonfire, refilling your flasks and what not. Once you have sorted yourself out, go the opposite way you came in and there will be three of the Ghru enemies. Killing all three of them will net you a little over 1,000 Souls. Moving past these three enemies will lead you to a door that opens up a shortcut to the Road of Sacrifices. Head back to the Farron Keep perimeter bonfire and rest. This will respawn the previous three Grhu enemies, allowing you to kill them over and over again. That is how you farm souls in this area of the game.



I know, not the most exciting stuff, but it is absolutely necessary and this may be the safest place to farm in the entire game. Who knows, maybe someone will stumble upon a better area to farm but this is a pretty early point in the game where farming can be vital.


Dark Souls III is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Published Apr. 21st 2016
  • Autumn Fish
    Featured Correspondent
    There's a latter section of the game that has really great farming. It's basically two knights walking up and down on a grand staircase, and they both give over 2000 Souls each in NG. I'm afraid saying the name of the bonfire right next to this spot would be major spoilers, though. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about if you've been there.

    The only issue is the knights can be difficult and hard to kill, but they drop special covenant items too so overall, farming them is a win-win. :)

    I didn't even think about farming those 3 monsters near the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire, though. I'll remember that next time I run through with a new character!
  • AwesumPawsum
    Thanks Eric! I'm not much further than that spot but didn't even consider farming there. The main farming area I've thought of using if necessary is having the dragon fry lots of undead for me in High Wall, but I will have to give your spot a shot.
  • Eric Adams
    Featured Contributor
    No problem! The dragon frying people is not a bad spot either. Do you know exactly how many souls that usually yields? I know this spot gets at least 1000 souls but your idea would be right when people start the game so that is a pretty smart move

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