Blade & Soul CN Guide - Cash Shop Menu Translation

Translated pictures of the Blade and Soul in-game cash shop menus.

If you play Blade & Soul China on a regular basis, chances are you've made your way to the cash shop, or even purchased dragon bags or VIP. This guide is for those of you either new to the cash shop, or want to make a little more use of it.

If you want to buy Q Points, there are some services available to do so internationally. However, Google will be your guide in that endeavor as I don't want to show preference toward one service over others.

This guide will be covering the cash shop menu translations. I have also worked up a bunch of cash shop item translations for those of you looking make full use of what's available.

There are a few more things (such as when actually purchasing something in the shop) I need to translate, but my game has had patching difficulties. These will be added once I can log in again.

This image will give you a full rundown of the shop.

First mall (Points (1))

The 'Universal Apparel' tab.

The numbers in parenthesis indicate the type of point, in relation to the bottom of the menu and the sidebar. The Recharge Points button allows Chinese players to purchase Q Points in-game. This may not be usable to foreign players (I've never bothered to test because of Tencent's strict security rules).

The last 'mall', which sells permanent items for Points (3), has no menu translations listed here because it is only one tab.

The 'Racial Apparel' tab, sorted by race and gender

The 'Utility Items' tab

The 'Potions' tab

The 'Blade & Soul VIP' tab.

Something to note about VIP:

You must register for VIP membership via the purchase either the 30, 90, or 360 day standard VIP seen in the image above before you can purchase the options available in the other tabs. The Extended VIP Service and Membership Benefits tabs offer two separate options to give you further benefits to being VIP.

Second mall (Points (2))


This second mall's items are available for points you purchase with in-game gold via the Gold Bank. The selection is smaller than that of the first mall, but hey! You don't have to pay real money for these items. That's a win.

Universal Apparel

Utility Items



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Published May. 2nd 2014
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