Thunder Tier One: How to Heal

Here's how to heal yourself and your teammates in Thunder Tier One.

You'll need to know how to heal in Thunder Tier One if you want to survive. When players get shot, they usually don't die instantly. Instead, they get injured and need to be healed to get back up.

This Thunder Tier One guide will provide you with all the essential tips on how to heal, as there are many situations when the system may not work or its wrinkles may cause confusion.

How to Heal in Thunder Tier One

Sometimes a shot can be so precise that it insta-kills you, but usually, you'll simply get injured or downed. Any player can choose to play as a medic in the team by carrying four or five medkits, which can be equipped in the customization menu in the Gadget section before each scenario.

If a player gets downed, they can be revived by a teammate, but they also must use a medkit in order to heal to full HP. Follow these steps to apply a medkit to your injured teammate:

  1. Press 4 on your keyboard to equip the medkit
  2. Aim your mouse at an injured teammate
  3. Press LMB (left mouse button) to heal

If you're playing with AI teammates and want them to mend your injuries, then first make sure that your HP meter is in the red zone. In case your HP meter is yellow, then even if you order your AI teammates to heal you, they will ignore you.

In case your status is Wounded, meaning the HP is in the red, then you can order your AI teammates to restore your HP by doing the following:

  1. Move the mouse on yourself or another wounded soldier
  2. Press left Alt key on your keyboard
  3. Select "Heal" command

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That's all you need to know on how to heal yourself and your teammates in Thunder Tier One. Be sure to check out our other Thunder Tier One tips and tricks articles right here.


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Published Dec. 16th 2021

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