Now What? A Guide to Final Fantasy 15's Endgame

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As Prince Noctis and his gang don their royal vestments and head into the fray one last time, you may find yourself wishing you had explored more of the vast lands that make up Final Fantasy XV. Luckily for you, Square was prepared.  After you deal your final blow, you have the ability to travel back to explore the world of Eos with your rewards, gear, and companions.

When the final cutscenes are played through, you will be able to load your completed game, placing you at the last place you rested prior to the final battle. All gear and experience you gained from that point to the finish of the game will still be intact, though it'll be as if the story never progressed. From here, summoning your faithful companion Umbra is all you need in order to travel back in time to past Altissia and Lucis. Since your level, gear, and skills are maintained, you may find yourself a bit overpowered for some of the previous sidequests, but there is still much to do in the open world of the past.

Let's talk about what that is.

Published Feb. 14th 2017

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