Persona 5 Kaneshiro Will Seeds Locations

Stuck trying to find Persona 5 Kaneshiro's Will Seeds? Here's where they are and what you get for finding them.

Persona 5 Kaneshiro Will Seeds are, like other Persona 5 Will Seeds, collectible items hidden away in each Palace. You can eventually transform them into invaluable accessories. 

The key here is that they are "hidden." Like other Will Seeds, some Kaneshiro Will Seeds are off the beaten path and require you to look around for specific grappling hook points. It's why we've put together this Persona 5 Kaneshiro Will Seeds guide to help you out.

Persona 5 Kaneshiro Will Seeds Locations

Red Kaneshiro Will Seed

The red Kaneshiro Will Seed is near the hallway with the massive vault that requires two keys to open. If you're facing the vault door, turn right, and head down the hallway.

Morgana will mention he senses something. Turn around, and pan the camera up a bit. You'll notice a grappling hook point. Swing up to the next floor, and follow the hallway around until you reach the door guarding the Will Seed. 

Blue Kaneshiro Will Seed

Kaneshiro's blue Will Seed is easy to miss if you aren't paying attention. It's in the Money Laundering Office, the area with the money floating around past the second elevator. Head down the main walkway, and turn left. Move your way stealthily down the corridor, avoiding the security cameras, and hang a left past the doorway.

Look down, and you'll notice a crawl space. Go through that, and walk forward until you can jump down. Don't walk forward after that; there's another area you can reach, but it won't lead to the Will Seed.

Instead, turn around, and jump down to another ledge. Walk forward, and you'll see another grate you can hop across to. Climb up the fixture that's right in front of you, and the grappling hook indicator will light up. Use it, enjoy the flashy cutscene, and grab the blue Will Seed.

Green Kaneshiro Will Seed

The last of Kaneshiro's Will Seeds is the most straightforward. It's in the last area, where you'll input all the PIN codes to shift the vault lock.

When you get to the first terminal that has you push a button, push the button until the left arrow on the terminal lights up (it should happen the first time). Go through the new opening, and you'll find another terminal. Push the button again so the left arrow lights up, and you'll access a long hallway. At the end of it is a Shadow guard blocking your way.

This time, it's the Guard Dog of Hades, also known as Cerberus. The same rules apply to it as to the other Will Seed mini-bosses. It's extra powerful, and while it has the same resistances, it doesn't have the same weaknesses.

Don't use fire/Agi attacks, because the Dog absorbs those. Physical attacks are fine, but be aware it does have the Counter-Strike skill. Your best bet is going for Technical moves, which can also lead to an All-Out Attack, so don't hesitate to use status-inflicting skills.

Dormina is an easy one, because almost any other skill used on a sleeping foe results in a Technical. Makoto's Makajam is another good one. It prevents the Dog from using skills and, if you have any Psi-based skills, opens it up for another Technical attack and heavier damage.

The Crystal of Gluttony

The Crystal of Gluttony you get from combining the three Will Seeds raises your party's defense. After you get Jose to refine it in Mementos, it turns into the Ring of Gluttony. The Ring of Gluttony nullifies one elemental attack for the entire party — which is very, very useful, especially if you're doing a Merciless mode run.


That's it for our Persona 5 Kaneshiro Will Seeds guide. Be sure to brush up on what's ahead for the next palace's Will Seeds with our Decadent False God guide, and check out our other Persona 5 Royal guides, including:


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Published Apr. 22nd 2020

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