God Of War (2018) Guide: Every Secret Valkyrie Location Unlocked

God of War's Valkyries are some of the toughest bosses in the entire game. They might be secreted away hidden in chambers, but we've uncovered every Valkyrie location so you can get that Chooser of the Slain trophy.

Mostly locked inside hidden chambers, Valkyries can be found almost immediately upon starting God of War. However, it's a good thing Kratos can't face these bosses until much, much later in the game because they would absolutely wreck Level 1 Baby Kratos! 

But as you continue your journey and level up, you'll notice more hidden chambers scattered across Midgard -- and at the center of each is a secret ultra-hard Valkyrie that will test your prowess in the end-game phase.

There are three that aren't in hidden chambers, which we'll get to in just a second. But before we start in earnest, there's one thing you should know ... 

How to Unlock God of War's Valkyries 

Before accessing any of the God of War's Valkyries, you need to first obtain the Magic Chisel. This occurs normally during the course of the story when a new area is opened after the scene with Mimir and the World Serpent, so if you don't have it yet, just continue the main story quest.

With the Chisel in hand, you can go back to the hidden chambers and unlock their seals to tackle the Valkyries for the Prove Your Valour quest and ultimately, the Chooser of the Slain trophy. After defeating eight Valkyries, you'll need to take their heads to the Council of the Valkyries to battle the ninth.

Besides finding the Valkyrie bosses to defeat, these locked, hidden chambers also frequently have the Odin's Ravens collectibles flying around in trees. One even has an artifact hidden inside

How to Find Geirdriful

Location: Foothills -- Hidden Chamber of Odin  

To find this hidden chamber, head to the east through the fields of poison from where you first meet Sindri. However, turn left at the path to find a cave where the chamber is located.

When fighting this enemy, be sure to use the quick-turn ability to evade this Valkyrie's blinding shockwave and be prepared for lots of long-range projectile attacks. Patience is key to this fight, with you most likely turtling up more than attacking. 

 Foothills Valkyrie Location

How to Find Olrun

Location: Alfheim Lake Of Light  -- Hidden Chamber of Odin 

Head to the western beach at the Lake Of Light and go to the right of the dock to find the hidden Valkyrie chamber.

This Valkyrie evades attacks like crazy and will need to be hit with arrows while in the air, so make sure to rely on Atreus. Also, be on the lookout for a quick attack to arrive at the end of the boss' evasion move.

 Alfheim Valkyrie Location

How to Find Gunnr

Location: Thamur’s Corpse -- Hidden Chamber of Odin 

From this area's northern dock, travel toward the giant blacksmith's fingers and then go left into the hidden chamber.

Command Atreus to launch shock arrows when this Valkyrie takes to the air and be on the lookout to evade the wing combo attack (which can't be blocked with your shield).

 Thamur's Corpse Valkyrie Location

How to Find Eir

Location: The Mountain -- Hidden Chamber of Odin 

You'll find this one in the Mountain mineshaft, the area with the giant metal claw on your way to the summit. Head to the far right side of the area near a big pile of rubble to find the hidden chamber.

This Valkyrie is entirely focused around defense, so you need to use the block breaking ability to get damage through without being counterattacked.

 The Mountain Valkyrie Location

How to Find Kara

Location: Witch’s Cave (The River Pass) -- Hidden Chamber of Odin 

In the witch's cave, turn left at the bridge heading toward the house. Travel the light bridges toward the Nornir chest, then destroy the area up on the left ledge with the exploding red sap door. Head through the cleared area to find the hidden chamber.

This Valkyrie summons a bunch of Draugr to fight you, but if you keep at least two around, she typically won't summon more. 

 Witch's Cave Valkyrie Location

How to Find Rota

Location: Helheim -- Hidden Chamber of Odin 

On Helheim's final bridge, turn toward the west and have Atreus shoot an arrow at the red sap doorto open the area to the hidden chamber. There will also be a Raven and Artifact just inside, as well as another Artifact behind the left-most brazier just before the boss area. 

You need to be nimble here to block the devastating grapple attacks and long-range chakram throws from this Valkyrie.

 Helheim Valkyrie Location

How to Find Gondul

Location: Muspelheim Trial VI 

Rather than opening a hidden chamber of Odin, this Valkyrie is found by unlocking Muspelheim (with the four ciphers found in Legendary chests). Gondul is can be found after completing the trials and making it to Arena 6.

Use rolls and sidesteps to avoid the meteors it throws, then get in a quick attack when the Valkyrie is vulnerable -- usually after using the fire/heel stomp attack.

 Muspelheim Valkyrie Location

How to Find Hildr

Location: Niflheim 

In Niflheim, head down the left-hand path and be on the lookout for a cave on your left side in the second room with a chest.

When Hildr sends out projectiles, block the first few and then sidestep the final one, which can't be blocked. Don't bother with the frost axe -- it won't hurt this ice-focused Valkyrie.

 Niflheim Valkyrie Location

How to Find Sigrun

Location: Council of Valkyries

To find and battle the ninth Valkyrie -- actually the queen of the Valkyries -- you need to first kill the other eight and bring their heads to the Council Of Valkyries.

To get there, travel to the northern shore of the Lake of Light and the Mason’s Channel dock. Move up the ledge by the giant boats and then go down the path in the cave to a big set of wood doors.

This boss has much more health and additional attack types than its compatriots, so get ready for a long, brutal battle where strategy is mightier than the sword.

Council Of Valkyries Location

That's all the Valkyrie locations in God of War -- let us know when you manage to beat them all and check out our other God Of War guides here:

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Published Apr. 24th 2018

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