Deathloop Gas Room Puzzle Solution Guide: How to Escape Alive

A mysterious man has trapped Colt in a boathouse with a gas chamber in Deathloop. We've lived to tell the tale and will show you how, too.

The Deathloop gas room puzzle can be hard to crack. Even though everything's out to kill you as you try to break the loop on Blackreef, the boathouse trial can feel personal. It's easy to die because solving isn't. 

It took some careful scrutinizing, and more than a few deaths, but we’ve cracked the code of the Deathloop gas room puzzle. Here are the steps you need to take to escape the boathouse alive.  

The first step is to find the boathouse. It’s located on Fristad rock, on the coast near Frank’s Rambling Rock Club. It can be accessed at any time of day but is easiest to reach in the afternoon when ice has covered much of the water.

The entrance to the boathouse in a snowy cliff face by icy water.

Head into the open, and work your way into the building. Eventually, you will come to a chair and a man looking down from the window of an adjoining room will start talking to Colt. The stranger then locks the doors and starts to fill the room with deadly gas, which you must stop to escape.

First, open the panel that controls the gas valve. Up and to the left (as you face the stranger) are some stairs and a platform. There is a utility box on the platform that you'll need to hack and open. Inside is a button, and some instructions.

The gas chamber valve switch.

The button is inactive until a specific pair of switches is activated. Go to the door at the other end of the platform you're on, and peek through the window. In the room is a whiteboard with two three-digit numbers written on it. Make note of these.

Looking through a window at a whiteboard with a code written on it.

Directly under the platform you're standing on is a crawlspace hidden behind some board. Smash the lumber, and you'll see several switches. Each switch is labeled with a three-digit number. Press the two switches that correspond with the numbers that were written on the whiteboard.

Three switches in the boathouse crawlspace.

Return to the top of the platform, and press the button. This disables the gas, and opens the entrance, allowing you to escape.

Head outside and enjoy some fresh air. Congrats! You’ve escaped with your life intact. There’s no prize beyond living another day (and another, and another, this is Deathloop after all), so you will just have to be satisfied with ruining the stranger's plans.

And that's all you need to know about how to solve the boathouse gas room puzzle in Deathloop. While you are in Fristad, consider making a detour to visit a delivery box, or take out some nearly naked dudes. There is a lot to do in Deathloop, so make sure to check out all of our guides. Now let’s break the loop! 


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Published Sep. 18th 2021

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