Batman: Arkham Origins Finding the Penguin Walkthrough

A walkthrough for your first communications tower, interrogating Penguin's arms dealer, and using the communication relays necessary to find out Penguin's location.

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This walkthrough continues from the fight with Killer Croc. 

You regain control after the fight with Killer Croc in the Batcave. Head over to the Batcomputer to find out what was on the memory card you took out of the smashed drone. After doing this, your next objective is to go to Jezebel Plaza.

There are a few things you can do first. You should be able to upgrade one of your skills now, so hit [Tab] and check out some of the skill trees under Combat & Stealth. You can highlight what each of them are using W-A-S-D.

Talk to Alfred for some extra XP. If you explore a little, you will find the training dummy and the Training Console. Complete the first two combat exercises in order to get some additional XP.

That about sums up what there is to do in the Batcave. Head over to the Batwing to Fast Travel to Jezebel Plaza.

On the way there, Batman notices a jamming signal from the communications towers he uses for his auto-navigation and decides to investigate.

Inside the comms tower you will find a hostage situation going on. Follow the on-screen instructions to use your smoke screen pellets and your grappling hook in order to take out the hostiles one by one using takedowns.

Soon you will reach a door that requires a passkey, but has already blown up in someone else's face. Using Detective Mode, follow the on-screen prompts to reconstruct the crime scene.

You will be prompted to play it back and forth a few times to see where the keycard (marked with the red line) falls through the grate. Take the grate off (you might need to switch out of Detective Mode for this) before switching back to Detective Mode and scanning the card.

Using this card, you will have the codes necessary to hack the network tower's access panels. Take out your cryptographer (0) and use it to hack the keypad. You will need to use A+D to turn the left side "dial", and left+click and right+click to turn the right side "dial". Turn them both until they spell out a word.

Once through, climb up the ladder. You'll find yourself in a room with two doors... one of which is made of chain-link and which all your superpower strength and gigantic sacks of money cannot overcome until you wrench open the other and decrypt it. You will also get to see the mysterious, condescending face of Enigma - giver of Arkham Origins' poofball collecting quest (that is, the 200 Enigma datapacks scattered throughout the world).

Once complete, head on up to the roof where you'll be able to see your first look of the Gotham overworld map. Follow the prompts and glide/grapple your way towards the markers on your compass/the Batsignal marker. 

Feel free to lord over the petty criminals of Gotham by swooping in on their current Crimes in Progress. This will net you extra XP and they won't take very long to accomplish. Your objective will be part of the city center lit up with lights.

After a cutscene, drop in on the group of thugs (I suggest taking out the one with the gun first). Beat them all down until you the guy with the Santa hat is left and you have the option of interrogating him. 

Unfortunately, you won't be able to locate the Penguin very easily. One of the nearby towers is jamming your signal and you'll need to get that fixed up before you can do anything. Head over to the tower and take out the small mob.

You'll need to use your Remote Batarang (=). Using this is a little tricky (inverted mouse, ugh) but throw it through the hole in the electrified fence and direct it at the control panel beyond.

Now you'll be able to isolate the signal, and in order to triangulate Penguin's position, you are going to need to access his network's relays.

The first one is guarded by a small mob armed with bats/pipes. Easy enough, take them down with plenty of counters and use the relay to scan the frequency and decrypt it. 

Move on to the next relay. This one is guarded by three guys with guns. Isolate each of them in turn - I suggest taking them out with silent stealth attacks. Much less shooting, pain, and a lot of Batman swooping around while being sneaky. Also, extra XP.

After this, you will be able to learn Penguin's location. Head over to the ship marked out for you. It will be guarded with a lot of baddies, including some snipers.

Take them out with as many Silent Takedowns as you can - focus on taking out the snipers first. This should be relatively easy, Arkham Origins has a very generous idea of what constitutes as "unseen" by regular enemies. 

Once the coast is clear, head through the doors in the lit center. Time to head below deck.

To see more Batman: Arkham Origins walkthroughs and common bug fixes, see the Master List.

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