Fallout 76: How to Get Rare Plans in Mutation Invasion

This is how to get rare plan drops in Fallout 76's event Mutation Invasion.

There are no best locations for rare plans in Fallout 76 during Mutation Invasion. Instead, rare plans are dropped from Mutant Packages and Mutant Party Packages when Mutated Events are completed. Here's how to get rare plans during the Mutation Invasion event in Fallout 76.

How to Get Rare Plans in Mutation Invasion

Mutated Events

The way to get plans is opening Mutant Packages or Mutant Party Packages. These are rewarded when completing Mutated Events, which are harder than regular events and only come at the top of each hour. While not the fastest way to get rare plans, make sure you are joining Mutated Events as often as possible when you are playing.

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Easier Mutated Events

While Mutated Events are meant to be harder than their regular counterpart, some of the events are easier than the others.

  • Lode Bearing
  • Test Your Metal
  • Swarm of Suitors

Each event has their own possible mutations that can be selected. Before joining the event you can see which mutation is active. While you want to be joining as many Mutated Events as possible, if there is a mutation you are not comfortable with that is included, you may want to skip it, especially if you join alone and see there are only a couple other people in the event.

None of the events above, as well as a couple others, do not have the new Reflective Skin mutation. When enemies start glowing the mutation is active and a portion of damage dealt will be sent back to you. If you deal high damage in a short time you can end up killing yourself if the mutation is active. This makes any event with reflective skin and swarms of enemies harder to complete due to waiting out the mutation. A way around this mutation is to use explosive weapons as the damage does not get sent back.

Event Groups

To ensure you complete an event get the most out of it, consider joining an Event Group. Depending on the number of people in the group and their "bond", your XP will increase by a minimum of 25%. You will have at least 3 other joining the event. If you are lucky, those 3 could all be Fallout 1st members, which will give you the Mutant Party Package as a reward instead of the Mutant Package. The Mutant Party Package doubles the chance of rare plans dropping when you open it.

Perks and Food Buffs

If you are a lone wolf you may want to look into switching around your perk cards for Mutated Events. Running Born Survivor, which auto administers stimpaks, Ricochet, or Life Giver will help keep you alive no matter what mutations you face.

Food buffs that increase max HP, give HP regen, or damage resistances will be beneficial. Cook up come Tato Salad or Silt Bean Puree to help give you a boost. Chems, like Med-X or Overdrive will also be of aid if you have them stocked up.

Playing through the Mutated Events is the only way to get the Mutated Package reward which offers rare plans as well as Mutated Event weapons. Buffing yourself and altering your perk cards can give you the competitive edge you need while keeping you alive. Check out our Fallout 76 guides for more help with the game.

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Published Mar. 6th 2023

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