Sons of the Forest: How to Build a Door

Here's how to build a door to your shelter in Sons of the Forest to keep those pesky cannibals out.

You'll want to add a door to your shelter in Sons of the Forest to limit the amount of enemies you'll be accosted by at a time. It won't stop cannibals from entering your shelter, but it will allow you to funnel them in through specific points to avoid being flanked and attacked. With that in mine, here's how to build a door to protect yourself.

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How to Build a Door in Sons of the Forest

Aside from the basic wall, a door might be the easiest craft in Sons of the Forest. After you build your floor, stack up six logs. You have to use at least six logs, otherwise you won't be able to build a roof later on. Luckily, it's an easy fix to add another log to your wall and cut the proper number for your door.

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Once your logs are stacked, all you need to do is bring out your axe and angle your camera until you see red dotted lines appear in the middle of a log. Use the primary action button (LMB / RT by default) to cut the log.

Continue cutting every log except the top one.

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From here you'll want to gather planks and hold them at your prospective door and add them using the guide arrows at the opening in your wall.

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With that, you have your finished door. To use it, just walk up to it and it will open for you and shut behind you.

Cannibals like to sneak up on you and attack you from behind, but having a shelter with limited doors can help you fight enemies one at a time. All you need to do is head inside when they show up to attack and ready yourself at the door with your weapon. For weapon options, check out our Sons of the Forest guides on how to get the Stun Baton or how to get the Slingshot to help you survive against the cannibals.

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Published Mar. 2nd 2023

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