ARK Fjordur: All Gas Vein Locations

Collect as many Congealed Gas Balls as you can with the help of our gas vein locations guide for ARK: Fjordur.

Gas is a very valuable resource that is very hard to come by in ARK: Fjordur. There is only one place on the entire map where you can find several gas veins. Our guide will provide you with exact coordinates of all gas vein locations in ARK: Fjordur.

The easiest way to spot the gas vein is by the pink cloud that hovers over the surface of the ground. Also, note that you may receive gas bursts unless you wear a protective suit.

All Gas Vein Locations in ARK: Fjordur

There is only one area where players can locate gas veins in the Fjordur map, and that is the southwestern area called the Verdiland Valley (indicated by the marker on the map above).

There are five spots that produce Congealed Gas Balls located at these exact coordinates:

  • 81.80 - 16.70
  • 81.50 - 15.00
  • 85.00 - 16.30
  • 83.40 - 14.20
  • 84.20 - 13.20

Congealed Gas Balls will appear on top of the gas veins on the surface or nearby, and can be used for crafting the following items and materials:

  • Gasoline.
  • Charge Battery.
  • Charge Lantern.
  • Hazard Suit Boots.
  • Hazard Suit Gloves.
  • Hazard Suit Hat.
  • Hazard Suit Pants.
  • Hazard Suit Shirt.
  • Mushroom Brew.
  • Pliers.
  • Tek Railgun.

Gas Collector crafting recipe

Note that you will need to craft a Gas Collector in order to collect and put the Congealed Gas Balls into your inventory. Here is the crafting recipe for the Gas Collector:

  • 75 Metal Ingot / Scrap Metal Ingot.
  • 60 Cementing Paste / Achatina Paste.
  • 40 Crystal / Primal Crystal.
  • 20 Red Gem / Red Crystalized Sap.

Gas Collector can be crafted at one of the following stations or saddles used as alternative smiths:

  • Smithy.
  • Argentavis Saddle.
  • Castoroides Saddle.
  • Thorny Dragon Saddle.
  • Tek Replicator.

One such collector will be able to extract a single Congealed Gas Ball in 20 to 25 seconds of real time. It can also hold no more than 24 stacks (each stack consists of 100 Congealed Gas Balls).

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Published Jun. 27th 2022

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