Minecraft: How to Make a Recovery Compass

A Recovery Compass is an explorer's best friend in Minecraft, here's how to make one.

The new Recovery Compass in Minecraft 1.19 has a very special use: it's able to lead you back to the last spot you died. An indispensable item for a million reasons, you'll want to craft one as soon as you are able.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to make a Recovery Compass in Minecraft. Note that you can't simply find this item, you'll have to go out of your way to make one for yourself.

How to Make a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

The Recovery Compass requires the following materials to be crafted:

  • 8 Echo Shard
  • 1 Compass

You need to place the Compass in the center of the crafting grid and surround it with the Echo Shards once you have them on hand.

To craft a regular Compass, which you'll need for this recipe, you only need 4 Iron Ingot and 1 Redstone Dust. Get this part done early, as seeking out the Echo Shards may take some time.

Where to Find Echo Shards

Echo Shards were added in the last large update, and they can only be found within Ancient Cities. These cities are perilous, so check out our Ancient City Survival Guide for tips to survive the Warden and other threats in these areas.

Once you're able to craft the Recovery Compass, you need to use it in the same dimension where you've previously died, otherwise the needle will spin uncontrollably.

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Published Jun. 10th 2022

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