The Callisto Protocol: How Long Does it Take to Beat?

The Callisto Protocol isn't a long game by any standard, but you might get stuck on its exceptional difficulty.

The Callisto Protocol is the latest AAA survival horror game on the market. Set on a prison on the moon Callisto, this space horror title comes from Dead Space creative director Glen Schofield and his new team at Striking Distance Studios.

In the vein of its predecessors, The Callisto Protocol is a short and relatively focused game. It won't take you dozens of hours like a giant RPG. Fans of the genre should generally understand what hour range these games can fall into, but where exactly does The Callisto Protocol land on that spectrum?

How Long is The Callisto Protocol?

My playtime for our The Callisto Protocol review clocked in a little over 7 hours, probably closer to 8 hours when you count all the deaths. Another GameSkinny writer came in at about 9 hours. So there's a bit of variation depending on a player's skill level and the chosen difficulty setting.

This playtime is pretty similar to the averages for the first two Dead Space titles. As far as more contemporary action horror games go, The Callisto Protocol is about on par with Resident Evil: Village and falls within the range it took most players to finish Resident Evil 2

It's worth noting that unlike many of these games, The Callisto Protocol does not have a New Game Plus feature yet, but it is scheduled to be patched in next year.

If you want to know more about The Callisto Protocol, check out our guides for The Callisto Protocol for more walkthroughs and tips. There you can find comprehensive guides like our list of all the weapons and where to find all audio logs and bios.


Published Dec. 8th 2022

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