Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Animal Material Guide

Find out which animals give Wood, Steel, Preserves, Paper, and Cotton in this handy-dandy guide.

Sure, the football fish might be rare, but crafting materials are used so often and require so much effort to get, they certainly count as rare, too. This guide is for you if you want to know who to focus on to get Wood, Cotton, Preserves, and so on.

Each of the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp animals give you certain crafting materials to be used to build new furniture for your camp. Knowing which ones grant which items will help you choose which animals to keep at your camp and which ones to focus on leveling at a given time.

Animals will give you materials under three conditions:

  • You fulfill a request for them
  • You talk to them when they've got something to say (red dialogue option seen below)
  • You level up your relationship with them

Animals staying at your campsite won't often have requests for you to fulfill, but you do get to talk to them all every couple hours to get a gift of either Bells or materials.

Having an animal at your camp is an easy and non-resource-intensive (fish, fruit, etc.) way to get materials from them with minimal effort.

We're going to be listing off each animal's primary material gift, which is the material they will always give if you meet any of the three conditions listed above.

Every animal also periodically gives other types of materials alongside its primary. For example, sometimes you may get Preserves to go along with the Wood that Bunnie usually gives. These seem to be random, but they are definitely welcome.

Animal primary gift materials

You'll notice below that, for now, there are not many animals that primarily grant Paper or Preserves. For this reason, you may want to have at least one animal for each of those materials stays at your campsite. The earliest you can get for Paper is Apollo and the earliest for Preserves is Jay.

Animals that grant Cotton Agnes (Cool)
Bitty (Cute)
Bud (Sporty)
Maggie (Cute)
Rex (Natural)
Roald (Natural)
Animals that grant Paper Apollo (Cool)
Charlise (Sporty)
Stella (Cute)
Animals that grant Preserves Angus (Cool)
Jay (Sporty)
Animals that grant Steel Beau (Natural)
Butch (Sporty)
Carrie (Cute)
Cheri (Sporty)
Cherry (Cool)
Eloise (Natural)
Fauna (Natural)
Flip (Sporty)
Goldie (Natural)
Ketchup (Cute)
Kyle (Cool)
Peewee (Sporty)
Roscoe (Cool)
Sandy (Cool)
Animals that grant Wood Alfonso (Natural)
Apple (Cute)
Bunnie (Cute)
Chrissy (Cute)
Filbert (Natural)
Hamlet (Natural)
Hopkins (Sporty)
Kid Cat (Sporty)
Lily (Cute)
Moe (Sporty)
Peanut (Cute)
Punchy (Natural)
Rosie (Cute)
Tad (Sporty)


I don't know about you, but I almost have a shortage of Preserves . . . and keeping Jay hanging around my campsite does help. Hopefully, this information will make it easier for you to prioritize certain animals if you need particular materials.

If this guide to the Pocket Camp animals helped you out and you're looking for more info on the game, check out GameSkinny's other Animal Crossing Pocket Camp guides.

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