Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Fish Guide

Where to catch and how much each common and rare fish costs in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

You may come into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp expecting the fishing system to be similar to other games in the series, but you're in for a surprise.

Like many of the game's other systems, Pocket Camp's fishing, and the aquatic life it entails, has been simplified for the mobile experience. Nonetheless, there are things to know about fishing you'll probably want to store in your memory banks.

There aren't a lot of fish to be found in the game at the time of writing, but that is sure to change with updates. Because you need so many items to give the camper animals, it's a good idea to fish whenever you visit the two areas that allow it.

Differences from mainline Animal Crossing games

If you've been dipping in and out of the series for as long as I have, you probably have some expectations about fishing. Let's go ahead and dash those now:

Fish spawns are not tied to time of day, season, or weather in Pocket Camp.

This can be a bit of a downer for those who enjoy the thrill of the fish-hunt like I do, but for those with a tight schedule, this means they don't have to wait until the time is just right to get certain fish.

You also cannot scare fish away in the game -- so feel free to run right past them. They won't go anywhere.

And lastly, every fish will turn and go to your fishing line if tossed near them, regardless of rarity.

Getting a rare fish in Pocket Camp is just about getting lucky, as there's always a chance a fish spawn will be rare.

Fish available in Lost Lure Creek (Freshwater)

Lost Lure Creek hosts two fruit trees, but the main reason you come over here is to add some freshwater fish to your inventory.

Common fish

These fish will bite regularly.

Pale Chub
Sells for 10 Bells

Yellow Perch
Sells for 10 Bells

Crucian Carp
Sells for 10 Bells

Rare fish

These fish bite less often but sell for significantly more than common fish. These are listed in order of rarity.

It's a good idea to hold onto one rare fish just in case, but I've yet to get a single request for a single rare fish from a camper. Something to keep in mind.

Black Bass
Sells for 100 Bells

Rainbow Trout
Sells for 1500 Bells

Sells for 4000 Bells

Fish available in Saltwater Shores (Saltwater)

There's a lot more to collect at Saltwater Shores than Lost Lure Creek. Shells, coral, coconuts, and fish -- that's certainly a longer list.

This area's rare fish tend to be even harder to find than those in Lost Lure Creek.

Common fish

Horse Mackerel
Sells for 10 Bells

Sells for 10 Bells

Olive Flounder
Sells for 10 Bells

Rare fish

These fish bite less often but sell for significantly more than common fish. These are listed in order of rarity.

It's a good idea to hold onto one rare fish just in case, but as mentioned above, I've never gotten a single request for them.

Red Snapper
Sells for 100 Bells

Sells for 1500 Bells

Football Fish
Sells for 3000 Bells

Sells for 5000 Bells

These all make for a total of 13 fish for you to catch and make good-ish use of. With luck, more will be added with updates. But as it stands, this is what we've got.

The big question for most players is what they should do with rare fish for the time being. I've seen players well above levels 30 and 40 stating they've never had requests for rare fish. Being at level 20 myself, I'm inclined to believe it.

For the time being, I recommend holding on to a single of any rare fish you get and selling the rest. Why waste inventory space on items you can't use when you can make bells off them instead?

More fish will be added here as they are added to the game! If you found this guide helpful, you may find some useful info in the other Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guides on GameSkinny.

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Published May. 18th 2020

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