How to Craft the Lovely Pink Remake of the Lovely Chair in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

How to get the elusive (?) Lovely Pink Remake of the Lovely Chair and knock out that stretch goal.

Most of the stretch goals you have to complete in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are pretty self-explanatory. You know -- harvest fruit, have an entire furniture set in your camp, use certain items. Easy stuff. But one goal is more obtuse, and those with no other stretch goals left are wondering how you complete it.

The stretch goal in question is "Craft the Lovely Pink Remake of a Lovely Chair," which just sounds bizarre to an old player like me who hasn't played any Animal Crossing games heavily since Wild World. What does that even mean?

Let's get into how you can even unlock crafting a Lovely Chair (Lovely Pink), which is more time consuming than anything else.

Be at least level 19 and have met Agnes or Bitty

In order to unlock being able to even craft this item, you need to have unlocked one of two villagers: either Agnes or Bitty.

Both Agnes and Bitty unlock the Lovely Pink variation for the Lovely Chair, but you only need to know one of them. Both of them unlock at a random level after level 19.

Luckily enough, this is also an item you need to get them to visit your campsite, so consider all this to be killing three birds (sorry, Jay) with one chair.

Craft or have a Lovely Chair

If you've met Bunnie, you'll have the recipe for this. If you've gone through the motions to get her to come to your campsite, you'll have made one of these anyway.

You need 30 Steel and 1480 Bells to craft the Lovely Chair (Basic) itself. Crafting it takes 7 hours, so plan ahead!

Making the Lovely Chair (Lovely Pink) will consume the basic variation.

Craft the lovely pink remake of the Lovely Chair

If you've fulfilled the criteria above, you will be able to go into the crafting menu and make this item. It will be easy enough to find!

Crafting the Lovely Chair (lovely pink) requires a Lovely Chair (Basic) as well as 10 Steel. Crafting is a three-hour-long endeavor, so keep it in mind.

And that, my friends, is how you craft the Lovely Chair Remake. It's a lot more simple than it seemed, right?

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Published May. 18th 2020

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