Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Starter Face & Shirt Guide

Your face affects your starter shirt in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Don't start camp looking drab!

It may seem like K.K. Slider's question at the very start of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will affect what you look like, but it's actually a much more direct process.

In Pocket Camp, players can choose their face and hair colors and styles at the very start of the game (as well as later), but that less-than-fateful decision does have one effect some players may not know about: The face you choose determines the shirt you start with.

This is a lot more straightforward than K.K.'s question, which (as far as most can tell) doesn't seem to have any bearing on anything for the time being. Choosing your starter face does dictate the shirt you start with, which isn't really a huge deal, but it's definitely something to be aware of if you're about to get started.

Boys and girls not only have different face and hair options in Pocket Camp, they also start with different shirts. The two tables below are separated by boys' faces and girls' faces.

You can buy all of these shirts (and other clothing) from the Able Sisters when they're at the Marketplace. In addition, several of these shirts also have short-sleeve variations. This is all something to know, but don't let the starter shirt make you stress out at character creation!

Boys' faces and starter shirts


Blue-Stripe Shirt

Tan Dogtooth Shirt

Blue Tartan Shirt

Blue-Grid Shirt

MVP Shirt

No. 1 Shirt

Red-Bar Shirt

Fall Plaid Shirt

Grape-Stripe Shirt

Painter's Shirt

Flame Shirt

Jungle-Camo Shirt


Girls' faces and starter shirts

Gelato Shirt

Picnic Shirt

Rugby Shirt

Red-Grid Shirt

Icy Shirt

Folk Shirt

Winter Sweater

Mint Gingham Shirt

Lively Knit Shirt

Bubble-Gum Shirt

Dapper Shirt

Spring Shirt


This is just one part of the character creation process! K.K. Slider and Isabelle both ask you questions that may or may not affect your gameplay. Check out what they do in my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp starter questions guide.

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Published May. 18th 2020

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