Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Questions Guide

Don't stress out about KK or Isabelle's questions in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Nothing is permanent.

There are three phases to the character creation and tutorial process in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp:

  1. Answering K.K's questions
  2. Choosing your starter face and hair
  3. Answering Isabelle's questions

If you're familiar with the Animal Crossing series, the question portions at the start of the game can be a little stressful. Traditionally these sorts of questions have had permanent effects on a character, and no one wants to walk into this sort of long-term game without knowing what's going to affect what their character looks like.

KK Slider question

K.K.'s question is one that seems particularly important, especially since it's the first thing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp throws at you.

The question you see to the right is one with no "right" answer, but surely there's a "right" one for your Pocket Camp life. Right?

Oddly enough, nobody knows what the answers to this question actually do. The consequences of your first questions are generally obvious in the Animal Crossing series, but this time around, the first question seems absolutely pointless.

We may be wrong for now, but as far as anyone can tell: This question does nothing. Maybe this was the original question that chose your campsite theme? Who knows. All you need to know for now is not to stress over it.

Choosing your face and hair

Did you know the face you choose at the start dictates which shirt you start with? Check out my Pocket Camp starter face and shirt guide to see your options.

Isabelle's question

Isabelle wants to know what your ideal campsite might be -- and, much like the above sections, it can be kind of an overwhelming question for longtime Animal Crossing players.

The choices are natural, cute, sporty, and cool. The option you choose will affect the starter look and theme of your campsite as well as which villager you interact with first. That's not so bad, is it?



Your campsite's theme will affect the types of villagers that will want to swing by for a visit and affect how long they'll hang around. Each villager has a specific theme it's attracted to, and it is possible to feature more than one theme on your campsite (though it's best to focus on one or two).

So while Isabelle's question does affect how you start Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, it absolutely does not have any long-term effects. Just choose which you think will attract the villagers you like to start, then pick and choose from there. Be sure to check out our other Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guides

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