Bravely Second Guide: End Game Team Build

Build the ultimate end game team in Bravely Second with this detailed guide!

There are so many combinations of Jobs, equipment, and abilities in Bravely Second. There isn't a right answer to what your end game team should look like, but there are some things to think about when deciding.

Do you go with mostly damage dealers and 1 support? Do you have a balanced team of healing, damage, and defense? These are the questions you want to answer before starting your plans.

I'm going to give you an example of my end game team and give you an idea of what works so you can decide on what you want.

This guide will go over an end game team build in Bravely Second including:

  • End Game Team Building 101 - What to think about when putting together your team.
  • My End Game Team - The Jobs and abilities I use, as well as other examples that work.

End Game Team Building 101

In Bravely Second, you want to be efficient when it comes to grinding. If you want to easily max out your JP and get a decent amount of money and EXP while doing it, check out my Easy Grapp Keep Farming guide. In order to defeat hard enemies and bosses, especially on hard mode, you will need a better team.

Here are some things to keep in mind while making your decision:

  • Don't do all damage Jobs.
    • It is fine if everyone has a Job that deals damage, but make sure 1 or 2 of them also have something else they can do.
  • Have someone that can heal.
    • You don't need a dedicated healer, but having someone that at least has the option to heal is needed.
  • Have both a physical and magic damaging Job.
    • You will fight many enemies and they have different defenses or abilities. Make sure you can do both kinds of damage to be able to take on any enemy.
  • Almost always wear light armor
    • The only exceptions being Brave Suit and when your Job is S rank in heavy armor.

My End Game Team

There are a few options I have with the team I chose to do end game dungeons with, and I'll explain them for each selection. First, I'll just list their Jobs, support abilities, and equipment, then explain everything directly below it.

Tiz - Patissier/Time Mage

Support Abilities

  • Status Ailment Amp - Patissier or Attack Item Amp - Catmancer
  • Glace - Patissier
  • Waste Not - Freelancer
  • Items for All - Patissier
  • Critical Hitter - Patissier

Bravely Second support abilities


  • Dagger
  • Shield
  • Light armor
  • Agility Accessory

This is my support/healer/damage hybrid. The support abilities and Patissier Job allow me to do all of it. The biggest reason for this class is to use Decoration on the tank character I use. This makes enemies very likely to target the tank if I choose them.

I chose Time Mage because of Quick or Quickga, which raises the maximum hit count of teammates.

Glace mixed with Items for All lets him be a healer if needed, since it doubles how much healing items restore and works on everyone. Critical Hitter also gives you a chance to crit with items, so you usually only need a single X Potion for your entire team.

If you want the other Job to be crippling the enemy, Status Ailment amp is great for ensuring you cause status ailments. If you want to deal damage instead, pick Attack Item Amp so you can deal massive damage to all enemies.

Waste Not works very well with this build because you have a 50% chance to not consume items, which works whether you are healing, attacking, or using the Bon Apetit abilities.

For equipment, go for daggers so you can use both damaging and healing special abilities. Shields give extra defense, and you don't need anything to increase your damage since you get all that from abilities.

Light armor gives you needed magic defense and Agility accessory increases the already high speed of the Job to ensure you always go first.

Edea - Fencer/Hawkeye

Support Abilities

  • Triple Wield - Charioteer 
  • Crossfire - Hawkeye
  • Katana Lore - Swordmaster
  • Dual Wield - Ninja

Bravely Second support abilities


  • 3 Katanas
  • Brave Suit or light armor
  • Crit or Damage Accessory

This is my main physical damage character. Fencer provides damage, defense, and speed buffs, while Hawkeye lets me add elements to them to fight any enemy.

Triple Wield and Dual Wield let me equip 3 weapons and get the full attack values. Dual Wield also takes away the penalty for holding a weapon in the head slot, so it is a huge boost. Katana lore because Katanas get a higher crit chance. You can substitute that with the P.Attack 20% Up from Charioteer if you want.

Crossfire is great because it gives me a chance to deal an extra attack whenever a teammate deals damage. This is better the more people you have attacking, obviously.

I like Brave Suit because this Job takes multiple turns to set up for maximum damage and the extra BP helps. Crit if you want to make sure all attacks crit, otherwise just increase damage.

Yew - Astrologian/Summoner

Support Abilities

  • Limit Breaker - Astrologian
  • M.Atk 20% Up - Time Mage
  • Prolong Support - Astrologian
  • Spellcraft - Wizard

Bravely Second support abilities


  • 2 Rods
  • Light armor
  • INT or MP accessories

I wanted a character that had great magic support, but also high magic damage. This seems perfect to me. You want Astrologian as your main Job so you automatically get the Prescience ability, which makes all support magic activate at the beginning of the turn. 

Limit Breaker lets you raise attributes beyond the limit, and Prolong Support increases how many turns they last. Spellcraft is basically required for any magic Job, since it lets you add helpful effects. The M.Atk 20% Up is to make sure you hit hard with your Summoning magic.

I went full magic damage with the equipment to make sure I dealt a lot of damage while still being able to provide great buffs for the whole team.

Magnolia - Guardian/Kaiser or Exorcist

Support Abilities

  • Fortitude - Templar
  • Dawn of Odyssey - Kaiser
  • Soul Boost - Guardian
  • BP Limit Up - Templar
  • M.Def 20% Up - Bishop

Bravely Second support abilities


  • Spear
  • Shield
  • Heavy armor
  • HP or Defense accessories

Magnolia, my team's anchor, my rock. She ensures everyone else doesn't get dead. Soul Mirror reflects physical attacks and Soul Cannon does a decent amount of damage when full on soul Power.

Fortitude and BP Limit UP let me get up to 4BP, and I get extra if damage while Defaulting. This plus the Dawn of Odyssey Kaiser ability keeps her near full BP at all times. Soul Boost is not required and can be substituted for another defense ability if desired.

As for the sub Job, depends on what you want. I pick Kaiser just for the abilities to increase damage and crit. Since this works for enemies as well, you have to be careful when using this Job.

Exorcist works very well, even better with the support abilities chosen. This allows me to always use Undo whatever to keep HP, MP, or even BP up for my other characters. 

Her main focus isn't damage, so a shield works best, especially since she needs to take a lot of damage. Heavy armor is a must because of the S rank and damage soaking required.

That's all for my Bravely Second End Game Team Build. Let me know what you think and tell me some combinations you like to do!

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Published Apr. 28th 2016

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