Animation Throwdown best combos guide

Hundreds of cards and nearly as many combos - how's a drunken card fighter to know which one to pick?

There's a huge number of card combos to be discovered through trial and error in Animation Throwdown. Whether you are rocking an all Bob's Burgers deck or mixing up Futurama and Family Guy cards, what you want most is versatility so you can always make strong combos.

The Airplane card for instance has 20 potential combos, while Boyz 12 has 30 and Bullock has a whopping 49. Beyond versatility, the next thing to look for when building combos is card rarity. The rare Crack card may only have 20 combos, but they are all incredibly useful.

Quality Cards For Quality Combos

It's hard to give a specific "best" combo since each one will be different depending on how far you've upgraded your cards. 

Keep in mind that if both cards are still at level 1, the combos listed below won't be nearly as effective. Combos made with non-upgraded cards will either have no skills, lower powered skills, or significantly lowered stats, so your mileage may vary.

If you are just getting started, check out our full breakdown of every skill right here, and if you need help getting better cards to make combos, check out our guide to better loot drops.

Best Animation Throwdown Card Combos

With 195 cards available at launch (more sure to be added in updates) and many of those having dozens of possible combos, obviously we haven't even found them all yet! These are the best we've discovered so far:

Shots Klaus

Sturdy and Shield skills at the same time? Klaus is your all-purpose defender sure to vex the opponent.

Responsible Cocaine User

Mixing Bullock with some Crack leads to high health and a trio of skills: Sturdy, Boost, and Gas. This combo makes an excellent all around card that's unlikely to die quickly and upgrades your nearby cards.

Withdrawal Steve

With both Payback and Crazed skills at the same time, Steve is always dealing loads of damage.

Brewmaster Teddy

With his super high Gas skill, Teddy will take down even the most high health card in just a few turns.

Kidney Killer

Get some Alcohol into a rare Haley and you have a card with Cheer to boost your allies and Gas to take down enemies.

Drunk Peggy

Good lord, Peggy is crazy when drunk! With Cripple, Jab, and Crazed she can cut through enemy defenses and gets more powerful with every attack!

These are the best combos we've been using to dominate in Arena matches and take down tough Adventure quests. What are some of your favorite combos we should try out?

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Published Sep. 21st 2016

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