Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Monster Slogbone Farming Guide

Looking to farm Monster Slogbone to craft Master Rank equipment? We can show you exactly what monsters drop this Iceborn resource!

Monster Slogbone is used in a long list of weapon and armor recipes in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, particularly in the early range of Master Rank gear.

Luckily you'll get your first Monster Slogbone rather early into the expansion, and you'll get it for various rewards with other monsters as well.

How to Farm Monster Slogbone

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Monster Slogbone only drops at Master Rank.

If you are either Low Rank or High Rank, you need to complete more quests to reach Master Rank. Before that, Slogbone won't appear at all. 

Right now, the highest drop rate seems to be from the new monster Barioth, but it can also be farmed from a variety of base creatures with a little patience.

While it doesn't appear to be given as a quest reward anywhere at this point, here's where to get Monster Slogbone by farming creatures:

  • Barioth (Hoarfrost Reach)
  • Diablos (Wildspire Waste)
  • Glavenus (Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Elder's Recess)
  • Lavasioth (Elder's Recess)
  • Nargacuga (Coral Highlands, Ancient Forest)
  • Rathalos (Ancient Forest)
  • Tigrex (Rotten Vale, Hoarfrost Reach, Wildspire Waste, Ancient Forest, Elder's Recess)

Where to Use Monster Slogbone

So now that you've farmed some Monster Slogbone, what are you going to do with it? Turns out there's a wide range of weapons and armor that use this new Iceborne resource. Here's every single one we've discovered so far!

Item Equipment Type Slogbone Needed
Chrome Machina II  Switch Axe 3
 Chrome Deathscythe II Great Sword 3
 Jagras Deathclaw II Great Sword 3
 Datura Hellspine II Great Sword 3
Tiger Jawblade Great Sword 3
Ogre's Jaw II Great Sword 3
 Barroth Greatedge II Great Sword 3
 Dragonseal Sword I   Great Sword 4
 Chrome Knight Sword II Sword & Shield 3
Legacy Bang  Sword & Shield 8
 Datura Florescence I  Sword & Shield 3
 Datura Florescence II Sword & Shield 3
 Dragonseal Aldsword I Sword & Shield 4
 Chrome Cross II Dual Blades 3
Asefar al-Nasr II Dual Blads 3
 Rex Chain I Dual Blades 3
 Diablos Clubs III Dual Blades 3
 Hulking Choppers II Dual Blades 3
 Jyura Keenblades II Dual Blades 2
 Sin+ Dual Blades 3
  Enduring Sacrifice Dual Blades 4
 Iron Eschaton II Long Sword 3
 Rafiq al-Nasr II  Long Sword 3
 Grand Khopesh II Long Sword 3
 Artian Mail Alpha Chest Armor 3
 Artian Mail Beta  Chest Armor 3
 Clockwork Mail Alpha Chest Armor 3
 Clockwork Mail Beta Chest Armor 3
 Ingot Mail Alpha  Chest Armor 1
 Ingot Mail Beta Chest Armor 1
 Lavasioth Mail Alpha Chest Armor 4
 Lavasioth Mail Beta Chest Armor 4
 Artian Vambraces Alpha Arms Armor 3
 Artian Vambraces Beta Arms Armor 3
 Ingot Vambraces Alpha Arms Armor 1
 Ingot Vambraces Beta Arms Armor 1
  Rathalos Vambraces Alpha Arms Armor 4
  Rathalos Vambraces Beta Arms Armor 4
 Ingot Greaves Alpha Leg Armor 1
 Ingot Greaves Beta Leg Armor 1
 Dober Greaves Alpha Leg Armor 4
 Dober Greaves Beta Leg Armor 4
 Ingot Coil Alpha Waist Armor 1
 Ingot Coil Beta Waist Armor 1
 Clockwork Helm Alpha Head Armor 3
 Clockwork Helm Beta Head Armor 3
 Ingot Helm Alpha Head Armor 1
 Ingot Helm Beta Head Armor 1


Have you found any other spots to farm Monster Slogbone or other uses for the new resource? Let us know in the comments, and then take a look at our other Iceborne guides below:

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Published May. 11th 2020

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