Sea of Thieves: How to Get, Use Fireworks and Signal Flares

Wondering how to get or use fireworks and signal flares in Sea of Thieves? Here's what you need to know.

Fireworks and signal flares were introduced in Sea of Thieves Season 5. Crews can now light up with the sky with colorful explosions as they travel the Seven Seas. But how do you get fireworks and signal flares to begin with? And once you do, how do you use them?

These light displays are beautiful to look at, and they can be surprisingly useful at times if you know what you are doing. This Sea of Thieves guide will tell you everything you need to know about fireworks and signal flares.

Sea of Thieves Fireworks and Signal Flares Explained

Fireworks and signal flares exist as collectible inventory items like food or planks. A limited number of these consumables can be carried on your pirate-person, and large quantities of either can be stashed on cannonball barrels, supply crates, and fireworks crates.

Fireworks explode in colorful displays. Some simply sparkle in various colors as they rain down; others form shapes in the sky, like mermaids, skulls, and a big R (in the shape of the Rare logo). Fireworks are decorative, and mostly just for visual effect.  

Signal flares are more purpose-built. Signal flares form a single, long-lasting ball of colored light. This is fantastic for illuminating islands at night or signaling something for anyone who is within visual range to see.

Fireworks and signal flares do have some combat utility as well. Firing into the face of other pirates temporally blinds them, which can be a useful distraction in a protracted ship battle. You can also fire them directly at enemy ships to do a small amount of damage and, while uncommon, they can occasionally start fires

How to Get Fireworks & Signal Flares in Sea of Thieves

Your ship comes stocked with some of these consumables, but they can be found randomly in barrels throughout Sea of Thieves. Search any of the supply barrels, especially around outposts, and you should quickly fill your pockets with fireworks. Also look in rowboats and crates.

You can also visit the Merchant Alliance representative on the docks of any Outpost and buy fireworks crates, though you can't buy signal flares. There are multiple themed options for creates, each containing inventories that explode in shapes that match that theme. At 20,000 gold apiece, the crates are expensive, but can you put a price on beauty? 

Fireworks crates will also randomly wash up on the shores of various islands, or in the holds of shipwrecks. Keep your eyes out while voyaging and you will likely come across several in your travels.

You use fireworks & signal flares by loading them into cannons. However, unlike cannonballs, which fire instantaneously, fireworks come with a fuse. Hold your selected munition in your hand, and walk up to the cannon. Follow the prompt to load the cannon, and press fire to light the fuse.

Once the fuse burns down, the cannon fires, using the firework or flare.

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That's how to get and use fireworks and signal flares in Sea of Thieves. Their beauty and usefulness have made them a very welcome addition to Sea of Thieves. Utilizing these well is a great way to have some fun after you bury some treasure or complete a major voyage. If you are looking for your next great conquest to celebrate in Sea of Thieves, check out our other Sea of Thieves guides.


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Published Jan. 4th 2022

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