Top 10 Surprises of the GW2 Fashion Contest

These players play by their own fashion rules.

These players play by their own fashion rules.
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These outfits made us do a double take - meet the finalists for Most Unexpected in the Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest!

From cosplay to carrion, eccentric to exposed, these players have made some real characters.

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Winners in this category and ALL categories will be announced August 28th.

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Character: Derzahla, Hero of Hyrule

VampiroAlhazred created his homage to Link during the Super Adventure Box event, and took advantage of the unique environment to get some very appropriate pictures. 

"I can't wait to bomb some dodongos!"

Check out the story here.

Character: Mingus Mingusson

The first time I saw this entry, I thought:

'Who is that mysterious man having such a good time? Is he cold? Does he have... pigtails?'

mingus mingusson thoughtfully warned us that staring directly at his character may damage our vision. Even if he hadn't, his entry title 'The Brilliance of A Hundred Suns Glinting off A Thousand Bare Chests' was a tip off that we may need shades for this one.

"My only regret is that Anet has yet to offer a hide chest and pants option, so on rare occasion you may find me grudgingly clothed."

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Character: Rekahsevak the Weird

Many adventurers know of him, but none know of the mysteries beneath his mustache. 

"He would romance large mountains, make love to the wind that blows down from the heavens, he'd wine and dine staggeringly tall stalagmites in ancient dark caves. He was truly mad." 

"I remember I once saw him creating rainbows along the beach... I walked up to him to inquire about his fortunes, but he was concentrating on admonishing a piece of driftwood about it's laziness."

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Character: Beartato

Shuskee named this character after the graceful legendary creature that is half bear and half potato. Read his entry to learn all about his elite collection of all the shoddiest weapons in Tyria!

"Hello, most fashionable character contest? Yeah I'd like to enter with an outfit scavenged from scrapyard with bits of half-digested animals please."

Check out the story here.

Character: Elegost

Elegost77 created a character who may strike a few of you as familiar...

"The Assassin, Elegost, may be a long way from his homeland but the teachings of The Brotherhood have not gone unused in Divinities Reach... even in the capitol of Tyria corruption must be sought out lest the tyrants of freedom go unchecked."

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Character: Red Riding Hood

Sternennacht also crafted an ode to a preexisting persona.

"This armor went a long way from just 'Man, that skirt's amazing, gotta find something that matches...' to 'Wait a second, I can choose a whole background and theme for this!'

"I really like the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood: it's dark, it's serious, it's fascinating - when you think about classic fairy tales, this one is at the top of the list."

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Character: Darth Vader

Who's you're daddy?

(I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I tried.) Thomas.Deis.Christensen explains how he got the look:

"I stumbled upon the light helmet from Sorrow's Embrace and thought 'hmmmm, this really looks a lot like Darth Vader's helmet! Now I just need a Cape!' Unfortunately Guild Wars 2 has no capes... I thought! I mixed the Priory legs with the Winged shoulders and I got a long 'cape'. Awesome!"

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Character: Xenakis, Charr Gangster

What can be said, really? I mean, just look at him. Go ahead, tell me you were expecting to see a Charr in shades and formal wear lounging on a desk with skull bling and a bouquet.

I'm not crossing him, that's for sure.

"There's a rumor that he is the real boss of The Black Citadel."

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Character: Duke Witherheart

Duke captured our attention, our hearts, and our loyalty with his bold fashion and sensible story. 

"As I have explained in the past, I think it's very important for commanders to stand out in World versus World (WvW). Nowadays anyone with 100 gold and a bit of motivation can pick up a Commander's Compendium and pop a blue tag above their heads. This means that simply having a floating icon follow you around is no longer good enough for serious zerg herders. 

You need to look good. You need to look unique. You need to look...


Hey, you've got to be a man to wear tights.

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Character: Edinorog, Elementalist

Gardios set out on a quest to clad their male elementalist as scantily as possible - for SCIENCE! (Mostly.)

"I've always wondered why male scholar classes were dressed from head to toe whereas their female comrades wore next to nothing on the battlefields of Tyria.

Did their exposed midriff allow them to cast powerful spells more easily?

Did they just want to flaunt their bodies?

Whether it's the former or the latter, I wanted both for my Elementalist."

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