EVE Player Celebrities – The Icon: Chribba

Lord of the veldspar and EVE's most beloved miner, Chribba is about as space-famous as you can get.

The “Nation of EVE” has spawned its own broadcasters, artists and journalists. It even has an elected council of community liaisons in the form of the Council of Stellar Management. There is an explosion of information produced by dozens of bloggers, podcasters, videomakers and livestreamers.

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Every one of them an entrepreneur their own right.

These individuals have taken inspiration from their EVE journey, contributed and created things of far more value than the simple acquisition of in-game items and wealth. They have perhaps been shaped by their EVE experience, but have become part of the community establishment and played their part in shaping EVE society and perhaps growing beyond it.

There are so many colourful characters, past and present, that it is impossible to do them all justice in a single article. But here’s a snapshot of some of EVE Online‘s most influential EVE “celebrities” who are certainly still very active, along with a glimpse of the part they’ve played in shaping the EVE Universe.

The Icon: Chribba

Undoubtedly EVE royalty, Chribba is a 10-year veteran and perhaps not the kind of player outsiders might expect to find in a “PvP sandbox for sociopaths”. He is a generous, honest and affable chap who has provided the EVE community with a banquet of free third-party tools via his Otherworld Media Group, such as:

  • EVE-Files – an EVE-specific image and file hosting service
  • EVE-Search – a mirror of the official EVE-O forums (great for finding that controversial deleted post).
  • EVE-Offline – a handy one-stop shop for monitoring EVE server availability and traffic history.

In-game, Chribba is universally admired and is primarily known as EVE’s most famous miner. He is the owner of the legendary Veldnaught, one of the only player-owned capital ships to be found in high security space. Shortly after being built, restrictions were put in place preventing capital ships from entering hi-sec. In recognition of his community efforts, Chribba’s Revelation dreadnought was allowed to remain providing in continued in a non-combat role.

In a game environment which is renowned for its scams and duplicity, Chribba is the exception that proves the rule and is one of the few individuals trusted as a third party broker in high risk exchanges of EVE’s most valuable (and undockable) supercapital ships.

The next guy also offers this same supercapital brokering service, but results may vary…

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