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Top 10 Best BitLife Expansions and Job Packs Worth Buying

BitLife Expansions and Packs that are actually worth the money!

BitLife includes a Marketplace that has quite a few options to enhance your experience. However, it’s hard to tell from the description alone if a pack is the right option for you. So, here are the top 10 best BitLife Expansions and Job Packs worth buying.

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10 BitLife Expansions and Job Packs Worth Purchasing

In BitLife, each pack is a one-time purchase. However, you can buy some options that include multiple packs, like Boss Mode, which includes all Job Packs.

10. Unlimited Time Machine

The Time Machine lets you Age Down, meaning you can go back and change your choices if something you don’t like happens. You could buy individual Time Machine uses, but if you plan on using it often, then it’s better to purchase the Unlimited version. If you do a lot of live challenges, this is particularly useful, since you can use it to prevent a death to keep making progress towards the tasks.

9. Challenge Vault

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The Challenge Vault gives you access to older challenges, so you aren’t limited to the weekly live challenge. These include challenges like Sinderella or Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. This lets you keep the game interesting by giving you specific tasks to complete. If you complete enough challenges, you unlock a new theme to use for BitLife.

8. Investor Expansion

The Investor Expansion opens up the Stock Market, and other investment options. You’re also able to get a financial advisor, which you get pop-ups for even when you don’t have the expansion. Overall, this expansion gives you the chance to invest and potentially earn a lot of money in passive income. However, there’s also the risk that you’ll lose everything, which has happened to me more than once.

7. God Mode

Despite its name, God Mode isn’t the most important pack that you need for BitLife. However, it makes the game easier and unlocks options like being born as royalty. You can also use it to edit stats, which applies to people in your relationships as well. Like the Time Machine, this is great if you plan on doing a lot of challenges because it makes them a lot easier. For example, you could raise your Looks if you needed to get a job as an actor or model, making it much easier to land the first gig you need to get into the industry.

6. Astronaut Pack

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Of the job packs, Astronaut feels the most unique. It isn’t the best paying, and it has the most requirements to get into the career, but you can potentially talk to aliens. You also have the chance to go on missions to the moon or Mars. However, each mission and research experiment has the risk of death. My first astronaut character died in an experiment gone wrong.

5. Black Market Expansion

The Black Market Expansion actually unlocks more options than just the Black Market. You also get access to auctions, taxidermy, and the option to open your own museum. The amount of content added here alone makes it feel worthwhile, and it’s been used for quite a few challenges already. Additionally, running a museum with no discernable theme is amusing and can be profitable.

4. Landlord Expansion

The Landlord Expansions adds to your housing options. Basically, it lets you purchase homes that you can rent out to tenants for additional income. You also need to monitor the condition of the homes, watch out for disasters that can destroy your properties, and deal with late rent payments. 

Sometimes, your tenants refuse to pay you anymore and become squatters, and you have to take legal action to remove them. Overall, I think this pack captures both the rewards and frustrations that come with owning and renting out properties. However, it can seem a bit difficult to make a profit since rentals are subject to RNG.

3. Cult Expansion

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An expansion likely made for CallMeKevin, the YouTuber who’s notorious for creating cults and plays BitLife often, the Cult Expansion adds exactly what you’d expect: the option to start a cult. You get to choose doctrines, host activities, build structures on your commune that you can make your followers pay for, and be offered any number of odd gifts from your followers.

While I’d like to see more options for doctrines because they’re delightfully random, and often silly, I don’t generally feel like this aspect of BitLife is lacking. It’s overall entertaining, and if you build up fame before starting a cult, you can boost your numbers immediately, which seems realistic. This is definitely the expansion I’ve had the most fun with.

2. Boss Mode

Boss Mode is just a good investment. It gives you all current job packs, and you’ll receive all future job packs as well. That means it currently gives you access to nine jobs, and new packs are released frequently enough that you’ll continue getting more content. In fact, I believe that it’s cheaper to buy Boss Mode already than it is to buy the individual packs, which are $1.99 each.

The Special Careers you get with Boss Mode come with Special Talents that are associated with the jobs to make it easier to get into the field. And if you like to do challenges, it’s not unusual for a Special Career to be part of them, like the Raving Lunar-tic challenge. With all the content you get and the promise of future content, it’s hard not to see a lot of value in this pack.

1. Bitizenship

And finally, the best pack to get is the Bitizenship Pack. Bitizenship comes with a ton of perks, the first and foremost one being the removal of ads. Others include Dark Mode, gangs in prisons, the option to hire a hitman, and the chance to join a band. Then, you can also use it for appearance changes, interacting with teachers and bosses, and improving performance. But really, the biggest draw of this pack is the convenience of no longer dealing with ads, especially if you play BitLife a lot.

That covers the top 10 best BitLife Expansions and Job Packs worth buying. I don’t generally like spending money on mobile games, but these one-time purchases significantly improve the overall experience. From here, check out our list of Expansions and Job Packs we’d love to see and more at our BitLife guides hub.

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