Top 10 Best Games to Play Like Fortnite

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Fortnite character with loot island.
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Fortnite has grown beyond our wildest dreams and has plenty to offer, like the classic Battle Royale, Creative Maps, and LEGO mode. However, sometimes it’s nice to get out there and try new things. Find the top 10 games like Fortnite here.

10 Best Games Similar to Fortnite

Apex Legends

Apex Legends heroes posing for a selfie.
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Free-to-play Apex Legends first arrived on the scene in February 2019. This battle royale game brings a refreshing take on the genre, giving you evolving maps, a wide array of weapons, and several champions with special abilities to choose from.

You’ll want to coordinate with your group and balance your squad’s abilities, as each hero is unique. Additionally, if you ever tire of one character, you can switch it up with a new one. My personal favorites are Bloodhound and Wraith. This game is a great option if you’re looking for another unique BR.


Roblox plaza with characters around a fountain.
Image via Xbox

Odds are we’ve all heard of free-to-play Roblox by now, but to know what the game has to offer is another thing entirely. Roblox is essentially a platform that features a huge variety of games made by the community. 

So, if you’re a fan of Fortnite Creative Maps, you’ll find something to love here. We’ve even got guides to help you get started, like the best Roblox games released in 2023 and the best games to play this Christmas.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG key art.
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If you fancy yourself a more serious Fortnite player who prefers the no-build mode, odds are you’ll be a fan of free-to-play PUBG. While not a flawless experience, the game is beloved for its realistic battle royale gameplay and challenging format. 

If you win a round of this BR, you’ll certainly feel like number one. I’ve had my fair share of “chicken dinners,” and they’re always packed with the down-to-the-wire action that I want from a BR.


Valorant gun character perspective.
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If you’re a fan of the creative weapons and abilities in Fortnite and want to try out a different format, Valorant is a fantastic competitive shooter to give a go. This free-to-play game features a unique cast of characters that form a squad. You’ll either defend an objective or plant a “spike” bomb to win. 

I’m a huge fan of the free-to-play 5v5, so I might be a bit biased, but I think it’s one of the most interesting shooters out there right now. If you want a competitive experience outside of Fortnite and are looking for fun abilities, this is the game for you.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of duty warzone key art.
Image via Infinity Ward

Call of Duty has been around for years, but Warzone was added when BRs took over the competitive shooter scene. CoD Warzone is ideal if you want more fast-paced action than other realistic shooter BRs like the aforementioned PUBG

While CoD requires a purchase to play, Warzone maintains its stride with the competition by remaining free-to-play. The game takes place on the sprawling Uzbekistan map, with 100 players per round. My favorite part of Warzone remains the Gulag, which offers you an opportunity to fight your way back into the round in a 1v1.

The Finals

The finals screenshot of characters running.
Image via Embark Studios

Are you a fan of destroying objects in Fortnite? Well, you can do that in the new free-to-play game The Finals, too. This brand-new title features a virtual arena where you’ll fight other teams with various weapons. It’s praised for its fast-paced combat, so if you want to try out something a little different that maintains an energetic stride, The Finals is perfect.

The game offers three classes — Heavy, Medium, and Light. For instance, the heavy class acts as a tank with the ability to charge through walls and blast enemies with an LMG. My favorite class is the Light class because it offers the closest thing to a run-and-gun option.


Burning tree in Minecraft
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Minecraft continues to stand the test of time and fits right alongside Fortnite’s variety of content. While the game is known for its classic Creative and Survival modes, you’ll also discover a plethora of player-made games that you can load into. 

Don’t be fooled by the blocky textures of Minecraft, there’s plenty of fresh content to enjoy on the regular. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of the new LEGO mode in Fortnite, you’ll feel right at home here. We’ve even got numerous guides on the game to get you started, like the best map seeds for December 2023.

Super Animal Royale

Super animal royale top down view with animal characters.
Image via Pixile

Super Animal Royale brings a cute twist to the battle royale genre. Other than the unique animal characters, what really sets this game apart is the top-down format. So you’ll be able to see the entire map throughout the match.

Don’t be fooled by the cute critters, though. This BR is still challenging. However, I find that the game is an energetic free-to-play shooter and perfect to pick up and play with some friends.

Fall Guys

Fall guys characters on a runway.
Image via Epic Games

If you’re a clutz, this is the perfect game for you. Fall Guys is a party royale game that puts a truly fun spin on the battle royale genre. You won’t be sweating it out in a bush, but instead, you’ll be leaping over obstacles in increasingly difficult challenges. 

The game is bound to offer a gaggle of a good time as you wobble your way to the finish line. It’s a race to be number one, and I highly recommend you give the free-to-play game a go.

Party Animals

Fall guys animals leaping through the air.
Image via Pixile

Much like the aforementioned Fall Guys, Party Animals is the perfect party game. You’ll have your pick from a selection of cute animals to play as in the wobbly brawler game. Party Animals will bring you a silly good time, and the ragdoll mechanics will be a feat to master. 

If you’re familiar with Gang Beasts, this is like an elevated experience of that. You’ll have plenty of variety, like guns, crossbows, and even tennis rackets, to use as your weapon. When you load up the game, you’ll discover a boatload of Achievements to chase, and we’ve got a whole guide on the cute animal skins you can unlock here.

That’s my list of the best games like Fortnite. For BR fans, we’ve got plenty more lists and tips for you to discover. Check out our best Guess Who maps and the best LEGO Fortnite weapons by clicking the links or head to our Fortnite guides hub here.

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