Best LEGO Fortnite Weapons Ranked

Craft only the best weapons for your character using our list of the best weapons ranked in LEGO Fortnite.

Lego Frotnite characters holding weapons
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There aren’t that many weapons in LEGO Fortnite just yet, but you can craft epic arms at the Crafting Bench and get some really powerful tools that deal lots of damage. In this guide, I’ll highlight the best weapons in the game.

What are the Best Weapons in LEGO Fortnite? Answered

While the list of the best weapons in LEGO Fortnite may be shorter than the list of the game’s best Charms, it’s worth taking a look at the best of the best. As you explore, you’ll come across plenty of enemies — big and small. And having the proper tools to survive means less back and forth if you die.

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Recurve Crossbow (Epic)

Lego Frotnite character holding recurve crossbow
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Recurve Crossbow is the only ranged weapon in LEGO Fortnite, so it immediately goes to the top of our list. You can target your enemies with high precision at a distance and hit them with powerful shots. It also allows you to stay hidden and shoot from corners and hideouts, preserving your defensive positioning. If you decide to craft the Recurve Crossbow, then you’ll need to build the Lumber Mill and Spinning Wheel first.

Recurve Crossbow (Epic) Crafting Recipe:

  • x8 Frostpine Rods
  • x1 Drawstring
  • x3 Iron Bars

Longsword (Epic)

Lego Frotnite character holding longsword
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Although longswords are heavier than any other melee weapon in the game, they also provide a much wider reach and higher damage. I also love the Longsword for its aesthetics, which makes you look like a knight or a warrior. Sure, it may be a bit slower than something like an axe, but if you take your time, it will be your favorite melee weapon, for sure.

Longsword (Epic) Crafting Recipe:

  • x12 Iron Bars

Dynamite (Rare)

Lego Frotnite character holding dynamite
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If you’re looking for a way to destroy enemy structures by blowing up walls and defensive hideouts, then nothing comes close to the sheer power of dynamite. You can craft multiples and fuse them together for some extremely entertaining and explosive action. Of course, you need to time the explosions right and be sure to run at a safe distance, or the damage may hurt you, too.

Dynamite (Rare) Crafting Recipe:

Pickaxe (Epic)

Lego Frotnite character holding pickaxe
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Another option for breaking enemy structures is to use a simple mining pickaxe, which can help you quietly destroy any walls. It’s also very quiet and won’t alert your enemies. The only thing that made me put the Pickaxe this low on my best weapons list is its generally low damage against things like Rollers.

Pickaxe (Epic) Crafting Recipe:

Forest Axe (Epic)

Lego Frotnite character holding forest axe
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Although a Forest Axe generally deals more damage than the Pickaxe. It’s not as effective at destroying enemy structures. Also, it’s a rather slow melee weapon, which isn’t fit for close-quarters combat. At least, with the Longsword you know you deal a ton of damage, but Forest Axe should only be used, as it’s aptly named, in the forest.

Forest Axe (Epic) Crafting Recipe:

That’s it for our list of the best weapons ranked in LEGO Fortnite. Stay tuned for more LF tips and tricks articles, including how to make balloons and how to get more hearts to increase health.

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