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LEGO Fortnite Rollers Guide: Where to Find Them and How to Get Shells

Here's how to find Rollers for their Shells in LEGO Fortnite.

As a survival game, LEGO Fortnite has plenty of resources to find and recipes to make. One you’ll need early on is actually quite hard to find. It only comes from one enemy that’s a master of stealth. Here’s how to find rollers and get shells.

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Where are Rollers Found in LEGO Fortnite?

Honestly, I wish I could give you an exact location for Rollers in LEGO Fortnite because you’re probably wondering where you find Shells. Unfortunately, they appear randomly across the map. And they’re rare. I’ve found them in these places:

  • On hillsides and in the grassy areas of the Grasslands biome during the day.
  • In the middle of the road at night.
  • In caves, where you also find Marble and Knotroot.

What Do Rollers Look Like?

Rollers look like Granite. Keep an eye on the ground and look for Granite rocks that have a yellow flower and a little green plant sprig rising up from their shell. If you watch one closely enough, it will shake periodically.

I must warn you that finding them can be a serious grind. Keep an eye out for them as you explore naturally, and be sure to take advantage of them when you see them. You’ll only get 1 Shell from 1 Roller.

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Tips on How to Beat Rollers and Get Shells

You’ll come across far more Wolves, Spiders, and Skeletons than Rollers, and let me tell you: Rollers are often in the thick of these other enemies. Indeed, Rollers can be tough and knock your health down super quickly. They spring from the ground and, well, roll at you with violence. I died from two hits from a Roller at full health. If you do die to one of these crabstrosities, it won’t be in the same place once you respawn.

Wait for a Roller to wind up and come toward you, then quickly dodge or jump out of the way. Once you do, turn around and follow it, then attack it while it recovers from its attack.

The Best Way to Defeat Rollers Easily

Instead of going alone, I recommend upgrading your Village once and recruiting an NPC. They’ll help you fight Rollers and any other enemies that join the fray — and NPCs are powerful, dealing massive blows that take these rock crabs down quickly.

You’ll eventually upgrade your Crafting Bench and get access to swords, armor, and ranged weapons, but early on, going with an NPC companion villager is best. Just be sure to make them a Bed.

The Second-Best Option

The second option is to build the Lumber Mill, then craft a Short Sword (x5 Wooden Rod) and a Knight Shield (x5 Planks, x1 Cord). You can make Wooden Rods and Planks from the Mill, so that’s easy, but getting Cord requires building the Spinning Wheel, unlocked when constructing the mill. It requires x8 Planks, x 5 Wooden Rods, x24 Wood, x5 Wolf Claw. That last resource will be hard to get, and you might as well use your companion to get the Claws and the Shells.

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Roller Shell Crafting Recipes: What are They Used For?

Admittedly, I haven’t made it too far in LEGO Fortnite. I’ve leveled my village four times, and I have quite a few things built. That said, this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything Roller Shells are used for because I haven’t progressed enough. However! You’ll need Roller Shells for a few early-game necessities:

  • Upgrading your Crafting Bench from Level 1 to Level 2: This gives you access to upgraded rarity weapons, such as the Uncommon Pickaxe, the Uncommon Forest Axe, and the Cool-Headed Charm, which increases your resistance to hot temperatures.
  • Getting the Uncommon Health Charm: This charm increases your health by giving you two more hearts, as well as 3 Defense. This is a great early-game trinket. It costs 3 Silk Thread, 1 Marble, and 1 Shell to make. It unlocks automatically when you get your first Shell.

That covers where to find Rollers and how to get Shells in LEGO Fortnite. For more tips and tricks, such as how to find and cook food, click the link or head over to our guides hub for the new Epic experience.

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