How to Complete the Hiding in Plain Sight Quest in World of Warcraft

Hiding In Plain Sight (Alliance)

Your main quest objective here is to assassinate the infiltrating homunculi. The full breakdown of objectives is as follows:

  • Listen to Lilian's plan
  • Assassinate the Silvermoon Mark
  • Assassinate the Undercity Mark
  • Assassinate the Thunder Bluff Mark
  • Assassinate the Orgrimmar Mark

Let's go over each smaller objective and how you should go about completing it.

The Silvermoon Mark

Your Silvermoon Mark is Tercin Shivenllher

From Dalaran (Legion) take the portal to Dalaran crater (have your Safe Fall ready). From there, fly to the Eastern Plaguelands and take the instance portal to the Ghostlands, then run towards Silvermoon City in the north.

Finding and Killing the Mark

Tercin and his bodyguard, an Arcane Demolisher, walk around the city in a loop. Distract or Blind the Arcane Demolisher, so it separates from Tercin. Otherwise, it will one-shot you if you try to kill him with it still around.

The loop path they walk is depicted below:


The Undercity Mark

Your Undercity Mark is Mistress Matilda.

Head to Dalaran (Legion) from Silvermoon and take the Dalaran Crater portal again (have your Safe Fall ready). From there, you just have to fly across the lake to the north to get to the Undercity.

Finding and Killing the Mark

Go into the city stealthed, and make your way to the canal area of the Rogues’ Quarter. Find a safe spot to mount up and fly. You’ll see a balcony where a party is going on.

Matilda goes back and forth, mingling with the other partygoers. There are Elites at this party, and they hit like trucks. The best spot to stake out is in the center of the balcony, near the buffet table. Some of the Elites will make their way to the table for refreshments (even the Forsaken need some grub!), so keep an eye out for them when you attack. Take out the non-Elites when there’s a window and wait for your opportunity to take out the mark.


The Thunder Bluff Mark

Your Thunder Bluff mark is Kroksy the Impregnable

There are several ways to go about getting to Thunder Bluff. They break down as follows:

  • Dalaran (Legion) > Caverns of Time > Fly to Thunder Bluff.
  • Stormwind > Hyjal > Fly to Thunder Bluff.
  • Golden Lantern (Pandaria) > Telepad to Ratchet > Fly to Thunder Bluff.
  • Dalaran (Legion) >  Go to Magical Menagerie and talk to Manapoof > Port to Wailing Caverns > Fly to Thunder Bluff
    • Note: May require you to have a Level 25 pet.
  • If you’re feeling ballsy, take the Undercity Zeppelin to Orgrimmar then the connecting one to Thunder Bluff.
Finding and Killing the Mark

Kroksy is located on the main bluff, near the city leader Bane Bloodhoof (Coordinates: 56, 51). He is standing right by the unlit bonfire. Flying is the best way to get to him. Land in a safe spot and stealth.

He is stationary, but has a buff that reduces the damage he takes by 99%. Pickpocket a key from him, then Sap and use that key to take his armor off to get rid of the buff. Once you do, he will run away from you and cast Cry For Help to call for guards -- so make sure to interrupt him and take him out quickly.

Helpful Macros for This Mark:

  • #showtooltip Pick Pocket
  • /targetenemy [no harm][dead]
  • /cast Pick Pocket
  • /cleartarget


The Orgrimmar Mark

Your Orgrimmar Mark is Auctioneer Xifa

To get to Orgrimmar, fly from Thunder Bluff. Or if you want to be ballsy again, take the Zeppelin.

Finding and Killing the Mark

Xifa is located in the Auction House close to the front gates to Orgrimmar. She is on the far right of the auctioneer platform. The Auction House is always busy, so expect there to be enemy players ready and willing to kill you.

Since there is an invisible wall behind all the auctioneers, you cannot Shadowstep or Shadow Strike her. You will have to run up to kill her, then Vanish if you are able.

Beware. There is a stealth-detecting guard that pats into the Auction House -- so keep an eye out or you're sure to get caught.


Once all the marks are dead, head back to Lillian and reap your rewards!

Published Jun. 12th 2017

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