Dying Light 2: Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp Safe Code

Here's the safe code for the strongbox located in the Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp in Dying Light 2.

Some of the safe codes in Dying Light 2 are a tad difficult to solve, hidden behind dense riddles or callbacks to math class. Many others are written in plain sight, right on the notes and mementos you pick up in various locations. Though, if you find a strongbox but can't track down the combination, that fact doesn't help, does it? If you're here, you're wondering what the Downtown Thugs bandit camp safe code is.

You'll come across this specific locked safe when taking over the Downtown Thugs bandit camp in the eastern portion of Downtown, Central Loop. It's on the way to an Airdrop on the roof. Just like the safe code itself, it's right out in the open but very easy to miss. 

If you want to find the answer yourself, the collectible memento with the safe code on it is in the room above the strongbox, on the table in the living room near the orange chair and ottoman. 

It's worth picking up since it goes toward your memento collection and, if you care about such things, the Archivist trophy or achievement. Regardless, if you'd rather just know the Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp safe code, it's 313.

You'll get an Inhibitor for your efforts, giving you the ability to upgrade your overall health or stamina, considering you have two more on hand. We have all of the Inhibitor locations in Dying Light 2 right over here, so click through if you're looking for more. 

But that's that on the Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp safe code in Dying Light 2. Be sure to head over to our DL2 guides hub for more combinations, walkthroughs, and tips

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Published Feb. 14th 2022

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