Rage 2 Guide: All Trade Town Locations

Here is a complete list of all trade towns available in Rage 2, including maps and lists of shops.

There are five regions in Rage 2, each with a single trade town. These locations are essential for getting side-quests and trading for profit. Finding these places of interest can be a daunting task unless you know exactly where to go, but we can help you with that.

If you're looking for a trade town in Rage 2, then follow our guide below for a complete list of all trade towns available in the Wasteland, including maps and lists of shops. 


The Wilds region in the northern part of the Wasteland has a trade town of Dreadwood, which is located in its northern area. It is located right next to a Greenhaven Lookout (see the map above for exact location).

Dreadwood is mainly inhabited by Prospectors and Scavengers, who are on the constant lookout for some dirty trading. Be careful.

Here are all the shops available in Dreadwood:

  • Pepper's Palpable Promises
  • Angus the Mechanic
  • Dreadwood Market


The most trader-friendly and richest trade town in the game is Wellspring. You can find it on the western border of the Broken Tract region.

It is the center of the Trade Coalition and is controlled by the Trade Barons. If there is one good place for trading in Rage 2, that would be Wellspring.

Here are all the shops available in Wellspring:

  • The Cyber Doc
  • Gar-illa Gear
  • Bloody Mary's
  • Fleur's Fantastic Advice
  • Rusty's Autoparts
  • Bon Bon Boom!
  • Jack of the Trade


In the middle of the Sekreto Wetlands region you will find Lagooney, the center of food trading in Rage 2.

Shops available in Lagooney:

  • Mama Jo-Jo's Friendly Advice
  • Boomer's Goods
  • Jinx Riggery


The trading of the Torn Plains region is represented by Gunbarrel, one of the oldest towns in Wasteland.

Shops available in Gunbarrel:

  • Clawhand Mechanics
  • Chad's Reliable Information
  • McDuff General Store


Oasis is the smallest trading town in Rage 2. It is located in the central area of the Dune Sea region that belongs to the Immortal Shrouded.

Shops available in Oasis:

  • Engine Healer
  • Jazz's Watering Hole
  • Oasis Trading Post

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Published May. 24th 2019

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