Fortnite Guide: 6 More Landing Spots and Routes

Snobby Shores

This is the only named location in this guide, but these magnificent houses deserve their place in any good player's handbook. Every single home has great loot and a chest or two, and the brick fences can be torn down for some handy stone. If you see other players coming to these houses, be sure to get one a bit further away from those players; there's enough loot to go around, so you shouldn't have to fight over weapons as soon as you land. My personal favorite is the southernmost house. It features a hidden basement that usually has several chests and ammo boxes.

The other great part about this landing spot is it gives you plenty of options of where to go next, depending on where the circle may be, if you saw other players nearby, etc.

  • You can raid the other houses, and this is a no brainer if you didn't see other players land with you. This is also a great option if you got a great gun in your first house and did see players at the other houses and want to take care of them quickly.
  • There are two smaller houses in the south of Snobby Shores that are a great place to check out next. From those two houses you can proceed up the hill to the northeast, you can go Tilted Towers for a bit of action, or you can continue further southeast towards a southern circle, stopping at places like Greasy Grove and the bridge near Shifty Shafts.
  • I also recommend hitting up one of the two big hills nearby. They can offer you a great view of your surroundings, and you can keep a lookout for other players while planing your next stop towards the circle.
Published Feb. 5th 2018

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