Fortnite Guide: 6 More Landing Spots and Routes

South River

With no official names, going forward I'll provide easy names to call out and to remember these spots by (plus, they're marked on the images). South River features a couple of decent houses and a bridge to start off from. It's a great place to start if you want to avoid combat until later. Bridges are considered dangerous once the game is underway, but if you're quick at the start, they are a great place to pick up some loot and possibly even a chest or two. The reason this is a great spot to begin your route is because it again gives you a lot of options without being too dangerous to start in. Your route is often dictated by where the circle is, but no matter which direction you go from the south river, there is something close by you can visit.

  • You can head to Fatal Fields and clean up what others landing there have left behind. As one of the less popular landing zones, going to Fatal Fields a few minutes after landing almost guarantees it'll be empty. If it's been looted, it's easy to tell, and you can move on. Sometimes nobody lands there at the start of the game, and you can then go on a looting spree. Don't forget to harvest a couple of the tractors to stock up on metal (but be wary, they do make a lot of noise).
  • You can also go east toward Moisty Mire, the most underrated area in the game (perhaps it's the cringy name). On the way you'll come across stacks of trucks -- they usually have two gold chests on the cars, which should also be harvested for metal before moving on. From those cars you can move north to the prison or continue east into Moisty Mire; the biggest tree in the Mire can be surrounded by up to three chests
  • Don't neglect going westward, either, if the circle lies to the northwest. There are two major spots on either side of a hill that can provide you a great lookout point before moving forward.
Published Feb. 5th 2018

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