Fortnite Guide: 6 More Landing Spots and Routes

Northeast River

This spot is a lot like South River from earlier and another great spot if you want to avoid combat at first. There are plenty of houses that come in pairs, so this is a great spot for Duos. There are several key points to check out if you start here.

  • One of the houses in the area has a cellar, so don't forget to check it. It usually has a chest and an ammo box, but sometimes it can have two chests.
  • There is an ice cream truck on a tiny hill directly east of landing that almost always has one or two chests. From there you can go into the Wailing Woods or stick to the coast, where you'll find a fort and some smaller loot spots.
  • The Wailing Woods has a hedge maze that stands out from the rest of the forest. If you head there and notice nobody has been there, make sure you walk along the top of the hedges and look down for hidden items and chests. If you're very lucky with your circle, the maze is also a good place to begin building your base for the end game. Just keep an eye out on the forest: you never know when you'll spy someone trying to hide amongst the trees.
  • Don't neglect the bridge immediately west. Like we said earlier, in the beginning of a game, bridges are a great place to get loot. You can look for chests on the bridge and in the river below.
  • If you have a western circle, you need to head west to Anarchy Acres. Follow the same strategy as for the Fatal Fields, and look around constantly because you're in an open area. Anarchy Acres is doubly special because of two secrets most players miss:
    • The silos can contain a chest, so be sure to keep a look out for them as you head into the area. If they're still there, you have a good chance at getting a chest. If the silos are not there, you probably have enough information to know you should go somewhere else instead.
    • Just north of the big house in Anarchy Acres, there is a ridge. If you drop off of the ridge and look at its side, there should be a cave that has been boarded off. Take a quick look because sometimes there is a chest there, and if not, there should at least be an ammo crate.
Published Feb. 5th 2018

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