Fortnite Guide: 6 More Landing Spots and Routes

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Crashed Bus

This is my favorite spot when I am feeling risky. Located on a hill at G7, it's not the best landing zone, but if you want something more central, you should definitely consider the bus crash site. You'll come across the crashed Battle Royale bus, which usually has a chest on top of it and one on the ground next to it. After you're done looting the area, don't forget to harvest the bus for metal. Remember, if you want to land here, you need to make sure you're the first to the bus. There is not enough room by the crashed bus for two enemies to share the space without attacking each other. If you land first, you should be able to kill anyone else who lands there. If you see someone land there before you, then you need to find a different spot to go to, like the bridge.

  • From the hill, you can drop off the side and go to a watchtower which usually has a weapon or some ammo. You'll then have two choices from the watchtower:
    • You can go north into Shifty Shafts, but be careful of other people who may have dropped there (it's a popular spot). Don't forget to check the vehicle by the mines; there are often chests hidden in the truck beds.
    • You  can go south to the central bridge. The bridge has two levels, so don't forget to check both. Be vigilant -- people can see you from far away if you're on the bridge. From the bridge, I recommend going east. There is a big mountain with a house on top you can use to plan your next move.
  • You can also drop off the hill to the east and go towards the Salty Springs, or north towards the Tilted Towers. The thing to remember about landing on the crash bus is you're giving yourself options by being near the center of the map. The circle dictates where you go, and with this landing spot, you'll want to reach the circle quickly and set yourself up in advantageous spots in case a fight breaks out.


That does it for this landing spots guide. Remember, you want to give yourself options after your initial drop point. If you try out these routes, share your success stories with us! Did we miss any hidden chests on the routes we suggested? Let us know in the comments below.

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Published Feb. 5th 2018

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