Hogwarts Legacy All Magical Beasts Guide

A list of the tamable magical beasts, as well as those you have to fight, in Hogwarts Legacy.

From the massive list of magical beasts present in the Wizarding World, there are a total of sixteen magical beasts to be met in Hogwarts Legacy and most of them can be tamed and kept. In this guide we're going to go over all the magical beasts you can come across in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as the items you can get from the ones you can tame.

All Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

Tamable Magical Beasts

There are a total of 13 catchable and tamable magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. They all have various dens you can come upon while wandering in game and vary in difficulty when trying to catch them.

When well taken care of in your Vivarium, they will drop 3 of their particular beast product, which is used to upgrade and add traits to your gear. 

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  • Niffler — Gives Niffler Fur 
  • Phoenix Gives Phoenix Feather
  • Hippogriff Gives Hippogriff Feather 
  • Thestral — Gives Thestral Hair
  • Kneazle — Gives Kneazle Fur
  • Puffskein — Gives Puffskein Fur
  • Giant Purple Toad — Gives Toad Warts
  • Fwooper — Gives Fwooper Feather
  • Graphorn Gives Graphorn Horn
  • Diricawl — Gives Diricawl Feather
  • Jobberknoll — Gives Jobberknoll Feather
  • Unicorn — Gives Unicorn Hair
  • Mooncalf — Gives Mooncalf Fur

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Enemy-exclusive Magical Beasts

Along with the magical beasts you can tame, there are others that you have to fight. Some of these magical beasts are also Infamous Foes. They are: 

  • Acromantulas — Drop 1 Spider Fang
  • Dugbogs — Drop 1 Dugbog Tongue
  • Trolls — Drop 1 Troll Bogey

Even more magical creatures are mentioned in passing, are noted in various art pieces, or seen briefly in Hogwarts Legacy. Dragons, Demiguise, Golden Snidgets and Boggarts are just some that fall under this category. Horklumps are littered throughout the landscape and harvested for their juice, used in making potions. But the ones mentioned at the full list of the ones present in the game for now. For more Hogwarts Legacy advice and help, check out our other guides on the game.

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Published Mar. 10th 2023

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