Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get the Hippogriff Mount

Having a Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy is the most Harry Potter-esque thing you can do. Here's how to get the Hippogriff mount.

Not only can you fly the skies on a broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you can also ride magical beasts like the Hippogriff mount. One of the faster modes of travel, these soaring beasts can take to the air or be ridden like a horse on the ground. Here's how to get one in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Unlock the Hippogriff Mount

While Hippogriff's are seen throughout the game's open world from the first time you head to Hogsmeade up to meeting Highwing in Beasts Class, unlocking the mount will take some work.

The main quest line will have to progress quite a bit before reaching "The High Keep" quest. Natty sends you an Owl Post stating she wants to find evidence of Harlow and Rookwood's criminal activities. You'll see Highwing being dragged into the keep once you meet Natty there, and that activates the quest.

Climb to the top of High Keep, and Highwing, along with another Hippogriff, will be chained there. Releasing them from their bindings, you and Natty make your escape by riding the Hippogriffs into the clouds. 

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When you land, these mounts will be unlocked. Highwing will now be stored in your nab-sack until placed in your vivarium and be summonable the next time you want to ride. Even if your mount is in the vivarium, it can still be summoned. For those who pre-ordered Hogwarts Legacy, the Onyx Hippogriff mount bonus will also be placed in your nab-sack at this time. 

Where to Catch Hippogriffs

Just like any other magical beast found in Hogwarts Legacy, Hippogriff's can be caught at their den. Utilize control spells like Levioso or Arresto Momentum to keep them from flying away long enough to finalize catching them.

Their den locations are:

  • In the center of the Forbidden Forest.
  • Northeast of The Mine's Eye Floo Flame.
  • Northeast of Feldcroft.
  • The southwest section of the Poidsear Coast Region.
  • In the southern area of the Manor Cape Region.

That's how you get the Hippogriff mount in Hogwarts Legacy. Along with having one of these fantastic beasts, you can also ride Thestrals and Graphorns. For more, check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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Published Feb. 16th 2023

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