Logo Quiz (Bubble Quiz Games) Answers - Level 1 to Level 5

Answers to levels 1 through 5 of Logo Quiz by Bubble Pop Games.

Logo Quiz from Bubble Quiz Games is the one game in the genre that stands above all the others. Not only does it look sleeker than the competition, but it is generally more flexible and fun to play. 

The answers here are for Logo Quiz level 1 through 5, and they are presented in two formats: an image with the answers, and a text-only table. Both are fairly easy to use and are in the exact same layout/order, except the table does not include images. The tables can be found below their respective images.

These links will take you down to individual levels past level 1:


Here we go!

Level 1 answers

 Samsung Volkswagen L'Oreal  Nescafe
 Pringles Twitter  Michelin  Reebok 
 Redbull Flickr Pizza Hut  eBay 
 Amazon McDonalds  Skype  Citroen 
 Microsoft Burger King  Nissan  IBM 
 MTV Intel Sap Swatch 
 Whirlpool YouTube  Nintendo  Adobe 
 Sony MSN 

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Level 2 answers


Chevrolet Nivea  Mercedes  Dreamworks 
 Cocacola Hello Kitty  Alfa Romeo  Giorgio Armani 
Linkedin  Skoda  Wikipedia  Facebook 
 Adidas Suzuki  Ferrari  Cartoon Network 
 Cisco Ikea Napster World Wildlife Federation 
 Clash of Clans Sprite  AOL  Blizzard 
 Daewoo Ducati HBO  Jack Daniels 
 Nestle Netflix  Philips  Puma 
 Shell Timberland  Unesco  Vista 
 Yamaha Rossignol  Nvidia  Chevron 

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Level 3 answers


National Geographic KIA  Volvo  Baidu 
 Chrysler CNN  Converse  Dove 
 Fila Firefox  Fujitsu  Greenpeace 
 Guinness Marlboro  Maserati  Opel 
 Oracle Speedo Air France  Aquafina 
 Ariel Atomic  Avon  Bayer 
 Billabong Bluetooth  BP  Breil 
 Bridgestone Burton  Cadillac  Camper 
 Corvette DHL  Discovery Channel  Dr. Pepper 
 Disney Warner Bros  AMD  Android 
 Asus ATI Audi  AXA 
 Bacardi Barbie  Batman  Beko 
 BIC Blackberry 

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Level 4 answers


 Bosch Brother  Calvin Klein  Carrefour 
 Castrol Chanel  Continental  DeWalt 
 Electrolux Ellesse  Exxon  Fiat 
 Ford  Fosters FOX  Galp 
 GAP Gillette  GlaxoSmithKline  Gmail 
 Goodyear Google  Haagen Dazs  Harley Davidson 
 Heinz HP  HTC  ING 
 Internet Explorer Isuzu  Jagermeister  Jeep 
 Johnnie Walker Juventus  JVC  Kawasaki 
 KFC Kodak  LEGO  Lenovo 
 Levis Lexmark  Lexus  LG
 Lacoste Logitech  Makita  Mitsubishi 
 Mobil 1 Motorola  Nokia  Texaco 
 Milka Panasonic  PayPal  Pepsi 
 Peugeot Pioneer  Pixar  Playboy 

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Level 5 answers


Prada SAAB  Sanyo  Sharp 
Shimano Siemens  Salomon  Smirnoff 
 STIHL Subway   Tesco Ubuntu 
 Umbro Versace  Vogue  Xbox 
 Yahoo Zara  Lee  Sheraton 
 Zurich Toyota  Adecco  Always 
 UPS Apart  Atari  BBC 
 Becks BenQ  Canon  Caterpillar 
 Dell Gucci  H&M  Heineken 
 Honda Hyundai  Lamborghini  Porsche 
Jaguar BMW  Bugatti  Renault 
 Rolls Royce Bentley  Mazda  Subaru 
 Land Rover Maybach  Austin  Infiniti 
 Lincoln Lancia  Dodge  Patek Philippe 
 Gulf Pacha  Novotel  RBS 

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