Where to find Achilles the Flying Pig: Child of Light Side Quest Guide

How to find Achilles the Flying Pig in Child of Light

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Where to get the Flying Pig Quest

Capilli Village

In Capilli Village, find a girl sitting outside town on the right blowing smoke rings. She will ask you to find her flying pig, Achilles, who has made off to the Windwheels.

Where is Achilles?

The Windwheels

You'll find the Windwheels are now positively crawling with flying pigs. Of course, since this is a quest, assume the hardest to reach will be your man. You aren't far off. If you fly all the way to the left part of the stage (to where the other smoking lady and the Windwheels sign stand) fly right from there. You can also reach this area quickly (i.e. without flying through the entire Windwheels zone) by fast traveling to Bolmus Populi and flying to the right out of town.

However you got there, fly right over two ridges, (each sporting treasure chests on top) and on to the first ridge you see with a windmill and door with lighted entry posts. Inside you'll find a spiked half wheel that allows entry across, but turn your attention downwards and you'll find an L shaped tunnel guarded by 3 moving spikes.

Down this path and on the right flies our pig.

How to identify Achilles

Use Igniculus

To confirm this is the pig you are looking for, fly Igniculus over him and light up using LT, then talk to him with Aurora using X. You'll capture him and get notified to return to Capilli.

Where to Redeem the Flying Pig Quest

Capilli Village

Speak to the girl again to redeem your quest. 

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Published Apr. 30th 2014

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