Black Desert Online Guide: How to Enchant Gear

Need to know how to enchant gear in black Desert Online? This guide has what you need!

Gear in Black Desert Online works a little differently than in most games. Most of the weapons or armor you get can be used as "endgame" gear. All you have to do is enchant it if you like the extra effects it gives.

I'll help by explaining the enchanting process and what you need to do it. If you are looking for anything else related to Black Desert Online, check out my Beginner Tips and Tricks.

This guide will go over enchanting gear in Black Desert Online including:

  • How to Unlock Enchanting - What you need to do before you can start enchanting gear.
  • How to Enchant - Materials required and the process needed to enchant each type of equipment.

How to Unlock Enchanting

You can enchant by selecting enhancement from your Black Spirit. Press the "," and select enhancement to bring up the menu. You can't do this immediately, you unlock this option after completing the Awakening quest where you go to Edan in the Ancient Stone Chamber.

How to Enchant

When you have the ability to select Enhancement from the Black Spirit, you can start enchanting. There are a few things you need to know about each piece of gear when doing this.

When you enchant armor and weapons, you need Black Stones. There is a Black Stone for Weapons and one for Armor.

Armor can be safely enchanted up to +5 with 100% success rate. Weapons can go up to +7. After those levels, your enchantments may fail, which also lowers the max durability.

It is suggested to go up to +15 because after that, you need other materials. If you fail above +15, you will go down a level, but you will never go below +15.

Accessories require 2 of the same type of accessory to enchant. If it fails, both items are destroyed.

  • Armor - Requires Black Stone (Armor) to enchant.
    • Each enchant increases DP(Defense Points) by 2.
  • Weapons - Requires Black Stone (Weapon) to enchant.
    • Each enchant adds increases AP(Attack Points) by 2 up to +7. It increases it by 5 after that.
  • Accessories - Requires same type of accessory. Example: Two rings.
    • High chance of failing.
Failed Enchantment Stacks

When you fail to enchant, you get a +1 stack that increases your chances of the next enchant. You can get a bunch of cheap accessories to enchant and purposely raise your stack, then use the higher chance on your weapons or armor.

That's everything I have on How to Enchant Gear in Black Desert Online. If you're looking on how to get more gear, check out my guide on How to Craft Gear. Let me know if you have any questions!

Published Mar. 5th 2016

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