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Recipes can only be learned after you already have the proper ingredients - making it difficult to discover them all!

Several sub-systems beyond the typical RPG mechanics are added into I Am Setsuna that are difficult to master but can add new layers of complexity (and big combat bonuses).

One of the most baffling mechanics is the recipe / cooking system, which really doesn't do a good job of explaining how to go about creating dishes at all. Many players have gone to the chef at each town's pub and been frustrated by how there's never anything to buy there.

Learning New Recipes

Frankly, someone who doesn't automatically talk to every townsperson out of habit could reach the end of I Am Setsuna and never discover a single recipe. Before the chef will sell you food, first you have to find the recipe, and each one is acquired from normal villagers and soldiers wandering around settlements.

Under normal circumstances, these people have regular dialog not related to recipes, and none of them particularly give any indication they have extra information waiting to be discovered. The trick to getting a recipe is to talk to each specific NPC after you already have all the correct ingredients in your inventory.

Since you won't know ahead of time what those ingredients are (unless you cheat and check out our guide below!), acquiring recipes frequently means going back to a location after completing a story segment.

They're expensive, but offer nifty bonuses!

Getting Ingredients

The Materials needed for recipes are the green highlighted items in your inventory – and they are primarily found at Shining Spots rather than acquired through battle. For specific locations, check out our Shining Spots guide here.

After acquiring the recipe from a villager, the chef located in each town's pub will sell you your discovered food items, so long as you have the hefty amounts of gold required. Each recipe gives a temporary bonus, usually involving extra experience points and increased Material drops after battles, along with one other boon like extra damage or defense.

Hailbean Stew

Effect: Boosts EXP earned, Material drops, and physical attack damage

Required Materials: Hailbean, January Cabbage, Snow Crown Turnip, Avalanche Kelp

After you first go to the Frost Caves, head back to Purikka. Go into the house just north of the Pub and talk to the Ever-Hungry Man (the guy in the black cap).

Purikka Cobbler Salad

Effect: Boosts EXP earned, Material drops, and maximum HP

Required Materials: Purrika Cobbler, Square Onion, Amber Rock Salt, Gold Peppercorn

This one is actually inside the pub itself where the chef is located. Talk to the Irritated Looking Waitress for the recipe.

Fluffshroom Stir Fry

Effect: Boosts EXP earned, Material drops, and physical defense

Required Materials: Black Soybean, Flushroom, Speckled Sesame Pod, Blue Rock Salt

When entering Floneia Citadel, head into the first house on the right after passing through the gates and talk to the Bored Looking Old Man.

Floneian Vegetable Stew

Effect: Boosts EXP earned, Material drops, and critical hit rate

Required Materials: Black Sweet Potato, Icicle Cucumber, Stove Asparagus, Water Broccoli

Also in Floneia Citadel, talk to the Unremarkable Young Man standing next to the circular stone monument (just to the left of the house with the Bored Looking Old Man) to get this recipe.

Lonely Mushroom Soup

Effect: Boosts EXP Earned, Material drops, and fire elemental damage resistance

Required Materials: Lonely Mushroom, Polestar Onion, Frost Rock Salt, Snowflake Peppercorn

For this soup recipe, talk to the Rude Soldier hanging out between two houses near the wall of Tenderville.

Yellowtop Carrot Soup

Effect: Boosts EXP Earned, Material drops, and water elemental damage resistance

Required Materials: Yellowtop Carrot, Nomad's Ear Mushroom, Snowflake Peppercorn, Crunchy Coriander

Go inside the house to the southwest of the Rude Soldier and just north of a wooden cart. Inside you can talk to the Scatterbrained Old Woman to get this recipe if you have all the ingredients on hand.

Twisted Potato Soup

Effect: Boosts EXP Earned, Material drops, and light elemental damage resistance

Required Materials: Twisted Potato, Cloud Pea, Thunder Rock Salt, Red Basil

After fighting the stone golem boss and having Kir join the party, talk to the Glass-Stained Little Boy on the far right side of Hiddbury to get this recipe.

These were all the recipes we've discovered in our travels so far as Setsuna's guardians. There's almost certainly more in there though, so be sure to let us know which ones you find while escorting Setsuna on her journey to the Last Lands!

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