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Skyscrapers are some of the most exciting structures in Grand Theft Auto's Los Santos. The tallest buildings in the game are the main attraction for players who like to show off extreme stunts, such as jumping off the top floor. But now there's a new tallest building in GTA 5: the Jantsuu Tower.

This GTA 5 Jantsuu Tower guide will show you how to get this tallest building in Grand Theft Auto 5 and its exact location. The building is actually a mod created by Jantsuu, a regular GTA 5 YouTuber. This is his first mod, and it offers quite a few opportunities for all the GTA 5 enthusiasts.

How to Get the Tallest Building in GTA 5

Jantsuu Tower mod can be downloaded on the official GTA 5 mods page right here. Once you have the archive loaded, you need to set up the required tools for this mod to work properly.

Follow these steps to install the tools for Jantsuu Tower mod in GTA 5:

  1. Download and install OpenIV tool from official GTA 5 mods page
  2. Install ASI Loader from OpenIV ASI Manager
  3. Install OpenIV.ASI from OpenIV ASI Manager
  4. Download and install Ragdoll script from official GTA 5 mods page

Once you have all the tools set up, follow these steps to install the Jantsuu Mod itself:

  1. Start OpenIV app and go to Edit mode
  2. Go to "\Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\" folder on your PC
  3. Copy the downloaded "jtower" folder from the mod archive into "dlcpacks" folder
  4. Go to "\Mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\" folder on your PC
  5. Right-click on the "dlclist.xml" file and press Edit
  6. Add this line at the end of the text file: dlcpacks:/jtower/
  7. Save and exit

After the mod installation is complete you can start the game and locate the actual building at this address:

  • Burton, Rockford Hills, Los Santos

You will notice that Jantsuu Tower replaces the old Rockford Plaza. You can use the spiral driveway embedded into the building to get to the very top very quickly using your car, and then slide down from the very top using the water slide tower on the roof.

The total height of the building and other structures are as follows:

  • Jaantsu Tower registers at 1,402 feet or 427.4 m height
  • Water slide tower is 1,664.6 feet or 507.4 m long
  • The antenna tip registers at 1,975.6 feet or 602.2 m height

For comparison, the previous tallest building in GTA 5 was the Maze Bank Tower at Pillbox Hill, Los Santos, San Andreas at 1,050 feet or 316 m height.

That's all you need to know on how to get the tallest building in GTA 5. For more GTA 5 guides, please visit our dedicated hub page.

GTA Online Cayo Perico: All Hidden Treasure Chest Locations Tue, 12 Jan 2021 13:49:52 -0500 Sergey_3847

The latest Cayo Perico update for GTA Online has not only introduced an excellent new heist job, but also a whole slew of well hidden treasure chests scattered all over the island. Each chest adds $15,000 to your account and 1000 RP. This guide will provide you with exact hidden treasure chest locations in GTA Online.

There are 19 possible hidden treasure chest locations, but Rockstar limited the number of chests you can find in a single day.

You can only get two chests per day. One will always be on the land and the other one under the water. The location of the chests changes each day.

GTA Online Cayo Perico Treasure Chest Locations

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 1

You can find the first chest on the westernmost edge of the airfield amidst some abandoned crates.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 2

Take a short swim from the northern edge of the airfield and pick up the chest near a large boulder under the water. 

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 3

Move northwards from the airfield and follow along the shoreline. You should see the next chest between a bush and a rock.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 4

Dive into a pool of water near the airport building. You will see a chest resting on the underwater bed of rocks.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 5

This chest can be seen between two boats on the ocean shore south of the airport building.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 6

Explore the water channel between the main island and a smaller isle. The chest can be seen right in the center near a large underwater boulder.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 7

Travel to the edge of the road on the northeastern part of the island. There is a small hut with palm trees behind it. The chest can be seen under one of the trees.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 8

Now take a dive north of the airport building, and you should see another chest sitting between two stones.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 9

The next chest can be located at the North Docks. Approach a pile of barrels near the crane and look out for the chest in the bushes between the crane and the barrels.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 10

The next chest is visible off the northeastern coast under the water sitting next to two large boulders covered in algae.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 11

Walk along the ocean shore west of the North Docks. You should find a chest near a couple of abandoned boats.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 12

There is a tiny island south of the North Docks. Explore the underwater area between the isle and the mainland for a chest hidden in the sands. It is recommended to search for the chest during the day, as it is hard to see it at night.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 13

East of farm fields there is a tent located on the outer rim of the road. The chest can be seen right outside the tent.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 14

Dive into the lagoon south of the farm fields. Take a closer look and you should be able to find the chest hidden in the algae.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 15

There is a single short palm tree on the southeastern edge of the driveway. You can find the chest sitting right under that tree just a tad off the road.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 16

Walk along the fence south of the Main Docks and look out for a chest marked on the map above.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 17

Search the shallow waters south of the Main Docks for a chest that is well hidden under a coral reef.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 18

Travel to the Main Docks and locate a chest sitting between heavy machinery and a pile of wood.

GTAO Hidden Treasure Chest Location 19

Finally, head to the Main Docks and dive under the pier. The last chest can be seen between the wooden pillars supporting the pier.

These are all hidden treasure chest locations in the Cayo Perico Heist update for GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, please visit our dedicated hub page.

GTA Online Cayo Perico: Best Vehicles Guide Tue, 29 Dec 2020 12:34:18 -0500 Sergey_3847

There are over 20 brand-new vehicles in the Cayo Perico Heist update for GTA Online, including the Kosatka submarine, which must be purchased in order to unlock the heist itself. This guide will provide you with a list of the best vehicles in Cayo Perico, which can be used both in the heist and otherwsie.

Since Cayo Perico is a heavily guarded island there is a huge shift towards planes, helicopters, and boats in this update, but there are still plenty of cool cars in the lineup.

RO-86 Alkonost

  • Type: Military Plane
  • Price: $4,350,000

The deadliest vehicle in the Cayo Perico update besides the Kosatka submarine is the Alkonost strategic bomber, which is based on real-life Russian plane TU-160.

Alkonost carries 50 bombs on board of four different types:

  • Explosive (High damage, wide range)
  • Incendiary (Molotov cocktail effect)
  • Gas (Tear gas effect)
  • Cluster (High single target damage)

The defense mechanisms of this plane make it immune to two consecutive missile attacks. Also, it uses the stealth technology, which makes it completely invisible for the radars.

Overall, RO-86 Alkonost is an excellent strategic bomber, which can be used in a whole variety of missions in GTA Online.

Annihilator Stealth

  • Type: Military Helicopter
  • Price: $3,870,000

By design Annihilator resembles two infamous military helicopters: Black Hawk and Akula.

This is a perfect choice for players who like to go on missions with their friends in cooperative mode. Annihilator can carry up to six players at once, which is great for quick transportation and assaults.

This helicopter is equipped with two powerful machine guns and two types of missiles:

  • Homing missiles are great for destroying vehicles
  • Barrage missiles are sent in a volley that deal with many targets at once

Unfortunately, the defenses on Annihilator are not as strong as those on the Alkonost plane. The helicopter can be easily taken down with a single missile shot. It does have the ability to stealth, though, which makes it a much harder target to deal with.

Pegassi Toreador

  • Type: Amphibious Sports Car
  • Price: $3,660,000

Toreador sports car not only looks cool, but also does some amazing things. It is your personal compact submarine, which can also ride the highways.

The exterior design is based on Lamborghini Marzal, a classic Italian sports car. But the functionality is similar to Stromberg and Deluxo, the submersible vehicles of the past updates.

However, Toreador is superior to both of these models, as it has special booster turbines, which makes it the current fastest submersible car in the game.

On top of that, it's equipped with machine guns, missile launcher, and torpedo launcher.

Grotti Itali RSX

  • Type: Sports Car
  • Price: $3,465,000

Here is another sports car, but this time a highway-only version. Its exterior is based on the real-life Ferrari SF90, while the interior was inspired by Lamborghini Miura.

Itali RSX is one of the fastest sports cars in the game, although it is quite expensive for a mere sports vehicle. Nonetheless, you can get it a lot cheaper, for about 2.5 million, if you complete the "Collect Moodymann" quest.

If you like collecting these types of cars, then Grotti Itali RSX is a must-have.

Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat

  • Type: Military Boat
  • Price: $2,955,000

This armed patrol boat comes straight from the classic movie "Apocalypse Now".

It has three Browning machine guns that can slice through any visible vehicle in their sight. This is also a perfect boat for night drives due to high-beam lights and extra spotlights on the front.

Kurtz 31 is another great vehicle for cooperative gameplay, as it can hold four players at a time, which can make any heist job a lot easier and more fun.

Shitzu Longfin

  • Type: Speed Boat
  • Price: $2,125,000

If you want something similar to Kurtz 31 but faster and not as expensive, then Longfin is a fantastic alternative.

It boasts with a terrific maneuverability even in the most narrow and unpredictable areas of a river.

It has the same 4-player capacity as Kurtz 31, but unlike the military boat, Longfin has no weapons on board, which can be less desirable when on a heist job.

Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy

  • Type: Inflatable Boat
  • Price: $1,850,000

Finally, here is a boat that combines the speed and the maneuverability of Longfin and the weaponry of Kurtz 31.

Its biggest downside is low defenses, which makes it highly vulnerable to a single precise missile shot. But if you put a good gunner at the front turret, who can deal with all incoming missiles, then you should be perfectly fine.

The biggest upside is definitely the price, as there is no other weaponized speed boat in the game being sold for this cheap.

These are the best vehicles in the Cayo Perico Heist update for GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, please visit our dedicated hub page.

GTA Online: Cayo Perico Heist Guide Tue, 22 Dec 2020 13:08:22 -0500 Sergey_3847

Cayo Perico is the latest update for GTA Online, which offers players a diamond heist job that is particularly troublesome, but certainly worthwhile.. This guide will help you complete the Cayo Perico Heist in the quickest way possible.

There are so many ways you can approach this job that it may get confusing, especially to new players. You may find your own way through, but read on if you want to get it done without the thought and effort.

Cayo Perico Heist Walkthrough

Talk to Miguel Madrazo

In order to start the Cayo Perico Heist you need to travel to the East Vinewood and enter the Music Locker club. This obscure nightclub can be found right under The Diamond Casino & Resort, the entrance to which can be seen on the north side of the ground floor of the casino.

Once you enter the club you will find Miguel Medraza sitting at the table with some ladies. Speak to him and he will ask you to deal with his family's longtime foe Juan Strickler, also known as El Rubio.

Purchase Kosatka Submarine

The discussion with Miguel will prompt you to purchase a nuclear submarine Kosatka for as much as $9,085,000. So be sure to have this amount of cash to continue with the heist.

You can purchase the submarine using an app on your mobile phone through Warstock Cache & Carry shop.

Gather Intel

The staff of the submarine will introduce you to a control panel, which will help you execute the heist on the Cayo Perico island. Your first task will require you to gather intel on El Rubio's compound.

Here you need to scope four types of locations:

  • Infiltration points
  • Escape points
  • Compound entry points
  • Points of interest

Out of eight possible infiltration points the best one is Drainage Tunnel, which is located right under the El Rubio's compound. In order to scope this point you need to simply take a boat to the compound at the southern edge of the Cayo Perico island and take a dive under the water.

Out of four possible escape points the best one is Kosatka. It's the easiest one as you don't need to scope anything, since you already own the submarine.

Out of six possible compound entry points the best one is Drainage Tunnel. You've already scoped this one earlier, so there is no need to waste time on the other ones.

Out of six possible points of interest the best are Power Station and Control Tower. Both are located in the north of the island and are really easy to scope.

Make Preparations

Once you've scoped all four points you can start making preparations, which include four types of set-ups:

  • Approach vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Weapon loadout
  • Disruption

Out of six possible approach vehicles the best one is Submarine Kosatka. This is an obvious choice, since you already own the submarine and it's great for stealthy gameplay. Use it to approach the drainage tunnel and break into the compound.

Out of four possible equipment choices the best are Fingerprint Cloner,  Cutting Torch, and Plasma Cutter. You will need the cloner to open the safe at the compound, which is impossible otherwise; the torch is most suitable for cutting through the drainage tunnel; and the plasma cutter is needed to steal the diamond.

Out of five possible weapon loadouts the best one is Aggressor. It includes a fully automatic assault rifle, a submachine gun, a machete, and a grenade. Also, be sure to purchase a suppressor for $5,000, which is a must for stealth.

Out of three possible disruption set-ups the best one is Armor. It removes the protective helmets off of the guards, so you can easily headshot them all.

The Finale

In the last menu select the Main Dock as the escape point, since El Rubio's thugs will seal off the drainage tunnel. Also, pick night as the time of the day for stealth.

After all the preparations you can start the actual heist following these steps:

  1. Approach the drainage tunnel and cut open the grate
  2. Enter the El Rubio's compound
  3. Go to the underground vault (yellow marker on the map)
  4. Use your Fingerprint Cloner to unlock it
  5. Use your Cutting Torch on the lock
  6. Use your Plasma Cutter on the protective shield
  7. Steal the pink diamond
  8. Escape the compound through the Main Dock

Use the boat at the dock to reach the submarine and this will end the Cayo Perico Heist job.

That's all you need to know in order to complete the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online. Be sure to check out our other GTA Online guides for more tips and tricks.

Every Video Game Halloween Event in October 2020 Thu, 01 Oct 2020 14:41:13 -0400 Josh Broadwell


Torchlight 3 Halloween — Gears 'N' Goblins Update


The Torchlight 3 Halloween update brings the pets along for the ride. Players can rescue three new Halloween-themed pets from bosses and dungeons: the Midnight Cat, Spooky Retriever, and Dragonling Spirt. Each with a special skill that summons skeletons in battle, but the pets are only available until December.


Aside from battle-pups, the update introduces the Ancient Ember gear set and two new skills along with it, plus new fort decorations and two new weapons: Sword of the Lost and Lightning Baller mace.


And that's it for now! Feel free to bookmark this page for more Halloween event updates throughout October! If you found this list frightfully delightful, please consider sharing it! 


Hardspace: Shipbreaker Halloween: Haunted Frontier


Hardspace: Shipbreaker's Halloween event is Haunted Frontier, full of spooky haunted ships that put your bravery — and desire for salvage — to the test.


The update, which is live now on Steam, turns any ship into a potential ghost ship. Things start deteriorating as you gather materials and fend off rogue AI nodes. Lights flicker on and off. Air gets sucked out of the room. And somewhere deep in the ship, unsettling sounds can be heard...


Should you make it out alive, you can show off your hard-earned rewards with new stickers and badges.


Hunt: Showdown Halloween Event


Hunt: Showdown has its first-ever Halloween event on now until November 4, with a gourd-full of ghoulish events and treats to earn.


Players earn Event Points for special equipment and other items by doing the following:

  • Destroying pumpkins scattered through the world 
  • \n
  • Destroying the Butcher's pumpkin head 
  • \n
  • Investigating a Halloween-themed Clue or Rift 
  • \n
  • Destroying pumpkins mounted on scarecrows 
  • \n

There's only so many Event Points you can earn each day, but using the special Halloween item Wormseed Shot increases the points earned by 25%.


1,000 Event Points are needed for all the event's special gear. Any points earned over that will be converted into Blood Bonds once the event ends.


Minecraft Halloween in the Minecraft Marketplace


Minecraft Halloween celebrations run through November 2, with frights aplenty in the Minecraft Marketplace. Mojang's got Halloween-themed maps and items in store there, plus Halloween Collections to choose from in the Character Creator and Marketplace.


Until November 2, you can grab a free Halloween skin pack and Halloween character creation item for free. These will still be available to get after November 2, but they won't be free then.


[Source: Mojang]


Fire Emblem Heroes Halloween  Special Heroes (Dragons Harvest)


Fire Emblem Heroes' Halloween event runs through November 7 at 7:59 p.m. EST and offers a chance to summon four new Halloween-themed units:

  • Fall Vessel Robin (Awakening)
  • \n
  • Autumn Trickster Xane (Mystery of the Emblem)
  • \n
  • Harvest Goldoan Dheginsea (Radiant Dawn)
  • \n
  • Harmonic Hope Ninian and Tiki duo unit (Binding Blade and Shadow Dragon)
  • \n

As always, the seasonal Fire Emblem Heroes' units come with a new Paralogue event, Dragons Harvest.


No Man's Sky Halloween Update


Head back to the outer reaches of the galaxy to find some new loot in the No Man's Sky Halloween update. Brave explorers can scour Desolation's wrecked vessels again to find a new item, Tainted Metal, and have a chance to snag some Quicksilver. But it comes at a cost. The freighters are full of new treats and a security system gone haywire.


Trade Tainted Metal with the Scrap Dealer to get new base decorations and additional customization options, or you can stockpile it to exchange for the Horrific Flesh-Helmet.


Scrap Dealers also have Orange Pustules and Detoxified Slimes for infesting and purifying bases.


[Source: Hello Games]


PixARK Halloween


PixARK Halloween brings a spooky makeover to the survival game from now until November 2, with costumes and treats galore.


Things kick off at the main menu, which is getting a Halloween re-skin. The main attraction is the Pumpkin Soul Reaper though.


When you defeat the Pumpkin Soul Reaper, it might drop:

  • Pumpkin Seed
  • \n
  • Magic Broom
  • \n
  • Flying Firework
  • \n
  • Clown Costume
  • \n

The Firework and Broomstick only last seven days, but you have a slight chance of getting a permanent one from defeating Ancient Wyvern King, Beach Bully, and Aurora Butterfly King enemies.


Then there's candy grenades, Halloween decorations, a creepy scarecrow costume, and plenty of events to make the most out of the season.


[Source: Steam Community]


Apex Legends Halloween: Fight or Fright 2020


Apex Legends' Halloween Fight or Fright event is back with Shadow Royale and more from now until November 3.


Shadow Royale sees night fall on Kings Canyon and its trio matches. When a Legend falls, they're reborn in Shadow form with a thirst for vengeance.


This year's event sees several all-new skins plus re-imagined versions of last year's, including Sweet Dreams Caustic and Wicked Harvest Bloodhound. Skins from last year are available on rotation in the in-game store as part of bundle offers or special offers.


There's a set of exclusive rewards in the event's Prize Track too with skins, charms, and more.


[Source: EA]


War of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Halloween Special


War of the Visions is celebrating Halloween with two featured UR summons and a bucketful of rewards. Players can summon UR Little Leela and UR Rairyuu from now until November 10, both in Halloween attire with appropriate skills to match.


The Halloween Special also includes a Rewards From the Producer reward period from now until November 10. It features:

  • 2,000 Visiore
  • \n
  • 20,000,000 Gil
  • \n
  • 1 Rainbow Fragment of Thought
  • \n
  • 3 Rainbow Vision Sphere
  • \n
  • 50 Adamantite (Large)
  • \n
  • 50 Burst Pot
  • \n
  • 50 Armor Pot
  • \n

In a separate update, new players who start the game get a 7-day free summon period where a UR summon is guaranteed.


From October 28 through Halloween, players can take advantage of 6-UR Guaranteed Step Up 10x Summon, which guarantees:

  • one UR unit or vision card on step 1
  • \n
  • two UR units/vision cards on step 2
  • \n
  • three UR units/vision cards on step 3
  • \n

There's also a  5-step 10x Summon which guarantees a MR+ unit or vision card on steps 1-4 and UR “Exorcists” on step 5.


And there's even more, from daily login bonuses and Halloween Challenge Missions to a spoopy new Halloween-themed game icon.


GTA Online Halloween Bunker Series


GTA Online has a bunker full of frightful delights this Halloween. Halloween Bunker Series features triple RP and GTA$ plus three Slasher maps: the depths of the bunker, the silo, and The Diamond.


Taking part in the Halloween Adversary modes such as Beast Vs. Slasher and Come Out To Play doubles your RP and GTA$.


The peyote plants are back, in keeping with the spooky season, though Rockstar isn't saying what they'll transform you into yet. Nightclub income rates are going up as part of the event, and there'll be an influx of Freemode Events with triple payouts through October 28.


[Source: Rockstar Games]


Mortal Shell Halloween: Rotten Autumn


Mortal Shell's first content update just so happens to be a Halloween update called Rotten Autumn.


After downloading the update, speak with Gorf to unlock a new mini-quest. Completing it earns you new shades to deck out your Shell with. And you can show the world just how you spruced up your Shell with Mortal Shell's brand-new photo mode.


There's also a separate download alongside Rotten Autumn that adds a new soundtrack for boss fights, courtesy of Rotting Christ.


Those who haven't jumped into Mortal Shell yet can do so with a limited-time 20% discount for the digital version on PS4 and PC. That same discount isn't live for Xbox players yet, but it will be come October 27. 


Mortal Shell's physical version releases November 3 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the U.S., then on October 23 for PlayStation 4 and PC (case containing a key) in Europe and October 30 for Xbox One in Europe.


Fortnite Halloween — Fortnitemares 2020


King Midas is back from the great beyond in Fortnite's Fortnitemares 2020 event from now until November 3, and he's giving you the chance to wreak havoc on friend and foe alike.


When you're eliminated in a Solo, Duos or Squads match, you get the chance to return as a Shadow in Nitemare Royal. Attack surviving players from the shadows and even possess vehicles to bring their game to an end.


That's the trick side of things, but the island has plenty of treats in store too. You can get your hands on the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher, Fiend Hunter Crossbow, a special Midas invention, and of course, candy.


There's a suite of Fortnitemares challenges where you can unlock costumes and weapon skins such as the Smash-O'-Lantern Pickaxe and Midas' Shadow Wrap.


Finally, on Halloween night (October 31) at 9 p.m. EST, award-winning reggae singer J Balvin kicks off the Afterlife Party at the Party Royale Main Stage.


[Source: Epic Games]


PUBG Mobile Infection Mode


PUBG Mobile's Infection Mode is back from the dead from now until November 9, with new content, themes, costumes, and plenty of zombies.


Infection Mode's classic combat returns, pitting a team of Defenders against a team of Zombies in an all-or-nothing fight. Zombies — sporting Halloween masks, if you so choose —  can only use melee attacks, but fallen Defenders transform into Zombies with chances for form shifts and stat buffs.


If it all gets too much for the Defenders, they transform into Vanquishers when their team is down to three members. Foes they vanquish can't be resurrected.


These hellish fights unfold across maps decked out with pumpkins, gravestones, and other seasonal paraphernalia. More costumes and decorations are planned before the end of the event.


World of Tanks Halloween — Burning Games


Free-to-play war game World of Tanks is hosting the Burning Games Halloween event until October in partnership with Korn and their new video for "Finally Free." It's a chance for Tier V and higher vehicles to complete challenges and earn special items and take part in the new Wasteland map.


In World of Tanks Wasteland, tanks start with 1 HP and have to attack others to replenish it. Players can attack allies to restore teammates' health, and respawning increases the tank's overall power.


From October 16 through October 31, players can join The Way of the Raider 60-stage event to earn XP, camo, and the two new tanks featured in Korn's music video.


Finally, from October 24 through October 31, World of Tanks brings back Mad Games, a limited-time chance to outfit your tanks with the wildest abilities possible.


Red Dead Online: The Halloween Pass


It's spooky time at the Red Dead Online corral, with the game's first-ever Halloween Pass. Now through November 16, players can get their hands on wagon-loads of Red Dead Online Halloween rewards, ranging from weapons and costumes to decorations for the tavern. Everything acquired during the event lasts after it ends.


The Halloween Pass is available in the progress menu or the Wheeler, Rawson & Co selection.


Pokemon GO Halloween 2020


Pokemon GO Halloween 2020 runs from October 23 at 9 p.m. EST through November 3 at the same time and offers the first chance to get your hands on Galarian Yamask among other things.


Completing the Halloween Special Research "A Spooky Message Unmasked" gets you one step closer to finding both Galarian Yamask and Spiritomb. Other Field Research tasks will also center around Halloween themes during the event.


Ghost-type Pokemon will be more common in the wild, in Raids, and in Eggs. You might even find a costumed Gengar in Raids or hatch a Sableye in costume if you're lucky.


Talking of Raids, Darkrai takes center stage for five-star Raids, but there's more Halloween Raid goodness in store.


On October 31 from 11 a.m. local time through 5 p.m. local time, there's a higher chance Alolan Marowak will show up in Raids.


There's a special Halloween Cup from October 26 at 4 p.m. EST through the end of the event where only Poison, Dark, Bug, Ghost, and Fairy Pokemon can compete, and they have to have less than 1,500 CP.


It just wouldn't be Halloween without costumes. Pokemon GO Halloween 2020 amps up the costume game with a Gengar onesie, Sableye goggles, Pikachu mask, and more, along with bundles in the in-game shop.


Finally, there's an all-new event on October 26, the Catch Mastery event, which we cover in more detail elsewhere.


Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Darkness Rising 2020


Harry Potter Wizards Unite is back for 2020 and, like its Pokemon counterpart, you can play it safely from home.


This year, Darkness Rising revolves around weekly events where completing tasks — brewing potions, collecting notes, and the like — earns you rewards such as extra XP, Portkeys, and books.


The ultimate goal is finding the Dark Witch, masquerading as a Brilliant Oddity. Other oddities abound, too, including Brilliant Witch, Brilliant Dark Wizard, and Brilliant Giant Stone Hand.


Dreams Halloween


If you're looking for a more atmospheric experience, Dreams' Halloween event, All Hallows' Dreams, may be for you. The whole thing is user-generated, like the rest of Dreams, and All Hallows' Dreams pops up at the top of the world list when you boot the game up.


Choosing it takes you to a dream world with different scary mansions to explore.


Some are reportedly very scary indeed, though they have their biggest frights confined to the upper floors. Others are just fun, creepy haunted houses to explore, complete with pumpkins carved by other Dreams players and a costume zone.


Call of Duty Halloween 2020 — Haunting of Verdansk


Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare share a Halloween event in 2020: Haunting of Verdansk. The event runs from October 20 through November 3. It's a multi-pronged event featuring crossovers with SAW and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but some of it does come at a cost.


If you want the film crossover treats, you'll have to shell out for the SAW and Chainsaw Massacre bundles, both of which include skins, items, and weapons inspired by their respective franchises.


Activision promised more Halloween-themed bundles for the in-game store, including the new Dr. Karlov bundle focused on regional Verdansk folklore and a Grim Reaper bundle.


In addition to Trick or Treat crates with Halloween items galore, Haunting of Verdansk adds night modes to event maps, zombie battle royale, scavenger hunts, and much, much more.


[Source: Call of Duty]


Minecraft Dungeons Spooky Fall Halloween Event


Spooky Fall is coming to Minecraft Dungeons from October 26 until November 3 with challenges and rewards galore.


Seasonal Trials are summoning up ghoulish mobs for players to take on. If that weren't spoopy enough, the event turns down the lights with Night Mode — but only until the event ends.


Completing the Season Trials earns exclusive seasonal weapons and gear, whether Night Mode is enabled or not.


Elder Scrolls Online Halloween — Witches Festival 2021


Elder Scrolls Online's annual Halloween Witches Festival is back once more with double XP and plenty of treats to go around. ESO's 2020 Witches Festival runs from October 22 at 10 a.m. EST through November 3 at the same time.


If this is your first time taking part, you'll need to complete "The Witchmother's Bargain" quest from the Crown Store and earn the Witchmother's Whistle item. If you already have it, just select it from your collections to get started.


Using the Whistle kicks off a two-hour period of bonus XP, but there's a lot more.


Players can earn new mementos, furnishings, and Dremora and Hollowjack-themed items through Plunder Skulls earned in battle.


Bosses drop Dremora Plunder Skulls with extra goods, including treasure maps and pages for the Grave Digger weapon style.


There's the final evolution of the Indrik, a costume gala, grab bags, deals, and more. Check out the full details on the ESO event site.


Overwatch Junkenstein 2020


Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2020 event, aka Junkenstein 2020, is live now through November 3, bringing the Junkenstein's Revenge Brawl back alongside new skins and more.


Baptiste and Ashe are added to the brawl mix as playable characters this year, and there are weekly challenges to take on to earn new skins.


These are the new Legendary skins for the Halloween Terror 2020 event:

  • Karasu-Tengu (Genji)
  • \n
  • Dai-Tengu (Hanzo)
  • \n
  • Werewolf (Winsto)
  • \n
  • Flying Dutchman (Sigma)
  • \n
  • Shin-Ryeong (D.Va)
  • \n

That's in addition to three new Epic skins:

  • Fantasma (Sombra)
  • \n
  • Stone (Brigitte)
  • \n
  • Ragdoll (Echo)
  • \n

Here' the schedule of events.


October 13-20

  • Vengeful Ghost — get chased by ghosts
  • \n
  • Frenzied Stampede — chase down fast-moving zomnics
  • \n

October 20-27

  • Volatile Zomnics — zomnics explode when you get close
  • \n
  • Three They Were — take on missions with just three characters
  • \n

October 27-November 3

  • Mystery Swap — heroes get randomly changed
  • \n
  • Shocking Surprise — shock tires spawn from defeated enemies
  • \n

Overcooked! 2  Moon Harvest Festival


Overcooked! 2's Halloween celebration isn't technically Halloween-themed. It's in honor of harvest and autumn celebrations throughout eastern Asia, but it's fall-ish, so it works.


Better yet, it's a free update with no end time, and the content will appear in Overcooked! All You Can Eat for next-gen consoles.


Overcooked! 2's Moon Harvest Festival introduces new kitchens themed around water and lily pad obstacles. There are five new levels total, plus three succulent-looking mooncakes to add to the menu.


Doom Eternal Halloween 2020


Doom Eternal's Halloween 2020 event is pretty straightforward. Until October 29, log in every day, complete campaign missions to earn XP, play Battlemode, and complete weekly challenges to unlock skins. Challenges refresh every Thursday.


These Doom Eternal skins include:

  • Halloween Slayer
  • \n
  • Black Widow Mancubus
  • \n
  • Webenant Revenant
  • \n
  • Cultist Marauder
  • \n

[Source: Bethesda]


Dragalia Lost — Postmortem Panic


Dragalia Lost's Halloween event for 2020 is Postmortem Panic, a series of increasingly difficult challenges with a slew of rewards. It's live from October 12 at 2 a.m. through October 19 at the same time, but the event rewards can be claimed until October 26 at 1:59 a.m.


Postmortem Panic divides its missions by difficulty. Completing all the challenges at one tier earns battle charts and stratagems for unlocking the next level of quest.


Some of these are special dragon battle challenges, pitting adventurers against the toughest of foes like Astral High Mercury.


Victory earns wind and water tomes to unlock new skills for certain characters, while completing quests earns primal crystals used for treasure trading.


[Source: Nintendo of America]


Splatoon 2 Halloween Splatfest — Splatoween


Splatoon 2 is hosting a Halloween Splatfest called Splatoween, where the Tricks face off against the Treats. The special Splatfest kicks off on October 30 at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST and runs through November 1 at 5 p.m. EST/2 p.m. PST.


During the event, players can get their tentacles on some Halloween Splatoon 2 gear, including:

  • Kyonshi Hat
  • \n
  • Li'l Devil Horns
  • \n
  • Hockey Mask
  • \n
  • Anglerfish Mask
  • \n

These will be available via a Switch News article, so make sure you're signed up to get Splatoon 2 news on your Switch system. 


Star Citizen: Alpha 3.11 High Impact and Halloween


Star Citizen's Alpha 3.11 update includes a bounty of additions, and among them is Star Citizen's first-ever Halloween event. It kicked off earlier this month and runs through Halloween on October 31.


During the event, players can earn Halloween helmets and a special Day of the Vara Cutlass skin. There's a cosplay competition and even a pumpkin carving contest with plenty of "sweet prizes" in store for those who take part.


Borderlands 3 Halloween — Bloody Harvest Returns


Borderlands 3's Bloody Harvest Halloween event is back for October 2020. The ghoulish festivities run through November 5, and it's easier than ever to get your hands on some sweet, ghastly gear.


To kick things off, head to Sanctuary III, and speak with Maurice. Maurice tasks you with collecting Hecktoplasm from haunted enemies, easily spotted by their ghostly green glow.


Defeating haunted enemies spawns specters you'll need to defeat as well, and that's when you finally get ahold of Hecktoplasm.


After collecting enough of Hecktoplasm, Maurice opens the gate to Heck, where you can chat with Captain Haunt to access a number of quests, through which you'll earn Bloody Harvest items and cosmetics.


This year, the Bloody Harvest quests are less demanding than before, making it easier to get loot.

  • 4 challenges completed  “A Shrinking Feeling" weapon trinket
  • \n
  • 8 challenges completed  "Message from Beyond" ECHO Device skin
  • \n
  • 12 challenges completed  "Haunted Look" shared Vault Hunter skin
  • \n
  • 15 challenges completed  "Porphyrophobia" weapon skin
  • \n

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2020


Destiny 2 brings back the Festival of the Lost and the Haunted Forest for 2020, with new weapons, triumphs, armor sets, and cosmetics for Exotics to celebrate the spookiest season of the year. Festival of the Lost 2020 is free for all Destiny 2 players and runs from October 6 through November 3. 


Festival of the Lost 2020 adds new perk rolls for the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story, plus new sets for a few classes:

  • Hunter — Lycanthrope Set
  • \n
  • Warlock — Daywalker (vampire) Set
  • \n
  • Titan — Promethean Set
  • \n

On the official Festival of the Lost blog post, Bungie provided more information on the Halloween event. The Spider is a new NPC that gives players Cipher Decoders that unlock special chests at the end of The Haunted Forest. The chests are worth pursuing because they contain Legendary items specific to the Festival of the Lost. 


Rounding things out, there are new Sparrow skins available, as well as festival masks and vanity items for various armor sets, including broomsticks and witch hats. 


Resident Evil Resistance October Update


Resident Evil Resistance has a big October update in store, which is basically a Halloween update without actually being called a Halloween update.


Jill Valentine joins the ranks of the Survivors, with powerful weapons and her characteristic dodge mechanic from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake. And as is only fitting, Nemesis itself is a playable Mastermind for the first time. Players control Nemesis through playing as Nicholai, another new Mastermind.


The Prison is a new map added in RE Resistance's October update, and the Uptown Raccoon City and Bemusement Park maps get a remix with new layouts.


Finally is a slew of new costumes and weapon skins, Survivors' perks and customizable abilities, and Mastermind traps.


[Source: Capcom]


Grounded October Update


Grounded’s October update adds ziplines and more to the survival game, including some Halloween-themed items. The initial announcement is relatively light on details, but players can expect decorations, recreational items, and doodads to use with friends. These include harvestable Candy Corn and a new landmark in the Frankenline, which is described as "a creepy discarded Etch-a-Sketch you can actually draw on."


Aside from washing The Backyard in a spooky glow, the October update for Grounded does a lot on the backend as well, including fixing a handful of bugs, fine-tuning combat, and unlocking new perks. You can see the full patch notes here


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath  All Hallows' Eve


Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath is getting some Halloween goodness with the All Hallows’ Eve character skin pack. It’s available now and is free for Aftermath owners. Those who haven’t upgraded to Aftermath yet would need to purchase the expansion, which also unlocks the Summer Heat and Femme Fatale packs from earlier in 2020. 


Mortal Kombat 11’s All Hallows’ Eve skin pack trailer highlighted three of the included skins. One is the “Blizzard King” outfit for Sub-Zero, and then there’s the part-werewolf part-school spirit “Beast Within” skin for Johnny Cage. Then there’ “Bad Medicine” for D’Vorah, turning the Kytinn fighter into a spidery nurse from hell. 


It’s not certain if Warner Bros. is adding anything else to Mortal Kombat 11’s Halloween event, but we’ll update if something new turns up.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Halloween


The Halloween fun isn’t limited to New Horizons, as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp celebrates spooky season in its own way. The 2020 Pocket Camp Halloween event features a number of special activities with ghoulish treats on offer for those who complete certain goals.


Jack comes around and demands sweet treats. Hand over bat-themed lollipops to get bat furniture as a reward, and plant pumpkins during the month’s Garden Event to nab hatbats. Jack offers exclusive items such as mystical pumpkins in return.


Taking part in the October Fishing Tourney nets some goodies as well, with potion-themed furniture on offer every time players reach a size goal with the fish they catch.


Then there’s a fright night gyroidite scavenger hunt, new Happy Home classes and challenges, wall and carpet sets, special cookie items and more. The Pocket Camp Halloween and October events are live now.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Halloween update is available to download for free now, and it’s bringing more than just the Czar of Halloween to the island. 


Animal Crossing patch 1.5 paves the way for Halloween by adding Candy as an item players can purchase from the Nooklings’ store and pumpkins as growable DIY fodder.


The patch 1.5 trailer shows players planting, watering, and harvesting at least four different pumpkin varieties and then using them in various Halloween-themed DIY recipes.


On Halloween night (October 31), Jack himself visits the island. It’s not clear yet what he requires of the player, but all the residents will be lurking about, asking for Candy and showing off their costumes.


The patch adds new skin tone options for players to look their creepy best as well. We’ll update with more information about what New Horizons Halloween brings to the table as it becomes available.


Monster Hunter: World Iceborne — Fun Fright Fest


Capcom’s brewing up a special Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Halloween event called the Fun Fright Fest, part of the hefty Title Update 5. It runs from October 15 at 8 p.m. EST through November 5 at the same time and is exclusive to the expansion.


The Autumn Harvest Fest is returning to the base Monster Hunter: World game, but Capcom hasn’t said much about it yet.


Fun Fright Fest (starting at 7:06 in the above trailer) sees the Seliana Gathering Hub decked out with spooky furnishings, and the handler dons a Cute Demoness outfit to celebrate the occasion. There are two special ticket types to collect during the event and trade in for loot: the Fun Fright Ticket and the VIP Fun Fright Ticket. 


The former get doled out as daily login bonuses for the MHW Halloween event and can be used to craft armor with Decoration slots. Players can exchange the latter for in-game decorations and Layered Armor, but these are only available as random item drops. Both ticket types can be exchanged for Melding Tickets too.


There’s at least one new set of armor coming to the Fun Fright Fest, Demon Lord Alpha+. Wearing pieces of this armor set increases the chance of getting VIP Fun Fright Tickets.


Capcom may reveal more about Monster Hunter: World Iceborne’s Fun Fright Fest as the start date approaches, and we’ll update if that happens.


Killing Floor 2: Infernal Insurrection


It wouldn’t be Halloween without Killing Floor 2’s annual Halloween celebrations, and 2020 is no different. This year’s Halloween event is Killing Floor 2: Infernal Insurrection, and it brings treats galore, including new weapons, maps, and cosmetics.


Infernal Insurrection’s new map is Hallmark Station, a twisted take on London’s famous King’s Cross Station. Hallmark Station has been overrun by zeds, of course, and players must team up with fellow mercenaries to take down the demonic threat. Hellmark Station includes Survival, Endless, and Weekly modes.


Two new HRG weapons make their debut in Killing Floor 2’s Halloween event.

  • HRG Scorcher (Firebug class bonus) — a flare gun that marks targets by setting them on fire
  • \n
  • HRG Arc Generator (Survivalist class bonus) — fires EMP blasts in short bursts or powerful charges
  • \n

From now until November 10, Killing Floor 2 is also introducing a number of Halloween events, objectives, bonuses, and cosmetics.


October 2020 is upon us, which means it's time for scary movies, The Simpsons Tree House of Horror, and Halloween events in all our favorite video games! While we're still on announcements from Overwatch and Apex Legends, games like Killing Floor 2Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and MHW already have their in-game-event plans laid out for the spooky season.


From new weapons and outfits to new DIY recipes and Palico Halloween costumes, there are plenty of tricks, and even more treats, in store for the witching month. 


Games that haven't announced Halloween plans yet likely will in the coming weeks, and we'll update this list of Halloween events when that happens. Be sure to bookmark this and check back throughout October!

GTA Online Guide: All Solomon Movie Prop Locations Fri, 14 Aug 2020 19:51:55 -0400 Sergey_3847

Rockstar's special Los Santos Summer Update for GTA Online is here and brings with it a brand new set of collectibles to find. There are 10 movie props belonging to film producer Solomon Richards hidden across the map. This GTA guide will help you uncover all of their exact locations.

Seven of the 10 movie props are fixed and have static locations on the map, while the other three props are completely random and can be collected only by following three vehicles that spawn in random locations.

Movie Prop 1: Film Reel

Film Reel movie prop location in Richard Majestic Productions.

The first of Solomon's props is located at Backlot City in the middle of Los Santos. Approach the Richard Majestic Productions building and check the trash can outside of Solomon's office.

You will find a film reel for Meltdown, a movie that was produced by Michael de Santa from GTA 5.

Movie Prop 2: WIFA Award

WIFA Award statue location in the Vanilla Unicorn strip club.

From there, travel to South Los Santos. Enter the Strawberry neighborhood in the northern part of the area, and go inside the Vanilla Unicorn strip club.

Go to the very end of the building and enter the back office. On the table, you will see a WIFA Award statue, your second movie prop for the mission.

Movie Prop 3: Headdress

Headdress location in the Diamond Casino and Resort bathroom.

Now, go all the way to the eastern part of Vinewood, and enter the Diamond Casino and Resort building.

Enter the restrooms located in the back of the casino. There you will see a headdress hanging between the two urinals. Pick it up as your third collectible.

Movie Prop 4: Alien Head

Alien Head location at the Beam Me Up art installation in Sandy Shores.

It's time to enter the deserted part of the map. Go to Sandy Shores and visit the Beam Me Up art installation.

On one of the murals, you'll find the very recognizable head of the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. Grab it and head to the next prop. 

Movie Prop 5: Mummy Head

Mummy head collectible location at the Great Chaparral Clubhouse in the Grand Senora Desert.

Drive along Route 68 in the Harmony area of Grand Senora Desert.

Stop at the marker just north of the Great Chaparral Clubhouse (just southwest of the Route 68 bunker), and approach an abandoned house. You will see the head of a mummy lying on the porch.

Movie Prop 6: Clapperboard

Clapperboard prop location in Fort Zancudo's air traffic tower.

After that, travel to the western part of the map, to Lago Zancudo. Enter the Fort Zancudo military base and locate the air traffic tower.

Enter the control room and pick up a movie clapperboard on the operations desk.

Movie Prop 7: Monster Mask

Monster Mask prop location in the Cult of Altruists camp.

Finally, go to the northern part of the map and into the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness area.

Infiltrate the central part of the area, where the Cult of Altruists resides in a camp. In the western part of the Altruist camp, you will find a big boulder with a monster mask on top of it.

Movie Prop 8: Red Pony Van

Red Pony Van locations in north Rockford Hills, west of Rickman, north of Pacific Bluffs.

This prop is in one of three randomly spawning vehicles. Like the other two, this vehicle is protected by an armed NPC. It can be seen in one of the following locations:

  • Epsilon Center parking lot at the Rockford Hills
  • Kotz Center parking lot at the Pacific Bluffs
  • Driving around University of San Andreas at the Tongva Drive

Movie Prop 9: White Rumpo Van

White Rumpo Van locations near downtown between the railyard warehouse and celltowa unit.

This vehicle also has two possible parking locations and one moving:

  • Simmet Alley parking lot at Textile City
  • Darnel Bros. parking lot at La Mesa
  • Driving along San Andreas Avenue Bridge

Movie Prop 10: Black Rebel Pickup

Black Rebel Pickup prop locations near Paleto Bay.

This black pickup can be seen moving along several locations:

  • Driving around Procopio Truck Stop at Procopio Beach
  • Driving along the Great Ocean Highway at Mount Chiliad
  • Willie's Supermarket parking lot at Paleto Bay
  • Parked behind The Hen House at Paleto Bay
Solomon Movie Prop Rewards

For each collected movie prop, you will get a reward of $10,000, for a total reward of $100,000. If you collect all 10 movie props, Solomon will give you an additional $50,000 and The Space Interloper Outfit.

That's all you need to know on how to find all of the Solomon movie props in GTA Online. Be sure to check out our other GTA Online guides for more tips and tricks.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Walkthrough Mon, 23 Dec 2019 10:18:13 -0500 Sergey_3847

The Diamond Casino Heist is a new heist job in GTA Online's Diamond Casino and Resort update. The casino heist is by far the most complicated heist GTA Online players have seen, but it offers some good ways to make a lot of money along the way.

If you don't know how to start the Casino Heist or if you are stuck on one of the missions, our walkthrough on how to complete this job in GTA Online is outlined below.

Step 1: Buy an Arcade

Click to enlarge

Before you can start The Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online, you need to purchase one of the six possible retro arcades in the game. You must talk to Lester in Mirror Park to access the arcades. 

After you talk to Lester and the six arcade locations appear on the map, you can use the Maze Bank Foreclosures store webpage on your mobile phone to purchase one of the arcade locations.

Here are all the locations and their prices. The best arcades are located in the city.

  • Pixel Pete’s
    • Price: $1,235,000
    • Location: Paleto Bay
  • Wonderama 
    • Price: $1,565,000
    • Location: Grapeseed
  • Videogeddon 
    • Price: $1,875,000
    • Location: La Mesa
  • Warehouse 
    • Price: $2,135,000
    • Location: Davis
  • Insert Coin 
    • Price: $2,345,000
    • Location: Rockford Hills
  • Eight Bit 
    • Price: $2,530,000
    • Location: Vinewood

Step 2: Set Up Your Heist

Once you have your arcade location up and running, you can enter Lester's underground base, where you will gain access to three blackboards. Use these blackboards to manage your heist.

The three blackboards represent the three following stages of the heist:

  • The Set Up
  • The Prep
  • The Heist

The first blackboard is dedicated to helping you set up your heist. You will see the "To Do" list in the upper right corner, which is a list of actions you must perform before the actual heist.

You can also choose to do the optional list of tasks, but you will have to pay for all of the intelligence associated with them, so we'll just focus on the main missions.

Scope Out Casino

This is the first task you need to complete. To make things easier, it is advisable to purchase the two extras from the setup board:

  • Casino Model 
    • Price: $130,000
  • Door Security 
    • Price: $425,000

These two pieces of intelligence will help you to find all of the safest entry points into the casino.

Scope Out Vault Contents

After you arrive at the casino and find the vault, you can scope it out for four types of valuables:

  • Cash
    • Price: $2,115,000
  • Artwork
    • Price: $2,350,000
  • Gold
    • Price: $2,585,000
  • Diamonds
    • Price: $3,290,000

You can only choose one of the four options, and they are random. The best loot you can get from the vault is diamonds, which cost over $3 million. The least profitable is cash. So if you happen to get the case with diamonds, then select it and mark it on your blackboard.

Select Approach

The final part of the setup is selecting one of the three available approaches:

  • Silent and Sneaky
  • The Big Con
  • Aggressive

All three approaches offer different types of gameplay. Silent and Sneaky is obviously a stealth plan; The Big Con uses tricks and disguises; and Aggressive offers a full-on guns blazing robbery.

It doesn't matter which approach you choose, as they all lead to the same results. Choose the style that fits your personal taste the most. 

Step 3: Prep Your Heist

This stage of the heist requires the most time and money. This stage is where you hire your crew of NPCs, select disguises, vehicles, and other necessary items from the "To Do" list.

Support Crew

In this first section, you can choose three possible crewmen for the heist:

  • Gunman
  • Driver
  • Hacker

All three categories offer different skills, but these also come with varying prices. Whenever you choose a crewman, it will show you their cut in percentages. Obviously, the higher the skill, the higher the cut.

In this case, it is strongly recommended that you take all three Expert level crewmen, where each will take 9% of your heist earnings. It's a lot of money to give away, but you will have the highest quality weapons and vehicles during the heist.

The To-Do List

After you have chosen your team, you can start the six main prep missions. In each of these missions, you need to select which item types you wish to steal.

Below you will find the best choices for the prep missions:

  • Rifle Loadout 
    • Unmarked Weapons
  • Sultan Classic
    • Getaway Vehicles
  • Gruppe Sechs
    • Entry Disguise
  • Noose Gear
    • Exit Disguise

During the Getaway Vehicles mission, you will also have the choice to upgrade your vehicles. You can buy bulletproof tires for $25,000, which will make the getaway section easier. 

Step 4: Start the Diamond Casino Heist

You will be offered a chance to choose your buyer and get some extra help on the third blackboard.

Choose Buyer

Buyers have three levels: low, middle, and high. Always go for the high-level buyer. They will offer the most amount of money. The heist will be more difficult, but if you've done your prep correctly, and spent cash on the right things, then you should be fine.

Also buy a Clean Vehicle and Gunman Decoy for $50,000 if you can. 

Starting the Mission

If you've selected the Gruppe Sechs entrance disguise and The Big Con approach, then you will start the heist mission in an armored truck, which is the best for this mission.

Here's how to get through the entire heist easily:

  1. Enter the underground garage of the casino
  2. Take the elevator to the vault
  3. Run past all the guards without killing them
  4. Use the vault keycard
  5. Let the casino worker open the vault for you
  6. Get the loot
  7. Exit the vault floor through the staircase
  8. Change the disguise in the locker room (Noose)
  9. Exit the casino through the staff door

When you're outside the casino, you can safely deliver the vault contents to your buyer.

Finish the Mission

The only problem you might run into during this final stage of the heist is the chasing helicopter. Steal any car you see and use it to deliver the loot (if you didn't purchase the Clean Vehicle option ahead of time).

If cops start chasing you, use the underground sewer system to get away from them and stay undetected. Follow the marker on the map to your buyer's location.

When you've reached the buyer location, the mission ends with a cutscene, and you get your money reward.


That's it on how to complete the Diamond Casino Heist job in GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, check out the list below:

GTA Online: Find the Los Santos Slasher and Navy Revolver Thu, 19 Dec 2019 14:32:51 -0500 Sergey_3847

GTA Online's latest content update, The Diamond Casino Heist, gives you the opportunity to catch the infamous Los Santos Slasher. In the process, you can also pick up a brand new Navy Revolver, as well as some money along the way.

To catch the Los Santos Slasher in GTA Online, you must locate five clues. These clues will lead you to the Slasher's location. You will find exact map locations below. 

Clue #1 Location

GTA Online Los Santos Slasher Clue 1

Travel to Grand Senora Desert and go northwest of the Sandy Shores Airfield. You will see a severed hand between a tire and some trash bags.

Clue #2 Location

GTA Online Los Santos Slasher Clue 2

Go to Great Chaparral and locate Cherry Pie Farm. Look for an inscription on the wall that says: "Can you find me?" That's the second clue.

Clue #3 Location

GTA Online Los Santos Slasher Clue 3

Travel to Grapeseed and locate a wooden barn (indicated on the map above). Check the barn's walls for a bloody machete sticking through one of the logs.

Clue #4 Location

GTA Online Los Santos Slasher Clue 4

Go to Paleto Forest and find the Bayview Lodge located on Procopio Promenade. Find a door smeared with a bloody handprint for clue #3.

Clue #5 Location

GTA Online Los Santos Slasher Clue 5 locations

The last clue is an abandoned minivan, which can be randomly seen in one of the five possible locations indicated above. 

Kill The Slasher

Once you found all of the clues, the Los Santos Slasher will send you a message on your phone. Expect him in Blaine County at night, between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Kill him, and you will be rewarded with the Navy Revolver and $50,000.

If you get 50 kills with the Navy Revolver, you will earn another $200,000 and also unlock Lowry's Revolver in Red Dead Online.


That's it on how to find the Los Santos Slasher and the  Navy Revolver in The Diamond Casino Heist DLC for GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, please see the list below:

GTA Online Festive Surprise 2019 Expected to Arrive Soon Wed, 18 Dec 2019 13:42:23 -0500 Ty Arthur

Fans of Grand Theft Auto 5 and high octane heist mayhem have been eagerly awaiting a new festive surprise from GTA Online this week. If it does arrive as we expect, 2019 will mark the sixth year running there has been holiday-themed surprise content from Rockstar in GTA Online

Unfortunately, there's been no official announcement from the development crew as of this time, although a holiday sale from Rockstar that typically coincides with the event is live from now through January 7. 

All previous holiday events in GTA Online have gone live between December 18 and December 20. These events typically run through January 1 or January 7.

Based on the start dates from previous years, it seems very likely the 2019 event will kick off either Thursday, December 19 or Friday, December 20.

Whenever the event finally arrives, we're expecting four different in-game cosmetic item sets, weapons, and extra ammo to unlock on this schedule throughout the event:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day

We don't know what those specific items will be yet, but last year, GTA Online rewards featured a fireworks launcher, with additional ammo granted if you logged in on each successive holiday date. 

Beyond those holiday-themed gifts, players should also be on the lookout for even more content arriving in January and beyond. Although GTA Online is now six years old, Rockstar North Co-Studio Head Rob Nelson recently revealed that additional GTA Online content is planned for at least another year in the ramp-up to GTA 6.

Since we've got some time to burn while waiting for the GTA Online 2019 festive surprise to start, why not spend some time trying to get the best casino heist cars

GTA Online Cars Guide: The Best the Casino Has to Offer Fri, 15 Nov 2019 11:16:32 -0500 Sergey_3847

When you're playing GTA Online, why settle for second rate? In a game all about style, you want to drive GTA Online's best casino cars. There's no better way to show off how rich and powerful you are than to drive one of the game's best rides. 

Since the release of the Diamond Casino and Resort update for GTA Online, Rockstar has been gradually adding new, exclusive cars to the game's garage. Though this event is finally coming to an end, you can win one of 22 new cars in the casino.

If you don't want to play in the casino, then you can purchase them at the game's various vehicle stores, but that will a rather expensive investment. Many of the best cars added to the Diamond Casino and Resort update cost well over $2 million.

Whether you win them or buy them, there's no doubt you want to know which are the best before taking the plunge. The tips guide below details the price of each car (from most expensive to least expensive), as well as why they're worth considering. 

GTA Online: Best Casino Cars

Benefactor Krieger

Price: $2,875,000

This supercar is an amalgamation of several different car designs. The Krieger combines elements of the Mercedes-AMG One, the Honda NSX, the Audi R8 LMS GT3, and the Porsche 918 into one slick-looking ride. 

The best part is that it looks great and drives well; it has excellent acceleration and handling, which allows you to start off fast after slowing down. It holds well on both highways and in off-road conditions, though thick mud and heavy dirt roads don't treat it well. 

It's also adept at quickly accelerating uphill. Combine that with its ability to drive in many of the game's environments, and it's almost the perfect supercar. Just be sure to keep your break hand at the ready. The Krieger can go a little too fast for some areas. 

Progen Emerus

Price: $2,750,000

The Progen Emerus is another hybrid supercar that mainly combines elements of the McLaren brand, such as the McLaren Senna, the Senna GTR, the McLaren Speedtail, and the McLaren P1 GTR. However, the front of the car looks very much like the Ferrari FXX-K.

The Emerus is just as fast as the Krieger, but that's where the similarities end. Though it's still one of the fastest cars in the game, which is great for racing, it does not handle well. If you need to get somewhere unharmed, this car's handling will make things difficult. 

Annis S80RR

Price: $2,575,000

The design of the Annis S80RR is quite unusual for a racing car. It combines elements of several unrelated vehicles, such as the Nissan R90C, the Jaguar XJR-9, and the RE-7B, the latter of which is an interesting choice since it's not even a racing car. 

The looks don't necessarily matter, though, as this rear-wheel-drive car is made for races. It has fantastic steering, which allows you to take on even the most dangerously sharp turns. This means that you can choose to participate in races with tight tracks; against the competition, this car puts you in the lead position as soon as the rubber hits the road. 

Truffade Thrax

Price: $2,325,000

The Truffade Thrax isn't made for racing, but that doesn't mean it can't keep up with the competition. Primarily based on two models of Bugatti, the Divo and the Chiron, it's only distinctive feature is the rear, which seems to originate from the Italdesign Zerouno.

Although the Thrax is primarily made for swindling and escaping during rush hour in San Andreas, it can produce fantastic results in races as well. That's because of its excellent acceleration

The biggest downside to the Thrax is that it's not durable. One too many bumps will send this vehicle to the wrecking yard. 

Pegassi Zorrusso

Price: $1,925,000

The Pegassi Zorrusso is inspired by the same two models that make up the Truffade Thrax. The only exception is the front, which is a clear nod to the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

This cabriolet is similar in function to the Benefactor Krieger. Its stats are a bit lower than the Krieger, but the payoff is that it's almost $1 million cheaper than the Krieger. That's something to heavily consider when making your decision. 

To sweeten the pot, you can always upgrade it with an additional pair of turbochargers with the help of Street Set Up mod.

Vysser Neo

Price: $1,875,000

The Vysser Neo is a typical concept sports car that is clearly inspired by Maserati. In this case, we're talking about two specific models: the Maserati 3200 GT and the Maserati GranTurismo.

The distinctive feature of the Neo is its improved suspension. You can take it down some really bad thoroughfares and it will still gallop like a sturdy steed. Though it bounces a tad more than most drivers will like, it also provides powerful stabilization and grip.

Ocelot Locust

Price: $1,625,000

The Ocelot Locust is the only car on the list that does not include may disparate car designs — except for one. The Ocelot Locust is a pure homage to the 1960s Lotus Seven open-top sports car.

Although the Locust looks amazing, its "thin" design presents a pretty dangerous scenario when driving through the streets of San Andreas. The driver can be easily shot while driving, and there is no way to protect oneself from gunfire — unless you run away. 

But it still has respectable speed and acceleration, which may serve you well while racing.


That's it for the best GTA Online casino cars in the Diamond Casino and Resort update. For more GTA Online guides, check out the list below:

GTA Online Peyote Plants Guide Fri, 08 Nov 2019 09:36:24 -0500 Sergey_3847

Diamond Casino and Resort update keeps delivering goods in GTA Online. This time players can turn into some of the weirdest animals by eating a new peyote plant. This guide will show you all 76 possible locations of peyote on the map.

The effect of the plant lasts until your character's death, so if you're careful enough, you can last as a shark or a bear  or any other animal for a very long time. If that is something you would like to try, then read on through.

All Peyote Plant Locations in GTA Online 

Click on the map to expand (credit: beeman999)

When you get bored of playing with your human character, you can take a trip to one of the spots indicated on the map above and eat a peyote plant. As a result, your character will transform into a random land or sea creature.

However, don't attempt at collecting all 76 peyote plants, since there is no reward. So it's just for fun.

How to Turn Into a Bigfoot

You can transform your character into a bigfoot by following these steps:

  1. Collect a peyote plant indicated by a blue dot in the center of the city
  2. Wait for the foggy weather
  3. Climb up a mountain
  4. Eat the blue peyote plant between 3 and 8 AM

If you manage to fulfill all these conditions, you will turn into a scary bigfoot. This skin will also last up to the moment of death. Then, it's back to normal again.

Also, transformed characters will be limited to walking on foot only, so if you want to drive a car, you have to get back into your human form.


These were all peyote plant locations in Diamond Casino and Resort update, and for more GTA Online guides, check out the list below:

How to Go AFK in GTA Online Sun, 20 Oct 2019 15:38:08 -0400 Ty Arthur

Want to play GTA Online but need some time away to deal with real life stuff? Normally going AFK will get you booted quickly, but there are ways go away from the keyboard or controller and still stay online.

Players have come up with some pretty ingenious ways to not get kicked, like using a rubber band to hold down a controller button, but that's prone to unexpected failures and way more effort than we care to engage in while playing.

There is one super simple and easy way to do it, and it doesn't require anything special beyond your apartment.

Going AFK Without Getting Kicked In GTA Online

So what's the secret? Just watch TV. Yep, that's all there is to it, although you need to watch TV in certain ways or you may still get kicked. 

The most sure fire way to make this work (and avoid getting killed by other players) is to start a contact solo mission, then sit down and turn on the TV in your apartment where you are safe. You have to actually press the button to start the shows though, or you will still get kicked.

Depending on your platform and your console's notification settings, this can potentially work with any TV even if you aren't in a mission. Just head into your apartment, garage, or any location with a computer screen like the gas station.

Sit down on a couch or chair and tap the button to turn the TV shows on. The game considers you to be engaged in an activity and you won't get kicked for doing nothing over an extended period. Players with upgraded security in their business or bunker can also watch the CCTV security cameras as well.

Note that there is a catch on the PC version. If you minimize the window to tab away and chat it Discord or check your Facebook or whatever, the game still considers you to be AFK even if your character is watching TV, so you will get kicked after 15 minutes.


Looking to make extra cash, buy the best properties, or fix casino missions that aren't working properly? Check out our other GTA Online guides here!

GTA Online Tips Guide: Games Masters Explained, Money Exploits Fri, 16 Aug 2019 09:46:44 -0400 Sergey_3847

Before Diamond Casino and Resort, there was the Arena Wars update for GTA Online, which included one of the best adversary modes in the game: Games Masters.

This unique mode pits two teams of up to eight players against each other on the deadliest open space lanes ever. One of the teams gets to spectate the other one from the spectator's booth and try to prevent the team on the lane from collecting as many checkpoints as possible within three minutes.

When time is up, the teams change positions, and it begins all over again. This mode is a really tough one, but it also offers some incredible fun and some nice rewards. So, if you're having a hard time competing in Games Masters, then follow our guide below.

Three Maps: Apocalypse, Future Shock, Nightmare

You can start Games Masters mode by hosting Arena Wars from the Rockstar Created Jobs menu.

After you purchase the arena for in-game money, you will gain access to a garage with 10 exclusive vehicles, which can be used only or Arena Wars, and three new maps with different themes: Apocalypse, Future Shock, and Nightmare.

Each map has a unique obstacle design and weapons, but the damage is all the same.

  • Apocalypse is heavily influenced by the Mad Max franchise
  • Future Shock is all about science fiction 
  • Nightmare has lots of neon lights and glowing effects

If you start the Games Masters mode from your daily jobs menu, the game will automatically give you with a random map. You can also make quick and easy cash, but first, you need to know which vehicles are the best for this mode.

Best Vehicles for Games Masters

The 10 default vehicles you get in your garage are basic and unmodded versions that have no weapons or any attachments. This means that you will need to spend money in Arena workshop and seriously mod your vehicles if you want to win.

In any case, some vehicles are worth upgrading, while others should be left alone. Here are some of the best vehicles for the Games Masters mode:

  • Deathbike: This is a perfect choice for any arena. It's fast and agile, and it's much smaller than other vehicles, which is why it's so hard to hit it from the spectator's booth.

  • Sasquatch: If you want a big and flashy vehicle, then this monster truck is definitely a very popular choice.

  • Dominator: This is a standard vehicle with a tombstone on its back, which can be dropped off and disrupt other chasing vehicles behind you.

  • ZR380: Another standard vehicle with armored windows, which is great against any type of damage.

You can also unlock other vehicles by ranking up tiers:

  • Tier 25: Taxi
  • Tier 50: HVY Dozer
  • Tier 75: Clown Van
  • Tier 100: Trashmaster
  • Tier 200: HVY Barracks Semi
  • Tier 300: HVY Mixer
  • Tier 500: Space Docker
  • Tier 1000: Tractor

How to Win Fast and Make Money

If you're playing Games Masters outside of the daily jobs routine, then all your rewards will be unlocked at each new tier, and for most of the part, they will be random rewards.

However, if you want to make more money, then be sure to play Games Masters during your daily jobs. Then you can earn $8,000 in just a couple of minutes if you belong to the winning team. But even if you lose, you will still earn $4,000.

Collect the Checkpoints

Winning in arena races can be hard at first because you will not know the lanes and the locations of the checkpoints. But the more races you play, the better you will know how to orient on all three maps.

On the other hand, it doesn't matter how well you know the lanes because the enemy team will always find a way to disrupt your path with one of the available weapons.

In the end, you need to collect more flags than the enemy team, and then you can take your turn in the collector's booth.

Spectator's Booth

This part is just as important as the races themselves, and at times, it can turn the match-up in your favor.

Here, you have access to several types of weapons, such as turret and the battle drone. With these simple tools, you can force the enemy team to lose by blowing their vehicles and not letting them collect more flags than your team.

So use both of these opportunities to get your victory. This will take under 10 minutes total, and you will be able to raise your skill and sponsorship levels.


Lastly, you can ignore the spectator's booth opportunities and instead choose to play the Spin to Win wheel.

One spin of the wheel costs $5,000, but it also gives you the chance to increase your sponsorship level, which unlocks new random rewards random.

If these rewards are more important to you than money, then Spin to Win is available in the spectator's booth during races.


Now you can easily win at Games Masters in GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, see the list below:

Best Properties to Buy in GTA Online Fri, 09 Aug 2019 10:53:40 -0400 Sergey_3847

At one point or another, every GTA Online player faces the same dilemma: where to invest their money to make even more money. The assortment of available options is huge and there are plenty of properties to choose from.

The best types of properties are obviously the ones that make you a lot of money without too much work. The less time you invest in these types of businesses and the more money you make is the optimal tactic.

Below, you will find a short list of properties that serve that purpose. Some of these properties are so profitable that you'll be able to make hundreds of millions of dollars in just a couple of in-game months.

MC Businesses

This type of property is available after purchasing a Motorcycle Clubhouse (MC) from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. To operate on an illegal market, you also need to be the president of a Clubhouse, so keep that in mind

Eventually, you can buy forgery offices, counterfeit cash factories, weed farms, methamphetamine labs, and cocaine lockups from the Open Road website.

Two of the best MC properties are the cocaine lockup at Morningwood and the meth lab at El Burro Heights. Both of these properties will bring you millions of dollars in cash every day.


Another extremely profitable property in GTA Online is the underground bunker. It is where you can run illegal arms trafficking operations, which bring in millions of dollars in cash on a regular basis.

You do not need to be an MC president to buy a bunker. However, you need to either be the CEO of an organization or be a VIP member. 

Although you can only have one bunker at a time, you can purchase a bunker at the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. The two best bunkers are the Smoke Tree Road Bunker and Thomson Scrapyard at Grand Senora Desert.


Buying a nightclub is the best way to make passive income. First of all, it's a totally legal business and doesn't require much investment, and second, it requires absolutely no work outside of the actual purchase.

You can buy any club you want and simply let it bring in the cash. A nightclub will not be profitable from the very beginning, but it will begin to bring in cash after about a month, so be patient.

It is very important to find the right location for your club, however, and the two best nightclubs in GTA Online are Downtown Vinewood and Del Perro.

Vehicle Warehouses

If you're a new player looking to purchase an inexpensive property, then look no further than a vehicle warehouse. All you need to do is find cheap cars, mod them, and deliver them to the buyer.

Warehouses are also an excellent way to make money, especially if you like driving in GTA Online.

There are nine types of vehicle warehouses in the game, and you can buy any one of them. They are all pretty much the same and can fit up to 40 stolen cars each. Just don't buy the La Mesa warehouse, as it is located in a very dangerous area and is prone to gang attacks.


If you enjoyed making money with vehicle warehouses, then up your game and start using selling aircraft and delivering by purchasing a hangar.

One of the distinct features of buying a hangar is that it spawns certain types of aircraft depending on its location. Therefore, the best hangar in GTA Online right now is Fort Zancudo. It not only spawns great planes, but it also allows you to fly into the base without incurring a wanted level.

You can also customize aircraft to your liking and make your business grow on a daily basis.


These are the best properties to buy in GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, see the list below:

Quickest Ways to Get Money in GTA Online: How to Make Cash Fast Tue, 06 Aug 2019 10:47:58 -0400 Sergey_3847

Getting started in GTA Online can be really difficult, but if you know how to get a lot of money really quickly, you can enjoy all the freedoms at your fingertips.

Certainly, new types of income appear with each new content update, and the last one, Diamond Casino and Resort, also offers a few unique ways of raking in huge amounts of money really fast.

If you want to know how to make quick money in GTA Online, including all the newest and well-established methods, then follow our guide below.

Time Trials

With the release of the new Diamond Casino and Resort update for GTA Online, Time Trials now pay twice as much, which means that you can easily make $100,000 in just a few minutes.

Of course, you need to be able to finish the trials on time, and in order to that, you need the fastest car possible, which may cost over $1 million.

But how can new players win and earn quick cash in Time Trials? Well, the answer is motorbikes. Akuma, one of the fastest motorbikes in the game, costs only $9,000. Buy that, and rake in the sweet dosh. 

Inside Track Betting

There are plenty of ways to make money inside the Diamond casino. But the most profitable and the quickest one is the horse race betting system called Inside Track.

You can easily exploit the system by always betting on the first horse, but with one condition. The second horse in the list must have odds of at least 5/1 or more. If the odds are 4/1 or 3/1, then you should exit the game and return to reset the odds.

This method should be successful almost every time, giving you at least $50,000 in just a couple of minutes.

Adversary Modes

The most profitable Adversary Mode is Slasher/Hunted mode, which can and should be played with a team.

One member of the team should be the Hunted and let the other players find and kill them as soon as possible. 

It is also important to complete several of these modes one after another, because the game will reward you with bonuses up to $50,000.

Client Jobs

The After Hours update introduced new client jobs that pay over $30,000 each, with high RP and bonuses.

But not all client jobs are equally profitable, and the only ones you should focus on are:

  • Robbery in Progress
  • Data Sweep
  • Targeted Data
  • Diamond Shopping

If you don't know how to do them effectively, you can find all the solutions in our GTA Online client jobs guide here.


Completing missions can generate some serious cash.

Lester Crest and Martin Madrazo have the most profitable missions. You can get invited by a high-level friend or random and get a ton of cash even as a low-level player.

Make sure your difficulty is set to Hard; all of your earnings will be 50% more profitable, which means more cash in less time. It is recommended to complete missions within a crew, since it also increases your profits.

Selling Cars

This method is really easy. All you have to do is steal a car and bring it to Los Santos Customs for sale.

Of course, don't just steal any car. Instead, look out for modded vehicles, such as Gang Tornado or Chrome Dubsta, which sell for about $40,000 a piece.

The best place to look for modded and expensive cars is Grove Street. However, remember that you can sell only one car a day — or 48-minutes of real-time.

Daily Objectives

This is one of the most obvious methods to make easy money in GTA Online. Unfortunately, many players avoid completing objectives, leaving money on the table

The best part about daily objectives is that they not only grant you quick cash every day, but they provide worthwhile bonuses.

If you complete daily objectives every day for a consecutive week, you'll be rewarded with a $100,000 bonus. If you do them for a month, you'll be rewared with a $500,000 bonus.

Car Races and Deathmatches

Obviously, winning races gives you more dosh than losing. But it is still important to complete races and deathmatches no matter your place, because if you quit, you will earn nothing. 

Even if you lose, you can earn $2,000, which is better than nothing for your time. 

Be sure to bet on players, too, to make additional cash. And, if you win the race and the bet, you will make twice as much.

Heist Jobs

Every time you start a new heist, you'll get a bonus of $100,000

But don't just join any heist job; look out for those that distribute all shares fairly.

For example, if you join a heist job that offers $500,000, but the host distributed his share as 70% and the rest to all those who joined, skip it. It's not worth the effort.

The lowest share percentage you should go for is 20%, and of course, if a heist job offers more than that, then it's a worthy deal.

Another important thing to remember is this: complete all heist jobs in the order the game offers them to you. If you start with Fleeca and finish with Pacific Bank, then the game will reward you with a bonus $ 1 million in cash.

VIP Jobs

As a player with VIP status, you can make a lot of cash from the VIP jobs menu. However, you can't become a VIP member from scratch: you need to have at least $50,000 on your account before applying for the VIP status at SecuroServ.

After you managed to secure VIP status in GTA Online, you can start making a lot of money really quickly by completing various SecuroServ missions.

Become a CEO

After you've made enough money as a VIP member, you can buy an office, which will automatically make you the CEO of your organization. This will allow you to buy and sell crates, and make easy money on the difference.

When you've chosen the location of your office, you can start buying warehouses with crates, which you can sell.

The system is rigged in such a way that it is better to sell more crates at once, as it will automatically raise their prices, which means more profit for you.

This is probably the slowest method of all on this list, but it gives you something else to do when you're out of ideas or have grown tired of all the quick ways of making money mentioned above.


That's all you need to know for making quick money in GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, see the list below:

GTA Online Casino Missions Aren't Working Fix Tue, 30 Jul 2019 09:51:02 -0400 Sergey_3847

Are your casino missions not working in GTA Online

The release of the latest GTA Online content update, Diamond Casino and Resort, has been so popular that Rockstar servers simply couldn't handle the pressure.

If you're one of those players experiencing freezes during the first or the second casino mission in GTA Online, then follow our quick guide below for all the possible solutions.

Fix 1: Can't Start First Casino Mission

If you get a call from Ms. Baker for your first casino mission, but it freezes, first try to simply restart the mission.

However, if that doesn't work, there is another solution from Rockstar Games that could help solve the problem. It involves clearing your cache of corrupted game files. 

For PS3, Xbox 360, and PS4:

  1. Turn off your console
  2. Wait for 30 seconds and restart the console
  3. Launch GTA Online
  4. Hold L1+R1 or LB+RB throughout the opening scenes.

For Xbox One users:

  1. Turn off your console
  2. Unplug the console for 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect and turn the console on
  4. Start GTA Online in Story Mode
  5. Select Go Online in the main menu

For Social Club users:

  1. Open up the Social Club overlay
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Delete Local Profile in the Profile settings
  4. Click Confirm
  5. Sign in again using your email and password for the Social Club

For Steam users:

  1. Start Steam
  2. Right-click on the game and select Properties
  3. Select Local Files tab
  4. Select "Verify integrity of game files" option
  5. Wait for a few minutes
  6. Restart the game

Fix 2: Can't Start Second Casino Mission

When the problem with the first mission has been solved, but you can't start the second one, it means that you need to become the host of the current session.

You can progress through casino missions only by becoming the host, so follow this complete guide on how to host casino missions in GTA Online, and your problem should be solved.

For more GTA Online guides, see the list below:

GameSkinny Weekend Download: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Nintendo's Joy Con Lawsuit, Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw, and More Sat, 27 Jul 2019 11:11:13 -0400 GS_Staff

This week, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 dominates our Switches, while Nintendo faces a lawsuit about Joy-Con drift — and even changes its policies about controller repair and replacement. 

In our culture section, we talk to Travis Baldree about Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw, getting all kinds of good tidbits about the upcoming space-sim/ARPG, including the game's length, story direction, and why the dev team doesn't really want you to grind. 

Rounding things out, we've got the usual collection of guide content for a ton of recent games, including MUA 3, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Madden 20, Yu-Gi-Oh!, GTA Online, and more, notwithstanding the glut of reviews we've got on deck. 

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. It's the weekend. What else are you gonna do? Play video games? 





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GTA Online: How to the Get High Roller Outfit Mon, 29 Jul 2019 11:46:06 -0400 Sergey_3847

The Diamond Casino and Resort update for GTA Online offers players a new and exciting adventure: collecting 54 playing cards all over the game's world. Doing so, though, unlocks the GTA Online High Roller outfit.

If you manage to collect all of them, you will be able to unlock a massive money prize and a brand new High Roller outfit for your character.

Follow our guide below for the exact locations of all 54 playing cards in GTA Online and short descriptions on how to find them.

Card Location 1

Go to the Terminal area and look for a picnic table near the Jetsam Terminal building. The card will be right on top of the table.

Card Location 2

Go to Los Santos International Airport and go through the entrance door on the ground floor. Look for a card on the bench to the left of stairwell.

Card Location 3

Go to the Davis area and locate the Maze Bank Arena building. Then head to the adjacent parking lot and enter the parking booth. The third card is inside that booth.

Card Location 4

Go to the Cypress Flats area and enter the Ammu-Nation building. Find a table in the adjacent room to the gun shop, which is standing at the wall with a message board. The card's right on top of that table.

Card Location 5

Go to El Burro Heights and locate a tattoo salon. The card can be seen on the table near the counter.

Card Location 6

Go back to Davis and check inside the Fire Department at Macdonald street. In the backroom there is a shelf with a card near a radio.

Card Location 7

Travel to Vespucci beach and search for a card at the local Musclehead gym in the open air. You will see it on one of the benches at the gym.

Card Location 8

Now go to Del Perro Beach and look out for a gift shop called Gifts at the Pier. The card can be seen in the front window.

Card Location 9

This card can be found inside a barber shop at the Vespucci Canals area. Look out for the card on the coffee table near the sofa.

Card Location 10

Go to the tram station near Heli Tours building at Little Seoul. The card can be seen on one of the benches at the station.

Card Location 11

Go to Strawberry area and enter the Vanilla Unicorn private club. Then, head to your left and look for a card in the last private lodge on the sofa.

Card Location 12

Go to Pillbox Hill are and look out for Ammu-Nation shop. The card can be seen on one of the coffee tables.

Card Location 13

Go to Murrieta Heights and enter the liquor store marked on the map above. The card can be found in the backroom on the shelf with soda cans.

Card Location 14

Go back to Pillbox Hill and find a fountain with an eagle statue between the FBI and IAA buildings. The card can be seen on one of the benches near the statue.

Card Location 15

Go to the Mirror Park area and locate a Limited Gasoline store. The card can be seen inside the office in the back of the store.

Card Location 16

Go to the Hawick area and enter the Auto Exotic car repair shop. You will find the card on the red toolbox.

Card Location 17

Go to the Burton area and enter the Ponsonby's luxury store. The card can be seen on the coffee table in the adjacent hall.

Card Location 18

Go to the movie lot of the Richard's Majestic area. You will find the card on the cinder wall in front of the Chihuahua booth.

Card Location 19

Go to Rockford Hills and locate a building right across the Life Invader. Enter the garage and search for a card on the shelf.

Card Location 20

Go to Richman and locate a mansion at the intersection of West Eclipse and Tongva Drive. At the backyard there is a large scale chess board. The card can be seen on top of one of the pawn statues.

Card Location 21

Go back to Rockford Hills and enter the garage of the mansion at the end of Steele Way. The card can be seen on the sofa.

Card Location 22

Go to Downtown Vinewood and enter the Pacific Bank building. Look out for a card on one of the glass tables in the main hall.

Card Location 23

Go to West Vinewood and search for the Gentry Manor hotel. The card can be located on the chair in the western courtyard.

Card Location 24

Go to Vinewood Hills and locate a yellow mansion on Didion Drive. The card can be seen on the ping pong table in the backyard.

Card Location 25

Go to the Tichman Glen area and find a convenience store marked on the map above. The card can be located on the safe in the back office.

Card Location 26

Go to Banham Canyon and enter the 24/7 store at the location marked above. The card is located in the back office on the table.

Card Location 27

Go to the Observatory located in the Vinewood Hills. The card can be seen near the restrooms.

Card Location 28

In the same area check out the sheds in the back of Madrazo's Ranch. The card is on top of the toolbox.

Card Location 29

Go to the Tataviam Mountains region and enter the Ammu-Nation shop. the card can be seen right at the counter.

Card Location 30

Go to Ron Alternate's Wind Farm and check out the porch of the hippie hangout place.

Card Location 31

Go to Grand Senora Desert and enter the Yellow Jack Bar. The card can be seen on the pool table.

Card Location 32

Go to Sandy Shore Fire Station and search for the card on the red tool cart.

Card Location 33

Go to San Chianski Mountain range and locate YouTool hardware store. the card can be seen on the pile of washing machines out front.

Card Location 34

Go to the Grapeseed area and find a Park View diner. The card can be seen on top of a white table on the terrace.

Card Location 35

In the same Grapeseed area locate the McKenzie Field. Then, enter the hangar with an airplane and check the office table to your right for a card.

Card Location 36

Follow the marker above and locate a convenience store. The card can be found in the back office of the building near a computer.

Card Location 37

Go to Mount Gordo and follow the dirt trail. Soon you will find a camp with three tents. The card can be seen right next to a campfire.

Card Location 38

Go to Mount Chiliad and follow the marker above. You will soon arrive at a camping location with benches and tables. The card is located right on top of one of the tables.

Card Location 39

Go to Paleto Bay and find the Beeker's Garage and Parts building. Enter the office to the left and grab a card from the table.

Card Location 40

You will find the card on top of ATM in the same area across the road from the tattoo salon.

Card Location 41

Go to Paleto Forest and enter the Bottom Cable car station. The card can be seen on the open window upstairs.

Card Location 42

Go to the dock at Paleto Cove and go downstairs. You will see the card on the railing to your right.

Card Location 43

Go to North Chumash and locate the Fort Zancudo military base. The card can be located inside the booth at the entrance.

Card Location 44

Locate the Discount Store at Great Chapparral. The card can be seen in the backroom on top of a pile of cardboard boxes.

Card Location 45

In the same area go to the house south of Route 68 church. The card can be seen on the front porch.

Card Location 46

Go back to Grand Senora Desert and locate the building of the Rebel Radio. You will find the card on the letter "L" of the big sign in front of the building.

Card Location 47

Locate the industrial plant in the same area. There is a house nearby with a red tool cart in the back. The card is right on top of it.

Card Location 48

Follow the marker above and locate an abandoned yellow truck. The card is attached to one of its sides.

Card Location 49

Go to Stab City and locate the Lost Hangout building. The card can be seen on the table out front.

Card Location 50

Go to Raton Canyon and climb up to the lookout post on the mountain above the train tunnel. The card can be seen on top of the table.

Card Location 51

Go to the pier above the Alamo Sea and pick up a card off of a ping pong table in front of the beach house.

Card Location 52

Go back to San Chianski Mountain Range and collect the card off of the window sill of one of the blue houses at Cape Catfish.

Card Location 53

Go to La Mesa area and locate a burnt bus behind the car warehouse. The card is inside that bus.

Card Location 54

Go to Chumash and locate Nelson's General Store. The card can be seen on the table out front.


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GTA Online: How to Host Casino Missions Thu, 25 Jul 2019 11:02:56 -0400 Sergey_3847

The new Diamond Casino and Resort update for GTA Online is finally available to all players. Here's how to host casino missions in GTAO.

Simply follow our guide below, and learn how to start and host casino missions in GTA Online.

Step 1: Start Casino Missions

Before hosting any casino mission in the lobby, you first need to start new mission by following these steps:

  1. Open your mobile phone
  2. Go to Internet
  3. Select Diamond Casino and Resort
  4. Purchase one of the available penthouses

The cheapest penthouse costs $1,500,000, and it will work. After the purchase you will be contacted by Ms. Baker, who will prompt you to enter the Diamond Casino and start new missions at the lobby.

Step 2: Host Casino Missions

When you start your first casino mission you will notice that you join another player's lobby. But in order to progress through missions you need to become the host yourself.

Here's a solution on how to host casino missions for console players:

  1. When in the lobby quit GTA Online session
  2. Go back online and create an Invite Only session
  3. Enter the casino and go to the lobby
  4. Stand in front of it
  5. Double tap right on the D-Pad
  6. Hold down right on the second tap
  7. Repeat if needed

Here's a solution for PC players:

  1. Repeat the first four steps
  2. Press the "E" key
  3. Repeat if necessary

It can be hard to host a mission right away due to the servers overload, and many people trying to host missions at the same time. So just repeat these actions several times and you should become host pretty quickly.

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GTA Online: How to Sell Apartments Wed, 24 Jul 2019 09:43:20 -0400 Sergey_3847

In the real world, you can sell an apartment to anyone. However, the realty business in GTA Online keeps you from doing just. Instead, you first need to buy a certain number of apartments before being able to trade them in. Here's how to sell apartments in GTAO.

Then, in the case of trading, you get to recoup the money you've spent on buying the property that you're trading in for. I know, sounds a bit complicated.

That's why you can find a simple step-by-step guide below on how to actually sell (read: trade-in) your old apartments in GTA Online.

Step 1: Buy Property

GTA 5 doesn't allow you to own more than six pieces of property, whether it's apartments or houses. It also doesn't allow you to sell them; it only allows you to trade them in when your number of owned properties has reached its limit of six.

If you don't have six pieces of property yet, then you will have to buy them first before you can "sell" them. Here's how you can buy a property in GTA Online:

  1. Open your mobile phone
  2. Select Internet
  3. Go to Money and Services menu
  4. Select Dynasty 8 Real Estate webpage
  5. Purchase property

Step 2: Trade in Property

If you already own six different instances of property in the game, you can start trading them in. Here's how you do that: 

  1. Repeat the same sequence above, trying to purchase the seventh piece of property
  2. The game will alert you that you can't have more than six
  3. As a result, it will offer you to trade in one of your previously purchased apartments or houses for a new one
  4. Select the property you wish to sell in the trade-in menu, which will appear after the alert
  5. Confirm the trade-in operation

As a result, the game will return the money to your account from the property you've decided to trade in for.

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