Pocket Mortys - How to Craft a Motherboard

Want to get a interdimensional cable box or a neurtrino bomb? Learn how to craft a motherboard in order to obtain other cool items.

From Robots to Morty Manipulator Chips, Pocket Mortys features a crafting station, where you can create at least 34 items based on the materials received through rewards and dungeons. With crafting stations, you can craft healing serums, rocks, and cells that can help you through the game.

The Motherboard is also another helpful, craftable item. This complex device functions as a material for more complex crafts, like a Multiverse Battery or an IQ Enhancing Helmet.

With this guide, you can become authentic Motherboard crafters.

How to Craft a Motherboard

In order to craft a Motherboard, you will need these items.

Like other base items, Cables and Circuit Boards can be obtained either through rewards or dungeons. The Battery, on the other hand, can only be created through a craft station.

To craft a battery, you will need: Tin Can, Cable, and Fleeb.

After getting that Battery, Cable, and Circuit Board, combine these materials and viola, Motherboard!

Here's What You Can Make With It

Now that you got yourself a Motherboard, what can you do with it? Well, you can create higher and complex crafts by obtain specific materials. Here are some examples what you can craft with them.

Courier Flap

Courier Flap can teleport you back to the Citadel, but to get this item, you need a Battery, a Mutant Bacteria Cell, and of course, a Motherboard. Like the Battery, the Mutant Bacteria Cell can be crafted by combining Turbulent Juice and Bacteria Cell together.

Neutrino Bomb

With the Neutrino Bomb, you can demolish any living thing within seconds. Along with a Motherboard, you will need a Supercharged Battery, which is created with a Turbulent Juice and a Battery, and a Dark Energy Ball, which is created with a Bacteria Cell and a Fleeb.

Interdimensional Cable Box

Just as it sounds, you can watch cable in any dimension, but you will need a Supercharged Battery and Time Crystal with your Motherboard to get this item. Out of all these items, Time Crystal takes a bit more effort. It requires, a Purified Fleeb, which is created with a Bacteria cell and Turbulent Juice Tube, and a Dark Energy Ball.


Before selling those materials from the dungeon, try saving them and using them in a crafting station to get yourself a Motherboard. With it, you can create cool items to use on your adventures in Pocket Mortys. Whether its crafting a Interdimensional Cable Box or Motherboard, have fun crafting!

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Published May. 4th 2017

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